Scorpio compatibility chart with all signs

Cancer Pisces Relationship CompatibilityWhen it comes to Pisces and Cancer, there is usually no other sign that has the relationship compatibility that these two have.
There is little doubt that Cancer and Pisces tend to understand one another with great clarity, sharing many similar aspects of personality. Aries Pisces Relationship CompatibilityWhen it comes to being direct and decisive, Aries is the sign for it; however they are a little naive, more so than Pisces. Aries has no problem with being confrontational and can become frustrated with Pisces over-sensitive nature. Capricorn Pisces Relationship CompatibilityThere is no doubt that these two astrology signs are on different ends of the spectrum. Capricorn and Pisces’ moods, feelings, personalities and emotional responses are like night and day… extremely different from each other. Taurus Pisces Relationship CompatibilityBoth members of this partnership are laid back, peace-loving signs, and will do everything in their power to keep a harmonious balance in their relationship compatibility.
While the emotional compatibility feelings differ for the two signs, they actually complement one another quite well within a relationship. Gemini Pisces Relationship CompatibilityBoth astrology signs have open minds, are flexible and can change easily with the times.
Pisces is passive and imaginative; usually with their head in the clouds whose mind frame is to kick back and relax into the arts and music. Leo Pisces Relationship CompatibilityPisces doesn’t have the natural egocentricity that Leo has, nor do they have its ambition and pride, they don’t even try to compete with them and have no problems giving them the attention they crave. Libra Pisces Relationship CompatibilityBoth these astrology signs are great listeners, highly receptive to the points of views others make. Pisces Pisces Relationship CompatibilityBoth Pisces astrology signs have an imagination, are compatible, sympathetic, instinctual and are overly sensitive. The Pisces pairing is one of compassionate compatibility and tends to have an emotional closeness that others can never share. Sagittarius Pisces Relationship CompatibilityBoth these astrology signs have an active imagination; always needing a dream to keep on living and loving. When the world around them is affected, Pisces can feel it, due to their receptive, sympathetic and compatible nature, they usually avoid people or places that are abrasive and have no problem escaping the real world for another quieter one. Scorpio Pisces Relationship CompatibilityThis pair are compassionate, sensitive people, and when it comes to relationship compatibility, there is no other union that comes close to the depth these two share. When others try to hide how they’re feeling, these astrology signs are able to sense the depth of these feelings due to an innate intuition possessed by both.
Virgo Pisces Relationship CompatibilityVirgo is not comfortable with vagueness, usually organizing their life into well-defined, thought out categories and tends to specialize in one area of their life, refining that skill.
Aquarius Pisces Relationship CompatibilityWhen it comes to relationship compatibility both of these astrology signs have their minds open to new ideas, – be it a conventional or non-conventional idea. The Emotional SpongeSometimes, Pisces, you are like a chameleon in your relationships compatibility. There is a strong flow of sympathy, emotions and feelings between these two astrology signs.
They tend to have a powerful compatibility bond with each other, which allows them to easily communicate without words.
People of the Capricorn sign are usually realistic and practical and, when it comes to the workplace, they are able to effectively handle its responsibilities and demands. Pisces is regarded as extremely sensitive and can respond to people sympathetically and emotionally. Pisces loves how dependable Taurus is and who in turn loves the gentle, sympathetic nature of Pisces. Pisces is extremely creative and emotional; oftentimes impractical and not grounded in reality. The intellectual Gemini is always busy, doing one thing and then something else, their intellect pushes them into things of logic although their comedian-like nature can bruise the feelings of their other half. Pisces will use its passiveness to fade into the background, keeping clear of competitive circumstances that demand aggressiveness and don’t care to be personally recognized. Libra and Pisces don’t like being involved in aggressive behavior or antics to get their views across or to get equal treatment within a relationship. Both signs don’t like conflict and will do everything possible to avoid it and maintain their relationship compatibility. They have the ability to connect and appreciate each other on a deep level; rare and fulfilling for the pair.
The pair are dreamers and highly receptive to other people’s emotions as well as the emotional tone of the atmosphere.
Pisces often goes into their imagination and this may develop into a bad habit, if they are not careful and able to cope with the negativity around them.
Scorpio tends to be emotional,more so than Pisces, and often has feelings of guilt and pain, but can sympathize in part to Pisces non-judgmental, sympathetic way of thinking. Having a such supportive rapport with each other it is possible for you to get so entangled that it’s impossible to know what each is actually feeling themselves. Pisces, however, doesn’t care much for absorbing contradictory ideas; usually content with life as is, on the other hand, they don’t mind going from one interest to another. However, when it comes to the Pisces, they use their feelings to dominate, unfortunately their compassionate, compatible nature and sentiments may unwisely go to people who they think are in need, regardless of whether it is right or not.
