Scorpio and aquarius relationship horoscope

Part of his mystique is his potential for sudden infatuations and then suddenly losing interest, only to come back again at full force.
Also, never tell your Scorpio man that you are reading these online dating tips because he is the one who needs to have the upper hand, he is the one who is "in the know" of peoples motives!
Dating a Scorpio is a slow process, trust is built up over time because he never naturally trusts anyone. The best relationship advice for dating a Scorpio male is get ready to go with the flow and have fun being seduced by him and watch out for that voracious sex drive, and at the end, he will always treat you like a lady, not just his property; he wants you to remember him forever and be mesmerized by his seductive allure - a fun experience while it lasts!
The most compatible dating matches for Scorpio men are Cancer, Pisces, Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo. Aquarius and Scorpio Astrological CompatibilityAquarius is an old-school hippie that is quick to take up a new cause. Aries and Scorpio Astrological CompatibilityBoth Aries and Scorpio astrological signs are jealous signs.
Cancer and Scorpio Astrological CompatibilityBoth Cancer and Scorpio astrological signs are water signs, with the natural flow a good thing for relationship compatibility. Capricorn and Scorpio Astrological CompatibilityBoth of these signs love to keep secrets, and do it so well that no-one will ever guess they are hiding something. Gemini and Scorpio Astrological CompatibilityGemini and Scorpio astrological signs live in two different realities.
Leo and Scorpio Astrological CompatibilityThese two signs can be an explosive mix, both sexually and emotionally.
Libra and Scorpio Astrological CompatibilityThe Scorpio astrological sign is much like the scorpion it is named for in that it likes to dig and explore what’s underneath. Pisces and Scorpio Astrological CompatibilityHere are two soul mates who aren't an idyllic pair.
Sagittarius and Scorpio Astrological CompatibilityThis is a pairing that puts a real emphasis on sexual desire, with both spending a lot of time in the bedroom.
Scorpio and Scorpio Astrological CompatibilityHere are two soul mates who aren't an idyllic pair. Taurus and Scorpio Astrological CompatibilityArtistry and sensuality are very much at the core of both these signs. Virgo and Scorpio Astrological CompatibilityBoth Virgo and Scorpio astrological signs tend toward obsessive compulsive behavior. When two fire signs come together, you can expect New Year's Eve proportion pyrotechnics, but at the same time, the blazing passion can quickly become an out of control inferno.
One would think that sharing the same disposition makes for an empathetic union, but it takes more than similarity and mutual admiration to make it work.
As the red-hot planet is associated with passion, the sex between this dynamic combo is bound to be earth-shattering! Now here's a couple that has their work cut out for them, for the Ram and Bull are worlds apart.
Taurus' idea of a good night out however, consists of a quiet dinner in an intimate restaurant followed night caps and couch cuddles.
Ruled by clever Mercury, Gemini possesses the intellectual capacity and chutzpah to give the Ram a run for their money. Initially, you'll marvel at each other's differences a€“ the Crab will admire and revel in the company of this passionate, dynamic creature.
The attraction is instant, the chemistry intense a€“ you've met your match, provided you can tolerate a little competition as there's bound to be the tendency to outdo each other. If you're up for an element of danger and like to live on the edge then you've come to the right place. You also appear to be on the same emotional plane and on the surface each gives the impression of being thick-skinned. As a 'cardinal' sign the Aries likes to take the lead, while 'mutable' sign Saggie goes with the flow. When unpredictable Aquarius joins forces with impulsive Aries you can count on trouble with a capital 'T'! Aquarius in particular jealously guards their freedom, but needn't worry as the free-spirited Ram also needs plenty of space, and therefore, will seldom encroach on it. Now here's a union full of possibilities - whether it flourishes or flounders is up to the couple in question.
Yes, this combo can sizzle or fizzle depending on whether the countless differences cause admiration or revulsion, and you'll either adapt or put the relationship in the 'too hard' basket. Sexually, the aggressive Ram can be feverishly fast and is into spontaneous sex in weird, wonderful and classy (NOT!) places a€“ cars, nightclubs, restaurants, friend's bathrooms. For the most part, the relationship will be smooth-sailing; however, you'll certainly have your moments. There's initial intrigue, rather than Fourth of July fireworks when these two very different people meet. Although the two of you are on totally different wavelengths the relationship isn't doomed. When it comes to sex you're both soft and sensual creatures who can only engage amid comfortable surroundings and when it feels right. Mentally and emotionally you are different, but nonetheless tuned into each other's needs and desires. You do have a few things in common but, again they can be tainted by your contrasting views, for instance, your mutual love of the good life.
Mentally you're well-suited and can discuss anything from current affairs to eastern philosophy til the cows come home, and although the Bull isn't particularly forthcoming with Virgo the lines of communication are always open.
When it comes to sex there's no need for compromise - you're on the same wavelength, each providing the other with the trust necessary to perform at your very best. Like two electrically charged ions these polar opposites are irresistibly drawn to each other.
Ruled by powerful Pluto, Scorpio is the most intense sign of the zodiac, while Venus-ruled Taurus is possibly the most laid back. When these two contrasting personalities cross paths it can be a serendipitous hodge podge or complete flop.
