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I wrote an article a couple months ago, asking: What if Facebook goes search while Google struggles to go social?
Now, they're making more adjustments to Facebook's internal search feature, which make it more useful. Google is in the process of rolling out a significant update to its social search feature, throwing social results into the mix (as opposed to separate at the bottom of the SERP). Let's also not forget that Facebook recently acquired search company Chai Labs (founded by a former Google exec), and has stolen many Google employees away. The results can be filtered by clicking on one of the available filters in the left sidebar. Web Results: helps you find relevant web information outside of Facebook that is related to your search.
Posts by Friends: helps you find status updates and other content your friends have posted that are related to your search.
Posts by Everyone: helps you find status updates and other content from anyone who enables their posts to be viewed by people other than friends. The very same page can be used to search for groups, pages and applications without having to be logged in to Facebook. This search query can be combined with other search parameters, like OR, And, - or + which makes it a very powerful option to search Facebook. Martin Brinkmann is a journalist from Germany who founded Ghacks Technology News Back in 2005. Everyone is on Facebook, it’s the most visited site in the world, and is becoming more and more popular as a way for people to talk socially, listen to music, watch videos, play games, and do business. Often people make a Facebook page for their business and don’t know what to do with it. If you do a Google search on the word God, you get the Twitter profile, and now the Facebook page as well, and I’m sure that pretty soon there will be a You Tube channel creeping up on the search, and probably a Google Plus page as well, if that site continues to take off. I use that as an example of how a social profile can rank for any search with huge competition, so long as the right signs are there. When you compare how easy it is to rank a Facebook page from scratch to a new domain using a site builder like WordPress, there is no competition, due to the huge authority of the largest site in the world. Another way to check the competition is by looking at the domain authority and page authority of the sites in the results.
A like is a do-follow, high page rank cross link within the site from a person’s public profile, and it signifies popularity.
After doing much internal linking, producing quality content and getting heaps of likes, the last thing to do is build back links to your page. Having said that, some of those things still do work, like a social bookmark from Digg or Linked In doesn’t hurt, and a legitimate relevant government or educational site link is great if you can get it but without knowing which ones work, you can get yourself into a lot of trouble very quickly. What does work is long, original, well written articles and guest posts on the highest authority sites, preferably relevant to your niche. Arrange the articles in a link pyramid, without being too strict about the order so it looks natural.
There is a whole lot more to SEO, and a whole lot more to say about how to promote your page on Facebook, on your site, on other social networks, and in the offline world, and how to engage your fans, but that’s it for this guest post, thanks for reading. About The Author: Rowan Casey is an internet marketing expert specializing in social media. My personal trick is to create high graphics page and send request to as many friends as I can. A recent redesign on Facebook has changed the look and feel of the user start page on the social networking site.

For those who do not know: Pokes are a basic way of saying "hi" without actually having to type anything.
Here is a screenshot that highlights where you find the poke option on old Facebook profiles. The pokes page on the other hand is not displayed anymore on the profiles page or any other page by default. You can alternatively right-click it and select Add To Favorites from the menu to add it to the Favorites listing at the top of the page. Another alternative is to bookmark the pokes page directly to open it whenever you need to look at the pokes that you have received in the past.
You may want to find all the people in world who have the same last name or surname as you for several reasons. In Tamil Nadu, an Indian state, people use the name of their city as their last name or surname. There can be many more reasons to find people with same last name or surname or family name, and I am sure that you have one. Facebook family search is a great tool to find people around the world that have same last name or surname. A glaring hole in Google's offering, however, is a lack of Facebook data - arguably the most important social data there is, given that Facebook has so many more users than any other social network. To reiterate points made in my previous article, it's not that far-fetched to see Facebook put more emphasis on search the way Twitter did, and Facebook already uses Bing for web results, and could easily fill in the gaps with those results. This can be used by logged in Facebook users to find people or groups on the social networking site.
It is for instance possible to only display people, applications, web results or groups in the results.
To narrow your people search, just type a location, school, or workplace in the appropriate field and click the "Refine Search" button.
To narrow your Pages search, select a Page type from the drop-down menu at the top of your search results. Groups that can be seen by everyone are viewable in search results; secret groups are not viewable in search results.
Events that can be seen by everyone are viewable in search results; secret events are not viewable in search results. To narrow your search, select a post type from the drop-down menu at the top of your search results.
For wine it is groups, for names it is people that will be displayed in the search results. Facebook users can make use of the search page to find users by name or email, school classes or companies. It only allows to search for people but offers a better functionality than the default Facebook search. Simply click on a letter to browse the people directory of Facebook users whose last name start with the letter.
The main advantage of using an external search engine is that it offers advanced parameters that Facebook search does not offer.
You can enter people, applications, groups and everything else in the search form to find information on Facebook. He is passionate about all things tech and knows the Internet and computers like the back of his hand.
It has since then become one of the most popular tech news sites on the Internet with five authors and regular contributions from freelance writers.

They try using Facebook Ads, discover that they didn’t make a profit, and then the page just sits there, not doing anything.
Facebook pages rank very easily on Google, as well as in a Facebook search, which people are starting to do more often these days. The page rank is out of 10, so PR 2 results and less are low competition, and the domain authority is out of a hundred, so twenty and lower is easy to beat, relatively speaking. You can even have a mini-site with unlimited multiple pages using the Developers section, all without them ever leaving Facebook.
Vary the link text, so maybe use the exact match for the keyword you’re trying to rank for about half the time, then another quarter have similar keyword phrases, and for another quarter have the link text as random words, URLs, shortened URLs, and make sure you get some no-follow links to make for a natural-looking link profile.
Some of the changes, the ticker for instance, have mostly received negative feedback from users of the social networking sites.
Let me explain to you how you can get it back to your news feed page on Facebook and all other pages of your Facebook profile.
Probably you are preparing your family tree and you need a list of all your close relatives. So if there is a way to find all people in the world with same last name, it can be used to find everyone coming from a specific city. Its just that if you have a very common surname, you will get thousands of results, which makes this tool useless as it will be almost impossible to find exactly what you are looking for from those results. Bing has no qualms about supplying search results to other major search engines through the back-end (see Yahoo deal).
In time, Facebook Places (combined with Bing Mpas) could evolve to power some powerful local results too. To further refine your groups search, select a group type from the drop-down menu at the top of your search results. Here it is possible to use data from third party services such as Skype, Gmail or Yahoo to find friends on Facebook. These applications usually only provide a more sophisticated way of searching the same set of information on Facebook. There isn’t much data on the monthly search volume for different phrases on Facebook, but you can assume that it is between one to ten percent of what the figures are on the Google keyword tool, depending on the type of phrase. Take a look at the following screenshot to see where the Pokes link will be added to on your profile page. Since almost everyone (worth finding) is on Facebook these days, you can use Facebook to find everyone with same last name or surname. What if Facebook just became a real search engine competitor - instantly personalized, with some sections powered by Bing. If you search for wine for instance you find Wine groups on Facebook and below those Bing search results. Please note that this means that Facebook will be able to access the data at the other service. And while it is still possible to poke users with a click on the "more" button on their profile page, there is no real visible option anymore to look at the received pokes.

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