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Get access to latest book releases and receive exclusive discount coupons by subscribing to our monthly newsletter, The Shelf. This slideshow reveals a few of my favorites, while still keeping some of the mystery alive.
Since 1950 when George Whitman opened shop, he allowed writers, vagabonds, students, and travelers to stay overnight in exchange for shelving books and writing a one page biography.
It feels like you have to travel to the end of the earth to get to this bookshop, but it’s well worth the trip.
Adam Tobin, the owner of Unnameable Books tells me that the bookstore’s events are sometimes secrets because they are so poorly publicized. Although this bookstore has been written about in the New York Times, The Believer, The New Yorker and is even the subject of a video, the exact location of Brazenhead Books is a secret. Sometimes just the suggestion or legend of a particularly lovely bookstore makes it all the more enticing.
This book is dedicated to helping ease the pain of life, increasing the acceptance of joy and happiness innately available, and creating the life you were meant to live on planet earth by joining the evolutionary process of healing your life, that of your relatives and ancestors through the various time lines in your subconscious. About Ryan Elliott, MSW: Recognizing that humans are spiritual beings having a physical experience, Ryan specializes in alternative health, helping people remember who they really are! If American’s think the money they’ve been able to salvage from the retirement savings meltdown caused by the recent financial crisis is there’s to keep, they’d better think again!
AuthorHouse is the leading provider of supported self-publishing services for authors around the globe, with over 60,000 titles released. Whether you dream of seeing your book in bookstores, on TV, on the radio, or adapted into a film, AuthorHouse is committed to providing the tools and services to help you get started and realize your publishing dreams. Want the secrets to a perfect cat eye, zapping a zit overnight, and when to splurge or save on makeup products?
When Sasha Silver and her horse, Charm, arrive on the campus of the elite Canterwood Crest Academy, Sasha knows that she's in trouble.
And when Heather starts spending a little too much QT with Sasha's almost-boyfriend, Jacob, the partnership is put to the ultimate test.
It's midwinter break and Sasha Silver has been invited to attend an exclusive equestrian clinic.
Can Sasha keep the girls from turning the arena into a war zone and still snag a spot on the coveted Youth Equestrian National Team? So when Sasha learns of a secret that could destroy all of her relationships, she's willing to tell a few white lies to keep everything from falling apart. If the girls have learned anything, it's that only the strong survive at Canterwood Crest Academy. It seems that Sasha Silver has become the hottest new thing since the Mulleavy sisters' spring line.
Now if she could only figure out a way to deal with her old friends Paige and Callie and that boy she's sorta-kinda-always liked .
Lauren Towers has always had one dream: to be a professional equestrian, competing with the best of the best. But while she waits to see if she gets in, Lauren is left contemplating her life in Union, Connecticut and the horrible accident that brought her there. Lauren's BFFs, BFs, former friends, and foes alike are hitching a sleigh ride to her hometown in Union, Connecticuta€¦which also happens to be home to Sasha Silver, one of the best equestrians in Canterwood history.
Once there, Lauren, Sasha, all their friends, and frenemies find themselves one place they thought they'd never be-on the same team!
Coming this spring, you'll meet twelve year old Fallon Black, princess of California and an A-level rider.
Fallon, who rode before she could walk, attends the prestigious West Coast Prep—an equestrian boarding school in California.
For years, Fallon's had her sights set on one of our favorite East Coast riders, Sasha Silver.
But Fallon's obsession with being better than Sasha is causing Fallon to overlook one very important rider who is just about to dethrone Fallon: Grace Holt.
It's time to delve into the world of equestrians who train with pop stars, fellow students who spend winter break in Aspen, and a boarding school where everyone rides. It used to be that the only people that needed professional-looking headshots were actors and models, but now thanks to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and social media in general, headshots are hot!
Now Sylvia Whitman runs the bookstore, and if you hang around long enough you might see the secret basement, a famous author, or the mysterious cat Kitty who thinks she is a dog. Atlantis Books can magically morph into many things: a film festival, a feast with strangers, an art collective, a musical performance, a dance party, a cooking lesson.
