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Driving Revenues, a Washington-based vehicle advertising firm, did a study to determine the cost effectiveness of a variety of advertising mediums.  The basis of their study was if a business owner were to invest $20,000 in each of a variety of advertising mediums, what would their money buy? Vehicle Signage: 4 million impressions in a 12-month period, using 10 VW Bugs that have been wrapped (at a cost of $2,000 each). Value-Pak: 6 Drops of 100,000 address per drop, and you are one of many advertisers in the packet.
After analyzing the results of the study, Autowraps owner Daniel Shifrin states that there is no other form of advertising for which small businesses can achieve the cost per impression of vehicle wrapping.  In today’s economy, that’s important information when you are trying to grow your business.
About UsBig Mouth Signs, Inc., is a full-service provider of all types of indoor and outdoor visual communications products. Window decals, Vehicle graphics, Sign writing and full colour wraps are just some of the ways that we can help.
Why not let A Star Signs turn your vehicle into a mobile advertisement for everyone to see.

We offer a complete design service, either from scratch or matching up to a current vehicle, we make it easy to get graphics onto your vehicle so that you can focus on your business.
No matter how simple or complicated your needs, A star Signs can add liveries & Graphics to any single car or to an entire fleet of vans. Choose from simple vinyl cut graphics & text, full colour digital printing, or even reflective to stand out at night. With image being very important in business, companies are often looking for an affordable way to advertise and make an impact and turn heads on the street, this can be achieved with a Vehicle Wrap. Whether it's a brand new van or covering up dull paintwork on an older vehicle, wrapping your vehicle whatever size can be brought to life with a vivid new colour or full colour digitally printed graphic. At A Star Signs, we use the best sourced professional wrapping vinyl, which follows every contour of your vehicle, and every bit of the bodywork can be covered with a new colour or custom graphics. Download the best wallpapers, photos and pictures for your desktop for free only here a couple of clicks!

Located in metro Atlanta, GA, we specialize in providing commercial signage that helps your business get noticed.
Our cost effective, weather-proof graphics provide an easy way to market and advertise your business, helping to promote your brand wherever you travel. Class aptent taciti sociosqu ad litora torquent per conubia nostra, per inceptos himenaeos.
Pellentesque semper, urna pharetra posuere tempus, lectus purus euismod justo, a pellentesque arcu arcu a erat. Our product offering ranges from banners and yard signs, to real estate signs, commercial signage including channel letters, light cabinets, and pole signs, to monument signs, electronic message displays, dimensional lettering, dimensional logo signs, vehicle wraps, vehicle graphics, industrial and facility signs, cast bronze plaques, and all types of digital printing.

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