The sedate Bull on the other hand generally shuns the party scene in favour of intimate gatherings and prefers the snug confines of tried and true. If however, there's a spark worth pursuing you'll discover many things to learn from one another. Although sparks may not fly the profound bond these two earth signs share has all the components of a successful union. Ruled by Saturn, the planet of discipline, the Goat is a composed and modest quiet achiever who is willing to work hard for their spoils. Speaking of pleasure, when it comes to bedroom action these sensual earth signs are on the same wavelength and feel totally at ease.
On the surface there's nothing wrong with a Taurus and Aquarius joining forces, but on closer examination there's not a whole lot right with it either. A true non-conformist the water bearer loathes white picket fences, nine to five and formality.
Ruled by Venus the planet of love, Taurus needs a firm commitment with a partner who's working towards building a home, family and future a€“ the very mention of which is bound to make Aquarius sweat bullets! Aquarius is extremely open-minded whereas Taurus can be a little judgmental, differences which are bound to be magnified in the bedroom. Both are fixed signs but this commonality is more of a liability that an asset in the realm of romance. Ruled by Neptune, the planet of poetry, mysticism and fantasy, Pisces relates to Venus-ruled Taurus' love of beauty, harmony a€¦ and indulgence. Similarly the malleable Pisces will go along with whatever the Bull suggests, but won't be a doormat, and the Bull will quickly learn that the Fish won't be bossed around. Ruled by Mars the dynamic, impatient Ram loves a challenge while the Gemini is easily bored, so you will have no trouble keeping each other on your toes.
The way in which Geminis instinctively gravitate toward a fellow Twin is the 8th wonder of the world. Both of you are equally sociable creatures who enjoy the freedom to flit flirt but it's rarely cause for jealousy.
Ruled by Mercury, the planet of intellect and communication neither is particularly emotional; however, you must be able to have a clear exchange of thoughts and ideas. The family oriented Crab is innately domestic, and while Gemini will at first find the whole 'happy home' thing a novel change of pace eventually they'll be forced to admit they're simply not cut out for the quiet life. Twin's inquisitive nature coupled with the Lion's sense of daring ensures excitement, adventure and mischief. The Lion needs regular ego strokes and a creative outlet - the adoring and imaginative Twin is happy to play both muse and masseuse. While Mercury endows both of you with quirks as well as intellectual prowess its energy has distinctly different signatures, and the way you approach life is worlds apart. When these likeminded air signs encounter each other there's double the trouble and twice the fun!
As the two flirtatious social butterflies of the zodiac you both believe you're here for a good time, not a long time.
Here's why you keep ignoring my advice: Ruled by Pluto the planet of power and, yes sex Scorpio is intense, serious and tight-lipped. However, emotionally this union requires extensive compromise a€“ something mutable Gemini is willing to do but fixed Scorpio won't. Physical attraction, friendship, and common interests are the undeniable basis for this relationship.
Well who'd have thought that the stoic Capricorn and carefree Gemini would make such perfect companions? Ruled by serious Saturn, the Goat is a controlled, goal oriented over-achiever whose life is one big spread sheet. This quirky couple has the potential for a lifelong union - kind of ironic considering Gemini and Aquarius are the two commitment-phobes of the zodiac. Brilliant minds have various other applications as the kinky Aquarian is only too willing to demonstrate.
Before you swap numbers, accept a lift home or meet for coffee heed these words of wisdom - wrong way, go back! They are also 'duel' signs who respectively need to timeshare their inner polarities - Gemini sorts the good twin from the evil, while Pisces contends with the fish swimming up and down stream.
Ruled by Neptune, the planet of mysticism, idealism and poetry the Fish is initially ethereal, interesting and novel to the curious Gemini.
If you are ever dating a Scorpio man, you will see that he is very devoted and feels strongly about you. He is not indecisive but he feels so intensely about every emotion that when he likes you, he likes you a lot.
Ladies, if you are interested in dating a Scorpio man, do not be overly sentimental, he hates the gushy romance part of dating. Let it be your little secret that as you are dating your Scorpio male that you are fully aware of his mysterious ways and understand his hidden agenda! And that is why regardless of your compatibility with Scorpio, every woman should date a Scorpio man at one point in their lives. With a little more effort and compromise, Scorpio males are also a compatible dating match with Aries, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. Scorpio astrological sign wants to rule the world and will do whatever it takes to get there, making this an odd pairing indeed.
The affection that this pair feels for another can very quickly grow and reach great emotional depths. Scorpio may lean more towards music, while Taurus will prefer artistry such as sculpture and architectural design. The major difference is that Scorpio mostly looks inward, while Virgo mostly looks outward. Rams are dominating forces of nature, so the $64,000 question in this relationship is bound to be 'who wears the pants?' Argumentative and belligerent, you try to outdo each other intellectually.
Besides, a sparring match is considered healthy in your books and is often a prelude to wild sex! Aggressive and adventurous, you both like it rough and ready, share a mutual fondness for odd places and, most importantly, have the stamina to keep up with one another. Bulls don't like to rock the boat, whereas the antsy Aries will gout of their way to create drama.