If you come to the bookstore at the right time, you might be welcomed into the secret basement where the readings take place.

My friend Terry told me about the Owl Bookstore in Antalya, and I’ve been wanting to go learn its secrets ever since.
Because never before in human history has a time existed where humans could heal the subconscious mind the way we can now. Ryan holds a Masters Degree in Social Work from George Williams College and has more than 35 years experience helping people unlock the secrets in their subconscious minds. Economic Secrets of the New Retirement Environment™ exposes how our broken financial system will affect everyone’s retirement, whether you are already in retirement, nearing retirement or more than a decade or two away. Beginning this year, e-novellas ("novella" means shorter than a novel) will be e-publishing from Simon & Schuster. Now, she's back at Canterwood Crest and working harder than ever to stay on top of school and impress Mr. Will she rise to the occasion and make the advanced riding team by the end of her first semester? Now, they're back, and this time, they're not just in it to win it-they're out for revenge. What she hadn't planned was that she'd be staying with Heather Fox in her Park Avenue penthouse, and spending her time shopping, riding, and (could it be?) having a blast. The Trio has welcomed her with open arms, a popular new girl has tagged Sasha as her insta-BFF, and she's the fiercest she's ever been in the arena. But Sasha gets a surprise blast from the past when Lauren Towers, a superstar rider from Sasha's hometown, enrolls at Canterwood.
Suddenly, Lauren is left wondering: even if she does get into Canterwood, will her past make her stronger or will it stand in the way of her future as an equestrian for good? Girls with self-confidence who can assert herself tell others: I should not be underestimated. She's fitting in at Canterwood Crest Academy, dating a très cute boy, and working hard as she prepares for her first show since the horrible accident that nearly ended her riding career.
But one girl's healthy is another girl's headache and Lauren is about to get the world's biggest migraine.
Call it a truce or a Christmas miracle, but everyone gets in the holiday spirit to help heal retired racehorses-a cause they all believe in more than Santa himself. They've never been more in demand than they are today, and Peter Hurley's unique headshot style and trademark look have made him the most sought-after headshot photographer in the world today.
Because of this, the ancient masters rarely disclosed their secrets, guarding them as closely as they would military secrets.
The magical feeling upon entering this bookshop might be enhanced due to the fact that it is located very close to the ancient Kilometer Zero marker in front of Notre Dame Cathedral. With incredibly rare and well-curated books, this place is about as mysterious as you can get.
All I know is that the owner, Kemal Ozkurt, is an eccentric man in his 50s who keeps irregular hours. By decoding the four dimensional symbols your subconscious mind has produced, in terms of your unwanted feelings, thoughts, behavior, and life circumstances, back into information understandable by your conscious mind, a basic healing almost always happens.
He is Board Certified by the American Academy of Medical Hypnoanalysts and was recognized for his gifts on the Oprah Winfrey show. An ultra-exclusive riding school, West Coast Prep, is hosting Youth Equestrian National Teams from all over the country. One group of girls in particular is used to being the best, the brightest, and the prettiest on the team, and when Sasha shows her skills in the arena, the girls' claws come out.
And after the way things ended at Canterwood's Sweetheart Soiree, the line between friend and frenemy is thinner than ever. They preserved their profound insights in obscure songs, poems, and classics, revealing only to those they considered trustworthy and ready for such knowledge. Build and designed by nook and others, this shop is a work of art with a secret passageway that leads to the terrace and a secret door that leads to the kitchen.
Consequently, revealing the secrets from your inner mind exposes the operating code in your life, and this is the primary tenet and intention of this work. To stay up to date with this exciting, new project, please sign up for Jess's newsletter or follow her blog. Essential Beauty Tricks were started by the character Lauren Towers from Canterwood Crest Academy.
Whose stockings will be filled with candy cane lip gloss and whose will be filled with coal? And this year, she and her friends will celebrate in style—by attending Canterwood's first ever masquerade ball. If you're not adding headshots to what you offer as a photographer, you're leaving a lot of money on the table.

