Signs of the zodiac body parts

The constellation of Leo the Lion is between Cancer and Virgo and contains the star Regulus. The stars that make up constellations appear close together but are actually quite far about in space. These reasons have changed over the yearsThe first use of the stars was most likely religious.
Many societies saw patterns in the stars that they related to their gods, goddesses or characters from their culture.
Many cultures thought that the positions of the stars were the gods’ way of telling them stories.

The constellation that is directly above the sun as it sets on a person’s birth date is the star sign that they are. Due to the rotation of the Earth on its axis and its orbit around the sun the constellations have to be divided into two different groups, circumpolar and seasonal. It would have seemed normal to these people to recognize the patterns, give them names and tell stories about them. The Nemean Lion was a giant beast that would roam the hills of the Peloponnesian villages and cause havoc. Hercules had a great difficulty killing the lion, his arrows bounced harmlessly off its body, his sword bent in two and his wooden club smashed to pieces.

The northern and southern hemispheres see different circumpolar and seasonal constellations.
You will be able to look more desirable, interesting, intriguing and generally presentable, and that will be your wedge into every conversation, your foot into every social door.

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