It's impetus versus inertia, with 'cardinal' sign Aries' break-neck pace unnerving the mellow 'fixed' sign Taurus, whose deliberate tempo can be quite irritating for the impatient Ram.
There's a firm future for these two live wires and a very real possibility of happily ever after! The various aspects of your temperaments perfectly complement the other, and even years into the relationship you'll still manage to maintain an element of surprise.
Rams are also equipped to handle the wayward and erratic moods of the Gemini and manage to extract the innermost feelings Twins tend to keep under wraps. Most reel back in horror or politely excuse themselves when Aries launches into one of their colourful debates, but the sprightly Gemini comes to the party and dives in wholeheartedly. Strangely enough you're drawn to each other and for a while, at least, enjoy being together.
Ruled by Mars and a fire sign, the impulsive Ram has a red hot temper and often speaks before thinking. There is the potential to balance each other's various differences a€“ the sensitive Crab can teach the rambunctious Ram the art of intuiting other people's moods and saying the right thing, whereas the Ram can foster the Crabs strengths and encourage them to be more assertive.
Similarly, the Ram will be soothed by the Crab's nurturing presence, but once the initial fascination wears off your differences are likely to become a great source of tension.
This dramatic and passionate pairing has all the makings of a soap opera complete with fireworks, slamming doors and wild love making.
Initially you'll admire each other's confidence and motivation but as neither of you likes giving an inch or playing second fiddle to anyone else you may become rivals as well as lovers. Both of you are extremely demanding and share an insatiable appetite for the good stuff, as well as a playful attitude and, most importantly, the staying power to endure those night long bonk sessions. The two of you are from vastly different worlds and need to build one hell of bridge for the twain to meet.
The conservative Virgo can offer the Ram stability, while the spontaneous Ram can teach Virgo to lighten up. The Aries version may be a little more peppered but it is mutually a quality of great importance and a corner stone of your relationship. Similarly, Virgo cannot fathom the Ram's turbulent moods, and will fan the fire by ignoring them.
There are infinite differences between Aries and Libra a€“ one is rough and rowdy, the other elegant and poised. Both are 'cardinal' signs which means you're both self-assured and born with leadership skills, but these qualities play out in totally different ways. Both are vivacious, sharp-minded creatures who enjoy a thriving social life and thought-provoking conversation. When these kindred spirits come together it's New Year's Eve every night of the week and rightly so, for you fellow fire signs have plenty to celebrate. However, one does not have dominion over the other and there is always a sense of equal footing and shared decision making.
The Ram and Goat are poles apart primarily because you belong to diametrically opposed elements - the passionate Ram is fire while the cool Goat is earth. The masterful Goat and passionate Ram can't seem to get enough of each other, however, in some instances it is the only thing holding the relationship together. It may take the Goat while to decompress but the Ram knows the short cut and relishes drawing out the Goat's inner hedonist. The Ram and the Goat are highly motivated, ambitious people who bond over your mutual dislike of slackers. Yes, you're a couple of bad arse renegades who have an instant rapport, with each recognizing a fellow wild child when you see one. With the threat of clinginess eliminated a€“ something that makes the Aquarian run a mile - the Ram has a very real chance of luring this eternal bachelor(ette) down the aisle. The aloof Aquarian is very composed and rarely loses it, while the Ram has enough anger and expletives for both of them. Although the Pisces may not appear as ardent both are very passionate and there's a strong sexual connection.
The Pisces is a sensitive soul who is easily hurt and as such goes to great lengths not to offend others. There is every chance for a successful union provided you support each other and learn from your respective strength and weaknesses. Bulls don't like to rock the boat whereas the antsy Aries will gout of their way to create drama.

It's impetus versus inertia with 'cardinal' sign Aries' break-neck pace unnerving the mellow 'fixed' sign Taurus whose deliberate tempo can be quite irritating for the impatient Ram.
When these two sensual creatures join forces the love making is non-stop, rampant and endless.
But, the Bull seldom reaches out for help, so both must be able to intuit the other's needs and take the initiative. See, The Bull and the Twin are an acquired taste, at least to each other, and while sizzling chemistry isn't immediately apparent the attraction intensifies as you get to know each other and see past each other's many differences.
Similarly the spontaneous nature of the Twin will leave the cautious Bull feeling a little rattled. The sociable Twin wants to flit from scene to scene and paint the town, while the Bull's idea of a blast is a civilised dinner party at home. You each have something the other can't live without and somehow fill a void - the Bull grounds the fickle Twin who in turn taps into that crazy, unfettered part the Bull constantly tries to contain.
A Bull's home is their castle, and while they may not be as much of a home body they can well appreciate the domestic nature of the Crab.
You may not be VIP members of the mile high club or have a swing bolted to the ceiling, but even without the dynamic acrobatics, sex for each of you is a very fulfilling experience.
As a water sign the Crab can be extremely moody, and, in turn, find the Bull's stubborn streak a little disturbing.