Pisces is regarded as the more emotional and intuitive whereas Aquarius is cool, calm and collected, able to provide reasons for any position or opinion. Pisces has a passive nature with a need to get away from their busy lifestyle on a regular basis and is psychically and emotionally sensitive whereas the Aquarius looks at people and circumstances with a rational mind and has the need to be involved with the world around them, basking in the flow of their modern life.
You seem to be different versions of yourself when you interact with different people—not because you have a weak character, but because you seem to pick up the needs of those around you and respond accordingly. They often feel that their partner understands and sympathizes with them in a way that very few people can comprehend. Both are extremely sensitive to the environment’s tone and can instinctively know what the people around them are feeling as well as what they need.

Aries loves relying on the sensitivity and gentleness of the Pisces who admires Aries’s honesty and their ability to act in a bold manner.
Still, there are some key differences between these two astrology signs: Taurus demands simple, clear-cut answers and handles life with a down-to-earth manner making well known their dislikes and likes, and has predictable tastes. They tend to be inconsistent not displaying much relationship compatibility, so if either of them is looking to have a rock to lean on, this couple needs to look in other directions. Pisces is a compassionate sign, which can easily dive into emotions whereas the Gemini is often lighthearted and objective about things in their life.
The Leo astrology sign wants the feeling of being special or important and loves being the center of attention and the feeling of appreciation. Libra often feels their partner is a little too receptive, is evasive when they’re asked questions and cannot fluently say what they want to say.
Some of the positive traits the two share include tolerance, compassion, non-judgmental acceptance, and a love for peace and beauty.
Pisces people don’t like to be around abrasive or negative people, as these feelings can greatly affect them.
They are true romantics, sympathizing with each other’s dreams and desires; things that others would call impractical flights of fantasies.
That does not mean Sagittarius isn’t a dreamer – much of their “lala” land time involves big plans, faraway unattainable goals and future hopes and dreams, this can lead to very dreamy relationship compatibility.
However Scorpio, due its powerful nature, can lash out when hurt using sarcasm or spite; this can, in turn, hurt the Pisces.
Despite having a sensitive nature, there is a difference between the two: Scorpio has no problem holding onto their feelings and may even hold thoughts of jealousy, guilt and fears for quite some time.
When it comes to environments, Pisces is rather sloppy and loves chaos, whereas Virgo wants order and neatness. Virgo does have a helping side but can stop when it’s deemed necessary and is considered a perfectionist and critical because of that, they have high standards for themselves and others, which can be impossible to live up to.
Pisces tends to be unable to logically express values, feelings and sensitivities that shape their partnership positions and attitudes and are regarded as being extremely caring, feeling the pain of others in a direct manner.
Although Aquarius people have a powerful humanitarian impulse, they don’t have the empathy for personal issues. You are an emotional sponge and are very adaptable and compatible with most astrology signs because you lack personal boundaries when it comes to compatibility matters of the heart. It’s not uncommon for both the Cancer and Pisces to take the troubles of others’ on themselves.
Pisces is a giver; Aries is a taker and can take advantage of the generosity their partner gives and shows, they may also unintentionally bruise the feelings of the fish because of the sign’s lack of tact and restraint. Pisces is the dreamer, is emotional and empathic more so their partner can understand and handle. Pisces has a bleeding heart whereas Capricorn has a suspicious nature about them, usually unforgiving toward people who are suffering.
Both members of this relationship compatibility have moods that can change on a whim and they’re both highly impressionable and open to new ideas.
They usually over exaggerate their feelings, are often loud and over dramatic just to get attention within a relationship. Libra wants conversation; Pisces would rather take in ideas and think about them before giving a point of view. Some negative traits of the Pisces include: over sensitivity, indifference and a desire to get away from life instead of facing things head on. There is a little doubt that the two form a great relationship compatibility as they are generous and don’t like pettiness and hate being hit with limitations. Although both these zodiac signs are impractical, Pisces is the more passive of the two and often does not know when they need to stop being so nice. Pisces has a forgiving heart and will often make excuses for people who offend them, doing whatever they can to avoid conflicts. This is where Pisces comes in, and where folks tend to take advantage of this trusting, caring nature. Pisces is the last astrology sign of the zodiac, and carries a trace of each and every sign before it. And, this can be a real fault, as people may abuse this and the signs may not know how they feel themselves. Both their emotional needs and responses vary greatly and, because of that, they may rub one another the wrong way or unintentionally cause offence to each other. Unless friends are involved, Capricorn sits on the side-lines often ignores emotions, taking more a serious tone in life.
Pisces tends to approach life with a more eclectic manner, and is much more sensitive to a number of feelings and ideas they aren’t very rational, going more on emotions and intuition and are far more accepting of difficulties and opacities. Now, if Gemini can remember to respect the feelings and sensitivity of the fish, and if Pisces can remember that the twins have a rational look at things, the two signs can truly become one as a compatible couple.
When it comes to relationship compatibility, Pisces has a compassionate, sensitive nature, and can usually pick up on the unspoken feelings and needs of their partner.
