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These are websites which collect together information from a large collection of sources, to provide you with details about people and their phone numbers. Earlier today I was able to speak at some length with Paul Feng, Google’s Group Product Manager for Mobile Ads. Check that you’ve chosen to show your ads on iPhones and other mobile devices with full Internet browsers in your campaign settings. Feng told me that just the presence of a local phone number improved the performance of ads in some of the early trials they observed. Advertisers can create mobile-only campaigns with mobile-specific ad copy by opting out of Google’s PC distribution.
SMX Advanced, the only conference designed for experienced search marketers, returns to Seattle June 22-23.
MarTech: The Marketing Tech Conference is for marketers responsible for selecting marketing technologies and developing marketing technologists. WhitePages PRO users already know how great the “Find a Phone Number” search is.  This reverse phone lookup feature allows you to search for an individual or business based on a landline or cell phone number. The WhitePages PRO team has been hard at work behind the scenes at enhancing our reverse phone search science. So it’s exciting news for PRO users that we have upgraded our matching algorithm, leveraging our proprietary Contact Graph, to add enhanced info to over 55 million additional mobile phone numbers. Here’s an example: In a previous “Find by Phone Number” search, a name is currently returned with only a Partial Address. All of these 55 million improved search results are available immediately to WhitePages PRO customers in all our services, including PRO WEB and our PRO API.

At times people may also be careless with their mobile telephone by phoning you just to hang up on you.
We wrote about this initially when an email went out to AdWords advertisers notifying them that Google was introducing click to call in mobile ads. Customers will be able to click to call your business location nearest to them (as determined by the phone’s location awareness technologies, GPS, triangulation). He said that some advertisers in Google’s tests had seen improved CTRs of up to 30% vs.
Advertisers using local extensions but who don’t want to receive calls from mobile phone users can opt-out.
Over time advertisers could start to more aggressively bid for calls using mobile only campaigns and raise the price of mobile keywords intended to generate phone calls. He writes a personal blog, Screenwerk, about connecting the dots between digital media and real-world consumer behavior. Through the reverse cell phone directory you can even include a total background check on the person. A restaurant might rather drive people, for example, to a mobile landing page with OpenTable reservations than receive a phone call. Oftentimes, the location info is based on just the area code of the phone, and usually there isn’t much more info than that provided. By doing a call reverse lookup, one can feel at ease about the identity of the unknown number who called them.
Reverse phone number lookup is usually the action done by those who have received a disconnected call from an unknown number and the person on the other end failed to leave a message before hanging up.

Any directory willing to offer that kind of return policy must be providing a valuable service, otherwise they wouldn't stay in business long. Find out a variety of information on your chosen number, including name of the registered user, their address, date of birth, location, carrier and much more.
Although most of these online search agencies charge a fee for these search options, you will be surprised to know that the number of online agencies offering this service free of cost is increasing by the day.
Nonetheless, you would under no circumstances know the name of the human being your wife has been speaking to till you carry out a amount search on your own. This is because there are no telephone directories for cell phone numbers as there are for landline numbers.
The system will match the number with their database, and when found, will only provide you with limited amount of information such as the broad location and whether the number is a land line or a cell number. Based on the cell phone number you type into the database, you may find out things which can include; names, dates of birth, telephone numbers, addresses, household member information and even data on criminal backgrounds. However, it's no surprise that their database is extremely small and a very small fraction of people might have registered their number there!
There is a way though for people to know the owner of a certain cell phone number and that is through a reverse cell phone number look up. There is a wide variety of companies offering phone number search functions across the internet.

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