Both have charming personalities and the sort of regal presence that commands respect, but once you see past the pheromones problems kick in. The Venus-ruled Bull is indulgent, yet loathes pretension, and will be equally happy in a top notch restaurant or at a picnic. Wonderful as the first few shags may be though, the Lion's vocal style and dramatic antics will be a little OTT for the Bull, whose leisurely sensual style will not pack the wallop it did initially. The dramatic Lion loves a good argument - something Taurus goes to great lengths to avoid - and will become very frustrated when the Bull refuses to fight back.
It also means neither of you rush into anything especially romance, and most likely embarked on a reconnaissance mission before putting the moves on.
In Libra however, it takes on a more refined form, endowing them with elegance and exquisite taste. The combined force of Venus also ensures an ambient setting in which to tantalize each other's senses and relish the lovemaking process! All of the Bull's composure and reticence flies out the window the moment they lay eyes on the smouldering Scorpio. Indulgent, practical Taurus is concerned with the physical realm while the mysterious, magnetic Scorpio is more interested in trawling the ethereal world.
But it's behind closed (bedroom) doors where your unique differences are the biggest asset. I hate to put the kybosh on this one but a union between spirited Saggie and tranquil Taurus will most likely be the latter.
Taurus likes familiar settings and people while Saggie is a restless nomad with a love of exotic places, people and food.
Saggie has great vision but terrible lack of follow through, lives for the moment, and spends accordingly. The traditional Taurus is a little too conservative for the wayward Saggie who in turn is wild and unpredictable. A comfortable old shoe, while not the most exciting analogy, is best way to describe the familiarity and contentment between the Goat and Bull.
Okay, it's not ultimately doomed, but roll up your sleeves and take your vitamins a€“ you've got a lot of work to do! The Aquarian is also highly cerebral, and while the Bull isn't dumb as a box of hammers it's a hard task for most to keep up with the Aquarian's lightning fast thought process. Taureans aren't really into pushing the envelope and are bound to be shocked by some of the kinky Aquarians more depraved antics!
Neither will yield and when you have as many differences as these two there has to be a degree of compromise in order for it to work. The Fish's favourite past time is leading others astray and finds in the Bull the perfect co-culprit.
The sexy combo of the Bull's sensuality and Fish's wild imagination make for a highly compatible sex life with pash rash, sleep deprivation and aching limbs resulting from unrelenting love-making.
Not many know how to deal with the Rams fiery temperament but the cool-headed Gemini can manage Aries' outbursts and tantrums. In a room full of fifty people these crazy kindred spirits will immediately recognize each other.
Optimistic, warm and friendly, the Twins are on par mentally, physically, emotionally and sexually. You both understand that this is an intrinsic part of your nature a€“ hell, you flirt with your 87 year old neighbour a€“ and so you're secure in the knowledge that at the end of the night you'll be leaving together a€¦ or perhaps with a third party in tow. Brain power and a sense of humour are also a relationship must, both of which you find in each other. Similarly, the Crab will try to become a regular in the social circuit while desperately concealing the fact that all they want to do is hibernate with a tub of ice cream. Cerebral Gemini needs a steady flow of stimulation and interesting things to do a€“ the exciting Leo will provide just that. You both also loathe having to slow down or dumb down for others and between you there's enough nervous energy to run a small power plant. Virgo is practical, prudent and a diehard realist while Gemini is an impulsive and, at times, unrealistic optimist.
Libra's tact and Gemini's approachable personality will ensure that the lines of communication will always remain open. Libran, while not a rocket scientist has a well-rounded knowledge and the ability to converse on a number of varied topics, as well as being a great conversationalist. Ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, Gemini is capricious, carefree and needs an open exchange. The Scorpio demands loyalty and while Gemini doesn't have the best track record, they won't stray not only for fear of retribution but because they have no desire to. Although Scorpio is an emotional well they are tight-lipped creatures who seldom discuss the depth of their feelings.
You each share a thirst for knowledge, as well as a love of travel, meeting new people, visiting interesting places and getting the most out of life.
Here are two adventurous, spontaneous and uninhibited souls who are wild, willing and up for anything.
You're worlds apart a€“ the Goat, a diligent, reserved and cautious earth sign; the Twin, a happy-go-lucky, rash and unpredictable air sign. Capricorn takes things very seriously, needs stability and finds unexpected developments somewhat unnerving. Influenced by Capricorn's sense of duty Gemini will write, as well as, achieve everything on their 'to do' list, and under the Twin's zany guidance the Goat will cede, even instigate running away for a dirty weekend a€¦ without watering the plants! The composed Cap prefers an ambient setting while spontaneous Gemini gives into the moment, regardless of location. But when you find someone you're this attuned to you'd be nuts not to hold on with all of your might!
Aquarius keeps them enthralled while the Twin provides the Water bearer with the many twists and turns that make life exciting.
Yes, all the stories you've heard are true and some of the items in their repertoire are capable of making even the Gemini blush! When the good twin and flowing fish are in sync the connection is blissfully harmonious and uniting.
After a short while however, the best of the bedroom action begins to wane, and as it's a focal point of the relationship, when the sizzle turns to fizzle you're in trouble.
