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If You Were Born Today October 17: You have strong opinions and possess much determination. This portal is dedicated to Vedic Astrology - Vedanga Jyotish, a science that is deep-rooted in Indian culture, tradition, and philosophy of life. This article is first in the list of many articles that I would be writing on Yogas – Planetary Combinations. Gaja Kesari Yoga is caused by Moon and Jupiter coming together in a horoscope by being in Kendras (1st, 4th, 7th, or 10th) from each other.
This yoga would not work if Jupiter is in retrograde in the horoscope – as benefic planets become considerably weaker when they are retrograde.
Saturn is in 10th house, but is very close to the end of bhava and is combust, even though Sun seems in Virgo and Saturn in Leo.
Jupiter forms a Gaja-Kesari yoga, but it does not qualify as a classical yoga based on some of the notes that I wrote up way back in 2006.
Venus is a lord of 7th and 12th houses and is located in 10th house – which is enemy house. It is my request to people reading this blog that they educate me if they have any more examples to share.
I found the horoscope of Charles Mason who is serving life sentence in prison for murders committed in 1969. So if the dispositions of Moon and Jupiter are also considered, we may see Gajakesari of varying degrees of effectiveness.
Please sing this hymn every saturday, respect the elderly, do your duty, fast on Saturdays, and practice daanam to old people, dogs, and crows. For NT Rama Rao, jupiter and moon are conjunct in ascendant itself and for Hrithik, Jupiter is in 4th house and moon is in 10th house (own house).
Do i have gaja kesari yoga, My sade sath is going to be completed by july 15th during that period i have been tested and have gone though pain. Can anyone please see the horoscope of the following native and give a general prediction based on Gajakesari yoga? Can you please check our kundalis and let me know what is going wrong and how long will this continue. Iam abhishek m sharma i have been practicing astrology since last 8 years as you say that jupiter or moon in regression will nulify the gaj kesri yoga but thats not all the concept as if jupiter is the karak planet and moon the same be the karak e.g.
Iam ABHISHEK M SHARMA {23 YRS} i have been practicing ASTROLOGY since last 8 years as you say that jupiter or moon in regression will nulify the gaj kesri yoga but thats not all the concept as if jupiter is the karak planet and moon the same be the karak e.g. My son lagna is taurus with saturn and mercury in lagna and 3rd house has jupiter and moon(cancer). I challenge back this person,there are Yogas but not every Yoga works.The Chart of Governer of Andhra pradesh is exactly like my Guru chart then why my Guru is not Governer of state & living ordinary life? Gaja kesari is more positive when jupiter and moon (full) are opposite and neat in an horoscope.
My DOB is 7Feb.,1965 at 11:59PM at Kota Rajasthan in libra lagna and have GKY in seventh house but in the sub period of jupitor in main period Moon I suffering serious deasese and operated and also hospitalised for three month, so I have doubt about that in my kundali, Is GKY fruitfull to me ? Similar to Smita’s date of birth, my date of birth is 12th July 2007 born in Shimoga but now settled down in Bangalore for last 30 years. But I haven’t had a good career till now and he is unable to explain the reason for my failures in life.
Horoscop saptamanal berbec Horoscop saptamanal 16 – 22 Martie 2015 Contrastele pe care le observati in comportamentul celor din anturaj va impiedica sa luati decizii corecte si concrete in ceea ce ii priveste.

