Scorpio horoscope october 6 2013

The Horoscope of the New Moon in Scorpio brings with it the energies of full commitment coming from the heart, and their exact opposite: breaking up and braking hearts.
Overall, this is a good horoscope, one that supports dedication and commitment to whatever you would like, but be vey conscious. In this horoscope, Saturn finally makes a harmonious aspect to other planets: both Neptune and Mars, which can show on great support for any endeavor you would like to start, or continue. He Sun and Moon are in opposition to Jupiter; only stressing the ability of us humans to lie to ourselves and tell ourselves stories that later become the reasons for our actions.
Mars, the traditional ruler of Scorpio is still in Leo, is in square to Venus in Scorpio, and this can be a volatile configuration.
This is what Scorpions are here for:  we all met Scorpios who surprised us with their reaction to life. Scorpios ARE about commitment, full commitment to someone else, on the way to finding out who that special someone who deserves their entire being they go through many experiences, and even after finding that someone, they may still go through those famous ups, downs, and tests just to experience and know themselves and their mate as completely as possible. When you are around a Scorpio all your lies, addictions, and nasty habits shine out, we feel uncomfortable, and want to hide even further. If you are in a relationship where you do love beyond reason, you will be able to build up further on this extra foundation.

Very few can answer yes to this question with full heart, but many more are actually there without their knowing. I have to stress that it doesn’t matter if this project is good or bad, you will be able to advance it by going through the regular pipelines, and working hard on it. In a personal horoscope this shows on a person who kicks those he loves most, just because he loves them so much, and the right handling of these energies which can become highly artistic requires some self discipline and self awareness. Their ability to love beyond reason is unbelievable, but also their ability to cut off all ties in a second and move on without looking back.
When we encounter Pluto, we feel powerless, we feel that life is turned upside down for no fault of our own, and we cry out for a little compassion. It takes a Scorpio to help us stop the lies, stop the hiding game and come out clean with who or what we really are.
Take a look at your chart, locate the 3th degree of Scorpio (by house) and think which dedications are already in this area of your life. If you are in a relationship in which you don’t love your partner, but you hang around for multitude of other reasons, you will become more aware of it. It will be very tempting to tell lies to yourself, but you will get glimpses of what IS the most important thing to you, usually its not something you easily admit to.

This new moon highlights the power of what one’s desires are, which in most cases are not admitted to. Doesn’t matter if the outcome was good or bad, what matters is that your outlook on life changed permanently.
The energy of Scorpio who is so good at deceiving, actually wants to know the real, know the simple truth, and clear out all the lies. At some point people do get what they want, and at that point they are tested as to what they do with that power – help those trusting them, or destroy others and themselves along the way. It is not a nice or easy energy, but it is the energy of this Earth, one that we are all tested on occasion. On the way there, they will deceive and be deceived, until there is nothing in them that responds to this type of energy, and only pure love remains.

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