However, the sensitivity that's also part of the Neptune package clashes with the logic Mercury instils in Gemini. Every woman should date a Scorpio man at one point in their lives because dating Scorpio men is a relationship full of intensity, passion and you definitely won't forget your Scorpio man! You have to be sensitive and non-critical of his ways in the relationship because he is easily hurt. Once the dating relationship has gotten more intimate (not sexually but emotionally) then he will let some of his true feelings show. They like to be the leaders so for all the independent controlling women out there - you'll have to let him have the power in the dating relationship (he's a good leader, he knows what he's doing, everything he does if for a reason so you don't have to worry about pointless outings and stupid boring dates). You belong to the Scorpio man but his sexy manliness makes you feel good under his protective, jealous arm.
Aquarius has no interest in the ambitions of Scorpio, but is attracted to them nonetheless. Under normal circumstances, both will try to dominate the relationship compatibility and control the other person. They will always seek to dominate and control, which can make for difficult times when a pair of alphas butt heads. Leo and Scorpio astrological signs are both “take charge” people who will inevitably try to take charge of each other and the relationship compatibility may suffer as a consequence.
Both signs are also strong willed, with the Sagittarius zodiac sign being egocentric and the Scorpio astrological sign a little domineering. When Virgo and Scorpio walk into a room, Scorpio will spend three minutes analysing the color of the walls and deciding whether it clashes with the furniture, while Virgo will ignore the walls and notice the dust on the bookcase. Ruled by manic Mars, you're both impulsive, daring, and enjoy being the ultimate partners in crime.
Although you're capable of sitting down and having a rational conversation, in all likelihood, it will deteriorate into a yelling match. Ruled by mighty Mars, fire sign Aries is passionate, energetic, and needs a steady flow of excitement. The Bull is bound to find the Ram's sexual style tacky, while they will be thought of as unadventurous and prudish. Nothing's too shocking, no place too strange, or circumstance out of bounds - passion takes precedence over propriety, no matter what the situation!
Like many relationships you will have your share of ups and downs but will usually navigate your way through troubled times and get back to sucking the marrow out of life! Ruled by the emotive moon however, water sign Crab is a sensitive soul who requires TLC, something the Ram seldom has the patience or inclination for. If the Crab toughens up a little and understands the Ram's intent isn't to always mortally wound while the Ram practices a bit of tact, you're in with a shot. However, as is the story with two dynamic fire signs the flame that burns twice as bright risks being cut short. Being fellow fire signs there's an intrinsic understanding of each other's nature and emotional make up. As a strict observer of social propriety the Virgo would find this to be completely gauche. This will prompt the Ram to provoke a reaction by behaving in an even more appalling fashion. One is a picture of tact, the other has chronic foot-in-mouth disease, yet the way both of you embrace these distinctions is comparable to yin and yang. Ruled by aggressive Mars Aries is candid, sometimes embarrassingly so, boisterous and pulls no punches.
Yep, the list of differences is seemingly endless and yet rarely poses a problem significant enough to throw in the towel. The hot-blooded fire sign Aries teamed with the magnetic water sign Scorpio is one volatile combo which can result in heightened bliss or utter catastrophe. The Scorpio admires the Ram's refreshing candour while the Ram is mesmerised by Scorpio's power, for Scorp is the only sign capable of making the Ram quake in their boots. Although there's so much more to your relationship than sex, thankfully the compatibility doesn't end here. The secret to this coupling is that the two are great friends and enjoy each other's company immensely. This usually poses a major problem, but in your case the differences could be the glue that holds the relationship together. However, neither will not be told what to do, and as Aries is the Mack daddy of all bossy boots you'll really get Capricorn's, ah, goat. Ruled by unpredictable Uranus, the Aquarian is full of surprises, a quality Aries finds thoroughly appealing, and similarly, the rebellious Aquarian is intrigued by the Ram's devil-may-care attitude.
The Water Bearer is deeply attracted to the Ram's mental tenacity, and while the Ram is a very physical creature, the Aquarian's sharp mind and kinky imagination is far more tantalizing than an ever-ready cut bod. The Ram is likely to get their undies in a bunch when the Aquarian is unresponsive, and the harder the Ram tries to get a response the more disconnected the Aquarian will become. The gentle Pisces and the forceful Ram certainly are strange bedfellows but hey, stranger things have happened. The Ram is enamoured with the Fish's imagination while the Fish revels in the Ram's raw energy. They take particular exception to the Ram's brusque nature that in turn, sees the Fish as being wimpy.
Ruled by mighty Mars fire sign Aries is passionate, energetic and needs a steady flow of excitement. Ruled by Venus, the love planet, romantic Bulls seek and union filled with beauty and harmony, and find exactly that in each other. Snuggling on the couch, watching a flick and pigging out on pizza with the one you love is your favourite past time is, actually a€¦ make that your second. In fact, during the early stages of the courtship you're incommunicado turning off the phones, ordering home delivery and living in bathrobes a€¦ at least when you're not peeling each other grapes in the tub or rolling around on the floor like a couple of wild animals.
