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In particular, there is a lot of detail in some SMPS circuits made ??of oscilloscope measurements, etc. This is a bit confusing to distribute sort myself :) small but great works to come to a new SMPS circuit with ir2153 did. SMPS 220v mains input EMI filter used in my hand was not material because the exit situation worse filter capacitor to 470uF 63v I used the coil low value was still performing pretty good attentive meticulous design been done , what will happen. Much better quality in the future , but I think a design application takes a long time so I wanted to share the first circuit may be people who want to try . The first application transformer rewinders ready because we use the output voltage at a certain limit switch did not also be taken power was limited in this circuit transformer I added transformers atx power supply disconnected from the 12v outputs diode bridge connected outputs serial connection was made whereby both higher voltage and power have achieved . SMPS transformer in the normal metal transformer as in the 2x event there is normally pc power supplies 12v output transformer second winding and two diodes with DC conversion is done frame winding in common is drawn from the common point using direct two 12v end KUPRIAN diode when it is fastened higher voltages can be obtained.
On the market, p3, p4 ATX PC power supply contained in the transformer you can use , but in the power supply circuit is used TL494 careful .

As I said, this is the first circuit for testing purposes only as well as material due to lack of some parts is not enough, for example ir2153 supply the rectified mains voltage transistor control circuit credited with but it is more practical because the transformer and 7815 I used normally not be necessary. I would like to say that such a simple system performance was really good, I tested with TDA7294 power of the speaker is low, around 50% open, the sound could have tested for a long time.
Random electronic project: Robot Control Board PIC18F4550 for Robotics and Automation Projects suggest reading the article.
I suggest that you connect the board with a junk motherboard and harddisk because a single lamp may not enough as a load and the power supply will shutdown. Well, let's take a little care with this test, because many times the SMPS can turn on but no video on Display.
This power supply operates from a universal input and provides a 19.7 Volt, continuous 65 W output. The high effi ciency of this design allows for operation at a high ambient temperature (65° C) without the need for any external heatsinking.

Some power supply just need back its own motherboard or system in order to function properly. If possible place two more harddisk to act as load just incase the single motherboard load not enough to switch it on.
Go to that page to read the explanation about above power supply related circuit diagram.ads 728-->Switch Mode Voltage Regulator with 85% efficiencySwitch Mode Power Supplies (SMPS) is now widely used in modern electronic equipment due to its compact design and high efficiency of about 80% or more.

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