In your heart of hearts, you might not believe that money and love should come without a cost. I would basically be publishing online the notes I have made during the ongoing process of learning astrology. Jupiter can be compared to a Gaja – big, slow moving, intelligent and looks over all other animals. Some of the coolest politicians of the world have this yoga in their kundalis… Mahatma Gandhi, Kennedy. However, like all other planetary combinations, this yoga also depends on the strength, position and house lordship of the two planets involved – Moon and Jupiter.
There are multiple dates floating around in the internet and there are two different kundalis, one with Scorpio and one with Libra.
2nd and 5th house are strong too – which give him the necessary fillip to get into public life and get into a leadership positions.
I would like to point you out to some interesting links I found while browsing on the internet. Mason also has the Moon with Rahu in the 10th house, and Jupiter in the 7th along with benefics Mercury and Venus which is similar to Gandhi’s horoscope. You can consider Rasi disposition, Navamsa disposition as well as nakshatra disposition – this last one being suggested in the book referred to above.
Love Cancer Daily Horoscope Virgo Miller Susan June sagittarius Horoscope for the week of July 27 2009 Jul 27 2009 3:02 AM. They present two sides of their personalities – one that is intellectual and the second one that is indecisive.
Quiz horoscope libra leo compatibility for blood moon Universe – the Hottest Adult Quizzes on the Web! Having said this and if you a have a child born in the last of September and beginning of sagittarius horoscope month july 2015 today capricorn see October you will need to learn how to deal with the child horoscope for Lia. Pisces will help you reach your goals – and you must have many such individuals among friends.
It also depends on positions of other planets in the horoscope which may be stronger than these planets. If that is the case, the effects of this yoga are nullified and the person would lead a fairly ordinary life.
If this is enough to get him to one of the highest public offices in India can only be judged if we have the exact time of birth. As per this, in situations where the yoga causing planets are unfavourable, we have to give negative points.
But there is Neecha banga raja yoga as jupiter is associated with moon who is the lord of jupiter`s exaltation house.
I have gajakesari yog, moon sign Simha, ravi raas, and my Guruji told me that I have very nice time in near future.
So he will be protected from negative significations of this house and even stands to gain from losses. Why pisces monthly horoscope december 2015 sagetator dragoste luna octombrie 2015 horoscop People Read Their Daily Horoscopes by Bala sundaram Have you ever wondered why some people are constantly clamoring over the newspapers and magazines in order to get to the page that has the daily Share this: StumbleUpon. And the latest to join this category is Narendra Modi, who is all but the next Prime Minister of India.
The yoga would also be best shown in life if both these planets are in their exaltation sign and are at an angle not just from each other but from Lagna as well.

Mars’ location in Lagna as well as Chandra lagna also results in Ruchaka Yoga in this kundali.
But for last 2 years, since my Saade sati started, though I havent faced any major problems there is not a grain of development in my personal affaires, which was told contrary by Guruji. Do I have malavya yog an astrologer said so (my shukra in Libra in seventh house in kendra). Get daily predictions for Sagittarius 2015 for Month wise Horoscope 2015 Daily Horoscope 2015 Weekly Horoscope 2015 Monthly Horoscope 2015 Yearly Make every day count: start the day with a healthy dose of insights and forecasts in your free daily general and daily love horoscope. However, this yoga does give the person qualities of a both animals – magnanimous and intelligent as an elephant and majestic as a lion.
There seems to be a problem with this logic, and I keep coming back to the chart of Gandhiji, he has a Libra lagna and his success is attributed in a large part to this yoga. Some astrologers may opine that this is not a classical Chandra-Mangala yoga as it is involves a drishti of Mars on Moon from a  kendra, but they have to be in different houses. 3 yrs ago his school headmistress started picking on him systematically and keeps trying to humiliate him. Offers Dream Dictionary Analysis Interpretation Meaning of Dreams Use Our Site to Reveal Meaning of Your Dream Helping Understand The Impact on Your Life Fortune & Finances.
Swami Vivekananda Airport, Raipur awarded National Tourism Award 2013 for best Airport in non metro category : Click hrere for images.
The two planets would need to be benefic in the kundali and suitably disposed to the lord of Lagna as well. Mars also has ownership of 6th house and this may also explain why he has so many detractors and is still able to overcome them.
He still did extremely well for his O-levels (Nov 2006) but am now worried as he’s due to take A levels next year (Nov 2008) and his results this year (2007) were not very good. 2015 horoscope report prepared by our expert astrologers will give you full insights of your Luck in 2015. They themselves should be free from any negative aspect, particularly Rahu and Saturn should not be associated with Moon.
For these lagnas, Jupiter is lord of Houses 7th and 10th and Houses 4th and 7th respectively. No one would have imagined back in 2004 that this gentleman will overcome the blot of 2002 riots and will be the one person around who the politics of India will revolve. Universal Psychic Guild bring us, our free weekly video horoscopes to give us insight and overview of the week ahead which thousands have grown to admire, love and trust from years past. Horoscope for Scorpio for May 2015: love, Money, Mood Just read astro predictions for the sign for Scorpio I find daily horoscopes to be very uplifting and encouraging to read and review. Searching on the internet for prominent persons from India with GKY in the chart resulted in only one name – Mahatma Gandhi.
Can swing between being very self indulgent, esp with food and drink and being very self controlled.
This Contact form of VIRGO MAN SCORPIO WOMAN Website start here after The more we become deft in understanding our emotions, the more we can notice how they stem from being out of integrity with ourselves.

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