And as you're not exactly the most expressive sign it make take days, if you're lucky, or even weeks before either of you instigates sitting down and discussing things like grown adults.
Ruled by languid Venus the earthy Bull is a methodical and deliberate creature who focuses on one thing at a time. Sexually, the Bull is traditional while the Twin is cutting edge but this is one arena in which their differences are an asset. Both can breathe a deep sigh of relief knowing that they won't be forced to attend the opening of an envelope or pretend to enjoy a hectic social life. As both of you are cautious and reticent this union is slow at establishing the 'official item' tag but once it does it's for keeps. This is the couple that spend years designing and building their dream home, traveling the world and retiring in high style! Ruled by cerebral Mercury perfectionist Virgo is a skilled lover who aims to please, but can be a little uptight if the environment isn't right. The one quality it gives you both, however, is a longing for harmony, which is perhaps what makes this union a success story. However, there is something capable of driving a wedge between you two love birds - Libra's flirtatiousness and Taurus' jealousy a€“ not a good combo! Emotionally, it may appear that Taurus is the more detached of the two, but in fact it's Libra.
Similarly, the Scorp's guard is eclipsed by their overwhelming desire towards the sensual Bull. Consequently, the Bull provides the perfect escape route from the Scorpio's intense thoughts, engaging their senses with hot baths, beautiful meals, massages and nature walks. This is where the worlds of sensual and sexual collide with each teaching the other the many tricks in their repertoire. Neither is good at compromising much less apologizing, which means that when there's a disagreement, or worse, a fight, you can bet the most puerile grudge match will follow long after you've forgotten what the cause of contention was. So while Taurus will happily dine in a Moroccan restaurant, Saggie prefers a little restaurant in Morocco! Taurus is a 'doer' and just the person to give them a crash course in time and money management 101. Intellectually, the Bull may be impressed with the Archer's knowledge but can find them to be a tactless know-it-all.
Both are practical, hardworking and dependable souls with common interests, temperaments and goals. Status isn't as important to Taurus as it is to the ambitious Cap but both agree financial security is a must. The main reason why this relationship is riddled with obstacles is because you're from two very different worlds. Ruled by Venus the Bull isn't exactly the type to fly on the face of convention and has a healthy respect for tradition, routine and stability. When these hedonists team up you can expect a certain amount of expense, weight gain and hangovers! The Bull, however, has the compassion and patience to give ongoing support, while perceptive Pisces knows exactly how to placate the brooding Bull.

Long-term love is the only kind each are interested in will provide the stability and security both yearn for. The various aspects of your temperaments perfectly compliment the other and even years into the relationship you'll still manage to maintain an element of surprise.
Is it pheromones, a secret handshake or the tell-tale glint that only a fellow nut case can spot? Sexually there's a lot of freedom in this relationship with your idea of monogamy or commitment being a little broader than most.
Cancer is willing to walk on the wild side but what floats the Twin's boat is positively out there.
The connection you each feel is instant, the courting and game playing minimal thanks to the impetuous personalities involved, so cut the crap, cut to the chase and cut the keys.
This is bound to be a bone of contention with the possessive Leo, who, ruled by the Sun, which is associated with ego, must be made to feel like the only person in the universe, let alone room. The demanding Leo has an insatiable appetite and will usually be the instigator, but Gemini is happy to go with the flow so it is never cause for concern.
Although each possesses traits which would ordinarily drive the other mad, you're both willing to make exceptions and concessions.
The reason being is that both are ruled by Mercury, the planet of intellect and communication.
The analytical Virgo needs structure and is heavily reliant on routine, while Gemini prefers a more spontaneous method of attack.
Capricious as the Libra may seem, they are however strictly one-on-one people and will be deeply hurt by infidelity. The Scorpio and Gemini are ill-suited and ill-fated with no place in each other's lives, let alone hearts, and yet for some reason there seem to be countless of these star-crossed lovers.
The Twin likes relationships to be fun and uncomplicated, while the Scorpio wants nothing short of a profound body-mind-soul experience. The objective and logical Gemini is bound to become frustrated with Scorpio's touchiness and lack of communication. There are very few things you disagree on but on the odd occasion when you don't see eye to eye reaching a compromise is easy as both are mutable signs who are willing to make concessions. Both are eternal students who are constantly broadening their horizons through tertiary education, short courses, reading, traveling and sucking the marrow out of life. Emotionally, fire sign Saggie can be a little more passionate than air sign Gemini, but as the Twin is largely unphased and the Saggies temper short-lived, these differences don't create drama. In anyone else these characteristics would spell sayonara but in this duo they just seem to work.
Gemini, on the other hand, equates routine with boredom, lives from one moment to the next and prefers life to be full of surprises.
The combination of these varied approaches results in Gemini introducing Cap to a little controlled chaos who likewise electrifies Gemini with their artistry. Ruled by Uranus the planet of individuality Aquarius is rebellious, eccentric and a proud non-conformist. The inquisitive and cerebral Gemini usually struggles to find someone capable of stimulating them on a mental level. With the open-minded Twin as their inspiration the sky (in some cases, literally) is the limit. Unfortunately, these moments are fleeting and the more you try to recreate that special co-ordination the farther out of reach it becomes. The watery Fish operates solely on intuition while air sign Gemini relies on reason - not really conducive to clear communication. This coming and going and playing hard-to-get keeps many women interested in a dating relationship with him. He can be very moody for no apparent reason so just be patient and he will return to normal soon enough. Dating a Scorpio takes patience and time and you have to able to deal with his strange mysterious ways, but this is part of the fun.