When it comes to justice, Libra believes in it so strongly that they can become vengeful toward those people who they feel are not being truthful. Libra loves order and doesn’t mind any boundaries treasuring moderation and finding a happy medium. However, there are some notable differences between them: Pisces can be more passive than Sagittarius who tends to have lots of energy and must be physically active.
As they are unable to set limits, when it comes to promises, they tend to try to do more than they actually can.
Another important difference is that Scorpio is a physical sign; Pisces demands romance and subtlety.
Virgo loves this quality and Pisces can certainly take use of the clarity and order of the Virgo. This can make the Aquarius uncomfortable, especially when Pisces demands affection and intimacy.

Pisces is often unhappy with the emotionally-detached, I’m better than this attitude that Aquarius tends to display. To a certain degree, this explains your ability to slip into anyone’s shoes without feeling strange about it.
Both need a place they can hide away from the everyday busy, stressful life – close to water, preferably – so that they can replenished their relationship emotionally and spiritually. Aries takes the attitude of being in-charge, which can be rather abrasive to Pisces’ sensitive nature.
Pisces is dependent too often on their loved ones and may have an unclear idea of which direction they go in life; Aries would rather be independent and self-sufficient, but must remember not to take advantage of the Pisces’ character of bending and giving.
Pisces, on the other hand, goes to the extreme and is also very giving and compassionate, sometimes to a fault that people take advantage of. This overactive energy level often makes them impatient with the relaxed nature of the Pisces, who has a subtle nature to them.
Although they both feel a deep compatible connection, they often cannot express into words how they feel.
Aquarius demands some type of intellectual relationship compatibility to keep the ball rolling, and those emotional displays that Pisces often shows, can make them feel uncomfortable. This means that you very easily pick up the needs of your relationship partner and take those needs as your own; blurring the line between what is truly yours and what isn’t. One of the ways they can do this is to absorb themselves into mediation or listening to music. One of the more challenging aspects of this relationship is the conflict that arises from the indirect approach to emotions from Pisces and the instant answers and direct contact Aries demands wanting to get to the heart of the matter immediately; facing it head on. Pisces often longs affection, love and understanding compatibility in their relationship but hardly ever gets it.
Both have a love for the natural world: plants, animals and gardening, and they share an interest in music and the arts. Pisces is often a puzzle to Gemini in a partnership as their energy can be a bit unsettling for the fish. Due to their sympathetic nature, they tend to give up their wants and desires for compatibility so their mate can be happy. Pisces is more passive than Libra especially when it comes to personal relationship compatibility. No other couple can compare to this relationship, because it’s often one that involves compatibility,tenderness and love. While Sagittarius takes the direct approach, Pisces tends not to be very blunt with the words they say due to their sensitive nature; something Sagittarius has an issue with and can lead to unintentional hurt for their partner.
Sagittarius doesn’t take things to heart as much and may even be blunt themselves from time to time. Both signs show compatibility when it comes to loving music and living close to water as such this relationship is ideal for both signs. Pisces tends to go on intuition and faith; Aquarius goes on facts or evidence and often questions the feelings the Pisces has in regards to anything and everything. Still, both have a certain depth and self-examination about themselves, and because of that can provide each other with a reasonable relationship compatibility so long as the differences are appreciated. If Taurus is the one taking care of the everyday, mundane tasks and affairs, the compatibility within the household will feel much better. What tends to happen is that Leo will be in charge and Pisces will give in to the whims of the boisterous sign. When it comes to their personal partnership, they usually gravitate toward being a receiver… needy and dependent.
And, it’s the sensitivity of the two that make this relationship compatibility a positive one. When it comes to remembering important dates – birthdays, anniversaries, etc., Pisces tends to be a bit lax in this department.
In comparison to the Leo, Pisces may be a doormat; this is especially true if they have no will or take no pride in themselves. Libra would rather have a union of compatible equals, where each person will give and take… a balance of the scales. Since the pair are emotionally alike, they understand the sensitivities and weaknesses they have. While these astrology signs are different, they can complement one another, which allow the couple to learn from the other. While the emotional attitudes are opposite of each other, the signs tend to have a shared meditative quality with their relationship compatibility that each other appreciates.
When it comes to Pisces’ feelings, Leo may trample all over them, which may cause extreme unhappiness in the partnership. Pisces tends to retreat into the background and is often influenced by others’ feelings and emotions. Libra is often rational and unemotional whereas the Pisces is psychically intuitive and emotional. What either partner may not like about their relationship compatibility may be what they don’t like about themselves too. Of course, this a minor inconvenience and not likely to be an issue between the couple’s partnership. When Leo is feeling optimistic and happy, the mood of the Pisces compatibility dramatically increases. Pisces leans on their imagination and dreams; they’re often regarded as fog-brained and disorganized when dealing with practical issues. However, if Leo is feeling negative, the Pisces will retreat further away from the relationship.

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