Secret law of attraction pdf

Like we already said in previous publications, the Law of Attraction is a law of nature, like the gravity law, for example.
When you exist in the great state of gratitude, you become a person who only wants to give.
In Beyond The Secret, psychologist and Law of Attraction coach, Lisa Love offers answers to these questions, answers she discovered during her own spiritual quest to understand the Law of Attraction. With 25 years experience in psychological and spiritual counseling, Lisa Love, MS in marriage, family, and child counseling, MS in transpersonal psychology, and PhDE (Doctorate of Esoteric Psychology), understands how the soul, mind, emotions and body interact.

She explains the difference between using the Law in an egotistical rather than a spiritual way. Love provides readers with the basic principles and philosophies that explain the process along with techniques to help readers implement each step effectively. She shows how to use the Law of Attraction as a tool for spiritual growth, psychological integration, and, ultimately, connecting with Spirit. She shares insights, stories, and examples that reveal how spiritual attraction can be used to create an abundant and satisfying life.

Love has interviewed spiritual leaders such as Rhonda Britten, Larry Dossey, Carol Adrienne and Shakti Gawain.

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