Scorpio will often look at Aquarius as a bit of a cuckoo, but also enjoys the fact that being with them helps broaden their own horizons. Barriers will need to be broken down, but of both signs can maintain their true water nature and remain patient, this is a pairing that can be mutually beneficial, as well as being one that lasts a lifetime.
Gemini hides his or her thoughts under multiple personality shifts and can easily change his or her mind when inconvenienced. However, if you can work out the priorities and responsibilities, you can make a fabulous team that can reach considerable heights of personal fulfilment and material wealth, together. Scorpio is a fact checker that likes to find fact based solutions, while Libras are happy with a quick solution. The Scorpio astrological sign is stubborn, which can very much rub quick-tempered Taurus the wrong way.
Whether you’re single or attached, time now to make a fresh start.Why are your romantic opportunities so few and far between? Both are cardinal signs with strong personalities and leadership skills but the similarities end there. But if you can both survive without the non-stop drama the relationship has the potential for joy and longevity. You can't start a fire without a spark and the conflicting energies of each will be difficult to reconcile.
Every union has the potential to work but this one requires plenty of patience and elbow grease. Venusian ruled Libra on the other hand, is composed, treads carefully and always to say the right thing at the right time.
Sexually, this is a match made in heaven, with each drawing out each other's finest qualities. Although each has distinctly different temperaments a€“ the mysterious Scorpio is far more reserved than the bubbly Aries, there are also similarities.
Let's cut to the chase - there's one thing and one thing only that attracted you two fiends a€“ SEX! Aries lack of sensitivity and perception is likely to land them in Scorpio's bad books a€“ something no one in their right mind would want to do! Both share an enthusiastic disposition, a love of spontaneity and the willingness to experience life to the hilt. There's complete honesty between you and a feeling of having spent a previous life together. The hot-headed Ram quickly discovers that temper tanties don't wash with the cool Goat and subsequently grows up, and the Ram knows how to encourage the Goat to express their hidden emotions.
If you enter into a tug-of-war things could turn ugly, but if you understand from the onset that neither is prepared to put up with each other's crap you're in with a shot. Ruled by Neptune, the planet of intuition and mysticism, the Pisces is an easy-going creature who is happy to go with the flow. The Gemini is impressed with the Bull's stamina and sensuality while the Bull is amused by the Gemini's kinky imagination. Instead you can revel in entertaining friends, cooking your favourite recipes and perusing through markets on weekends.
The Crab gives the Bull an endless supply of affection while the Bull makes the Crab feel supported, secure and very loved.
Fire sign Leo is a feisty, extroverted risk-taker while earth sign Taurus is calm, reticent and cautious.
The modest Bull will be repelled by the Lion's flamboyance, who similarly, will see the Bull as dull skinflint.
The Venus ruled Bull enables Virgo to relax, let go of their inhibitions and trust their senses. Luckily, the Libran knows how to play the sulking Taurus like a fiddle and will make all the necessary concessions.
As the two most possessive signs of the zodiac you're also both psychotically jealous - good thing you're also extremely loyal. Ruled by Jupiter, the planet of travel and abundance, Saggie is a free-spirited, fly-by-the-seat-of-their-pants fire sign.
Similarly Saggie's adventurous and intrepid personality can introduce Taurus to a world of possibilities. Saggie may also think Taurus is insipid, but really, it's because the Bull just can't be bothered.
In typical earth sign form, each also needs routine and cares little for change or surprises. While neither of you are superficial you make no effort to conceal your love of material possessions, and why should you?
Both are even tempered but also capable of losing it once in a while, but as you get on exceptionally well it's rarely with each other. Ruled by Uranus, the planet of sudden change and unpredictability, air sign Aquarius is quirky, spontaneous and freedom loving.
Aquarian's erratic behaviour and unique perspective will prove a challenge for the practical, conservative Taurus.
Water and Earth mutually support and sustain so Pisces will nurture the earthy Bull who, in turn, keeps the wishy washy Fish on terra firma.
The Fish doesn't know when to stop but thankfully, the Bull will put the brakes on, eventually, except when in the bedroom!
Ruled by clever Mercury Gemini possesses the intellectual capacity and chutzpah to give the Ram a run for their money.
Initially you'll each be drawn to the qualities you lack - Water sign Cancer will be attracted to Gemini's frivolity and objectivity, while air sign Gemini to the compassionate Crab's sensitivity.
Gemini's nonchalant approach and lack of commitment, not necessarily on a romantic level but with life in general, may also prove annoying to Leo.
There's an instant rapport rather than fireworks, but as the mind is the biggest sex organ to the Virgo and Gemini conversing with your intellectual equal is just as sizzling as good sex a€¦ and usually lasts longer!
