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Last week, we took a stroll through the 1970s, looking at the decade that brought about significant advances for John Deere riding mowers.
Today, we will look at some of the most critical upgrades and introductions of the 1980s, a decade that not only helped mend the gap between past and present, but also represented Deere’s 150th anniversary. Going Diesel: A few years into the 80s (1984 to be exact), John Deere made yet another splash in the pond of garden tractors with the introduction of the John Deere 430.
A 300 Series Redesign: The evolution of the 300 Series, keynoted by the introduction of the 318, was a time in John Deere riding mower history that rivaled the introduction of the 140.
During the reign of the 318 in the 80s, Deere produced its 1 millionth lawn and garden tractor, with the 318 out-selling any of the other models. The “R” and “S” Series: For those looking for an economy riding mower specifically designed for smaller plots of land, the R Series (R70, R72, and R92) was a perfect fit. While we’ve highlighted most of the upgrades made to John Deere riding mowers in the 80s, here are a few charts showing the mowers by model, year, and serial number.

Hopefully, this trip back to the 80s provided a nice snapshot of the landmark improvements and introductions Deere made to its riding mower line at the time. MachineFinder, John Deere and the associated trademarks are property and available only for the specific use of Deere & Company. Some of these advancements included upgrades to existing series, but a couple of new series were also introduced, making Deere a bigger player in the riding mower industry. This was Deere’s first tractor to combine a diesel engine with hydrostatic drive and power steering.
During this time, Deere also produced the 316 (similar to 318 but no power steering), the 330, 332, and 322 (all run on Yanmar liquid-cooled engines). Be sure to come back to our blog when we dive into the 90s edition of John Deere riding mower history! The 430 was virtually a 420 model powered instead by a Yanmar 3-cylinder water-cooled diesel engine.

The deluxe S Series riding mowers were designed for those who had lawns that were just slightly larger than those optimal for the R Series. If you enjoyed this post or want to read others, feel free to connect with us on Facebook or Google+! This software is much helpful to recover data from micro SD card, Digital camera and Mobile phone. Attachments and other general riding features remained the same as the 420, but the weight of the machine was increased to 1170 pounds, making it the heaviest and strongest John Deere garden tractor to date. This software recover the lost, corrupted, deleted or formatted photos and video file from various memory card. Card recovery pro also has the feature of quick recovery of small data like photos and docs from different devises just in three steps.

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