Stories to read for adults

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Three quarters of Britain's parents are too busy to read bedtime stories to their children, according to a study. Mums claim they are distracted by cleaning or cooking while dads blame late nights in the office or sheer tiredness when they do get home.
Like it says on the tin, you can now go back and see what you’ve read with the Recently Read Stories feed. Local color or regionalism:  in literature refers to fiction or poetry that focuses on specific features – including characters, dialects, customs, history, and topography – of a particular region. Dramatic irony:  when the reader is aware of something that is going to occur in a story that a character is unaware of. This site is devoted to telling people’s stories through audio or video interviews and placing the interview, photographs and additional writings on their own website that we create. This site is devoted to your happiness and immortality by telling your story (or parent’s stories) through audio or video recordings from your home phone or computer.

I am a graduate of several universities with a post-Master’s Degree from the Johns Hopkins University. I have told the stories of people for over 20 years through hosting television and radio shows and writing articles for national publications. My television and radio interviews have been featured by the White House and major agencies and websites. From our analysis of similar sites, we are among the least expensive for phone or computer recordings. Note that as I begin the process of retirement, I can be flexible with prices until the business is established. Allegories are written in the form of fables, parables, poems, stories, and almost any other style or genre. I have 45 years of government service with 35 of those years involved in media and public relations. An interview with George Brosan, national criminal justice expert and former Superintendent of the Maryland State Police. Wells and "The Signalman" by Charles Dickens.Both stories are written in first person narrative, which gives the writers the ability to tell the story from one view point, leaving out some of the facts, keeping the reader guessing.

With 20 years of recording experience and a former top-secret security clearance, you can trust me with your project. By leaving certain details out of stories, writers leave their stories open to each readers interpretation, encouraging the reader to think and act upon their ideas."The Red Room" is set in the typical gothic setting of a dark castle.
That’s the only way anyone can survive 35 years of talking to national and state media.
At first the reader is led to believe it is a "house", with "spiritual terrors" leading the reader to believe it is a haunted house. Then tension in the story continues to heighten, as a man with a "withered" arm is introduced, along with an old woman with "pale" eyes, hanging "wide open."I was attracted to the insecurity of the narrator throughout the story. At the beginning he attempts to reassure himself it will al be fine saying that a ghost would have to be "very tangible" to scare him.

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