Now, you can reap the benefits of centuries of wisdom and practical experience to deepen and refine your Tai chi chuan. The hidden bed can be seen in this picture above Craig Walzer, one of the founders of the shop. Using this knowledge, Ryan has developed a unique process for helping people of all ages and backgrounds transform and dissolve negative subconscious programming causing the problem, thus allowing one’s creative intelligence to reprogram a solution towards greater creativity and increased life-strengthening options. What Lauren doesn't know is that there's a special someone behind a mask just waiting to be revealed.
Peter knows first-hand the secrets to not only lighting your headshots like a pro (there's a whole chapter on that alone), but in this book he reveals, in the very same fashion that made him a famous name with photographers everywhere, how he gets authentic expressions and incredibly flattering positioning that will make your clients look better than they ever have in any photo—period! Will this mysterious guest make this masquerade magnifique, or will her perfect birthday bash be broken? Yang has translated these classics from the original Chinese, and has written commentaries to make them more accessible to contemporary minds. Tai Chi Secrets of the Wu Style is an invaluable resource for students who seek true understanding of their art. Thanks Ryan!" — Steve Beck, author of “How to Have a Great Day Everyday!” “Ryan is a highly skilled practitioner and pioneer in the field of hypnoanalysis. He reveals all his tricks of the trade, from his trademark lighting look, to how to create good-looking backgrounds on location, to positioning tricks you won't hear anywhere else, and it's all written in Peter's fun, quirky, inspiring style that lets you know, right from the beginning, you can do this, and you can do this big! These are the techniques that Peter has crafted from years in front of the lens, as a model for top brands like Abercrombie & Fitch and Guess, and years behind the lens, giving him an insight few photographers will ever possess, and he's willing to share every bit of it—every trick, every technique, and every nuance—in this book that will pay for itself at your very next shoot. I highly recommend him.” — Dan Lippmann, Owner, Counseling & Wellness Innovation “Ryan is incredible. What I like best is that he is present with me, has incredible integrity and helps me go to the level I need to be at to find solutions. We worked with enhancing my ability to "Speak Up" and "Set Boundaries" with very favorable results that are still in existence six months later. Read and practice applying the techniques and information that inspire you in this book and other excellent sources. I trust Ryan's expertise in both fields and his ability to put you at ease with his compassionate and relaxed manner.
Know that your prayers and higher consciousness can access the support and resources of the Divine.
Day after day he proves that positive results can definitely be achieved without prescription drugs. Divine Qualities such as peace, wisdom, love, and clarity are deeply needed in fuller expression on Earth today. It is of great benefit to pray and invoke Divine blessings and grace into our everyday lives - - and to pray for blessings for our loved ones. Each chapter explores one - - and guides us by the hand in stepping more fully into it here and now in very real ways. What is the difference between these Divine Qualities and more normal perceptions of these words? The meaning of some of these words such as love and power are often distorted in current usage, so this book seeks to restore them to their more true pure meaning.
Illumination – Supports your Spiritual growth through strengthening your connection to your Higher Consciousness and the Divine. Learn about auras and chakras - - and practical uncomplicated ways to energize and illumine these. He is also a great guy with a fabulous sense of humor.” Steve Beck hired Ryan as a Career Coach in 2004, and hired Ryan more than once (March 5, 2009).
He edited my seminar, created DVDs with brilliant marketing covers and gave me ideas for marketing myself and my books. He is a special person to work with, I highly recommend him.” Carole Dean hired Ryan as a Photographer in 2003, and hired Ryan more than once (November 5, 2008).
Helps support the well-being of all people and all creation through living lightly on the land.
Be moved by the heartwarming sharings and stories from the lives of more than fifty people like you as they have walked their path of opening more fully to their higher good. Open to something you’ve been longing to do for a long time and have perhaps put off. Listen to or sing along with the audios of my soul songs - - there is one for each chapter.
In the study and application of these awesome Divine Qualities you will find priceless insights for every life question or challenge.

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