Ruled by Venus, Libra is the peace maker of the zodiac and as such tries to avoid conflict and unpleasantness. Libra knows how to please and will enticingly bring out the best that crafty Gemini has to offer. Scorpio may not be able to wax lyrical on Dostoyevsky or discuss quantum physics but their thought provoking language and spot on intuition is enough to intrigue the Twin. Ruled by Jupiter, the planet of abundance, spirited Saggie is the perfect yin to crazy Gemini's yang, and when these two rascals join forces life transforms into one non-stop Mardi Gras! The philosophical Saggie is driven by a desire to know the truth while curious Gemini needs to understand their environment by amassing as much information as possible. Intellectually the knowledgeable Capricorn is able to dazzle the highbrow Twin without smacking of effort.
Inventive, original and blessed with lightning fast faculties the Aquarius rises to the challenge.
While fidelity is usually a big ask, you'll happily commit to each other in whatever capacity you each decide. Unlike men from any other sign, Scorpio is not easily swayed by revealing a little cleavage or talking seductively (of course this can help sway him, but he won't be putty in your hands like say, dating a Sagittarius man).
If you every get into an argument or a fight, the Scorpio male has the ability to "sting" you, he will actually go out of his way to get revenge so never cheat on him or cross him in any way, this includes lying. This is a compatibility that can definitely work as long as both sides are allowed to explore their own paths and ideas. This is one of those partnerships that take time and patience to develop, which can be difficult, because both are highly erotic. Both will need to learn how to work as a team and understand that allowing one to lead may sometimes be necessary. Gemini has the ability to dismiss unwanted ideas by instantly becoming the type of person who doesn’t think or believe a particular thing.
The dominant role in the partnership will be held by the Scorpio, because that’s the only way they will accept it. Both signs are political beasts, which means negotiations will often be required to build the relationship. The water of Scorpio and the Earth of Taurus can be combined in a way that erodes much of the negativity in their relationship compatibility, but both will still have to tread carefully if they want to succeed in a loving partnership.
To find out more, ring Lori’s horoscope line on 0907 181 2948, enter your zodiac sign code and select OPTION 3. You're also among the select few who have the boundless energy necessary to keep up with each other's frenetic pace. Earth sign Virgo is contained, refined and modest a€“ three qualities which are seldom associated with the wild and woolly Ram. The usually self-centred Ram, ahem, bends over backwards to please Libra, who in return is transformed into a white hot ball of passion by the rampant Ram.
If one of you hits below the belt an all-out war will ensue and neither will stop until the other is annihilated. Ruled by spirited Jupiter, Saggie loves adventure, which complements the bold Mars-ruled Ram's pioneering spirit. Even though neither sign suffer fools, you accept the other's foibles without complaint and don't even attempt to change each other.
However, the Goat who is ruled by Saturn, the planet of restraint, rarely acts without a plan.
The Fish lacks the Ram's mental agility but has twice the insight which is a constant source of fascination.
However, there is much to be learnt from one another and the potential for growth on a personal, as well as romantic level. You find in each other an ideal mate with whom you can grow old and get fat on all of that home style cooking! The Taurus-Virgo connection is, for the most part, effortless mainly because you want the same things, especially on a romantic level. Extroverted, spontaneous and carefree the Archer loves adventure, has a PhD in partying and will go out of their way to walk on the wild side. Instead of telling the Bull what to do, which only makes them dig their heels in, the Fish employs power of suggestion and gentle persuasion. Treat him like he is special, a one-of-a-kind person unlike anyone that you've ever met before.
Never lie to a Scorpio man because he will never forgive you and he will never forget, he may even go as far as to play cruel practical jokes or trash your reputation, so be careful not to play him while you're dating. The sexual sparks can easily fly and blind both partners to the need to establish a working relationship if they are looking for something long term. This match is a union that requires a lot of effort for it’s compatibility to work, but when it does, it can be a great one. Just remember that you are both very intense people who tend to make high demands on each other. Building relationship compatibility where both signs are happy is something that will take a lot of work. It is well worth the effort, though, as these two strong-willed types will accomplish a lot by working together. They have enough energy reserves to power a small country and can last through to the wee hours. Aries folk are impulsive, spontaneous and up for anything, whereas Virgos are compulsive, loathe surprises and renowned for being a little on the anally retentive side.
The Ram too can help the Libran be more decisive and encourage them to put their needs first once in a while. Virgo is a strict monogamist and although Gemini can remain faithful they are known for having some sugar on the side. Three little letters a€“ S-E-X - spring to mind, however you can turn a blind eye to other dysfunctional areas of your relationship for only so long.
Sure, you've both walked on the wild side but prefer good, old fashioned, wholesome bonking. At first this union doesn't seem unlikely or incompatible, in fact, there are similarities and positives. Gemini can simply drop a problem, if it gets in the way, and will become annoyed if it keeps coming back, while Scorpio will hold on to a problem until it is solved and may bring it up a year later, much to Gemini’s consternation. Scorpio will need to pay more attention to Virgo’s obsession with material details who will need to accept Scorpio’s penchant for analysing emotions and ideas.

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