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Prince William and Kate Middleton are currently enjoying their first trip overseas with Prince George — maybe to celebrate the news that they’ve got another on the way? After the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge placed roses at the war memorial in New Zealand on April 11, Cynthia Read handed Prince William a wool shawl for Prince George, 8 months old. Just a day before the big hint was dropped, Prince William and Kate, 32, unveiled the official portrait of Queen Elizabeth II at the Government House — and while everyone celebrated with wine, she chose water.
However on April 13, Kate and William visited the Otago Wines at Amisfield winery in Queenstown, New Zealand where Kate made a point to take a sip of red wine — or so it looks in photos. While we would love to see the royals with another baby, the couple definitely has been busy with Prince George.

Kate was down on her knees in a gorgeous Tory Burch dress playing with Prince George and the other children! It sounds like it’s definitely possible, after the huge hint that Prince William dropped on April 11! Kate could be doing so to put the pregnancy report at rest after her husband’s comments or she could be trying to keep her pregnancy a secret.
The hands-on mother attended the Royal New Zealand Plunket Society at the Government House in Wellington, New Zealand on April 9, bringing the little prince to his first official engagement — a play date with other babies. It looks like he gets along great with other kids — so maybe it’s time for a sibling!

Plus, doctors say that a small portion of red wine while pregnant will not do any harm to a baby.

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