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A compilation of Aria in the Starless Night, where Kirito becomes known as the Black Swordsman, the events concerning the 2nd floor boss clearing, and Rondo of the Transient Blade, the sad tale of a young male blacksmith. It's surprising because the story takes place one month after the SAO incident, tells you about the premature condition of the main characters in SAO. Well, i have to say the story has a quite surprising turn, Kawahara Reki has a very brave decision to tell us the condition one month after the SAO incident. Overall as a fans i did quite enjoy this novel, but that's because i have read the first two volume of the main story, and suggest you to read it as well before you read this one if you want to know what makes me write this review. Here are the manga and light novel sales rankings for the fiscal year of 2015 (November 17, 2014 - November 22, 2015). Alicization Turning (??????????????, Arishizeshon Taningu?) is the 11th book in the Sword Art Online Light Novel series, published on December 10, 2012. Kirito and Eugeo are now second years at the Sword Mastery Academy and placed fifth and sixth in the top twelve. Eugeo recalled the events that led to the current time, including his and Kirito's surprise of having received female valets.
The next day, while Kirito and Eugeo were in their room cleaning their swords, they noticed that Tiese and Ronye had yet to arrive as they normally do.
Eugeo fought with his conscience and his inability to go against the Taboo Index, while the pain in his right eye increased as he watched the elites' actions.
The two untied the girls and comforted them, before a face appeared from what looked like a Stacia Window and muttered something about their location, but they were unable to understand it. The next day Kirito and Eugeo were in the underground discipline chamber, where Dormitory Supervisor Azurika visited them. With resolution, Kirito entered the arena, followed by Eugeo, and they presented themselves to the Integrity Knight who presented herself as Alice Synthesis Thirty.
In the «Ocean Turtle», Asuna ascended a set of stairs to visit Kazuto and remembered all the times she had climbed stairs like those in Aincrad with Heathcliff and Kirito.
Back in the lab, Rinko and Higa Takeru explained to Asuna about Ichiemon and how it is a part of the Alicization Project. Eugeo and Kirito climbed a set of stairs and found themselves in a maze created with bronze fences, and even more amazing, filled with roses.
Eugeo jumped in for a surprise attack, but Eldrie used his last resource, the Release Recollection command, and his whip transformed into a snake, which stopped Eugeo. After Eldrie fell, they were attacked by another Integrity Knight, this one using a red bow, from its dragon. After they crossed through the door, they found themselves in a strange hallway and a mysterious person had joined them. In the new room she told Kirito about the story of Underworld, how it came to be, how the Feudal System was implemented, and revealed to him the real story behind the Taboo Index, the Axiom Church, and its founder Quinella. The 6th chapter in the web version of Alicization, which was included before the web version's equivalent of this volume, was instead moved to Volume 15, as Chapter 14.
This article is missing some information.You can help by adopting it and adding the missing information. Alicization Dividing (?????????????????, Arishizeshon Dibaidingu?) is the 13th book in the Sword Art Online Light Novel series, published on August 10, 2013. Asuna and Koujiro Rinko were enjoying a meal together on the Ocean Turtle, as Asuna wondered about their current location.
Lieutenant Nakanishi came into their conversation, and pointed out that Japan had no warships, before being invited to eat with the women.
After falling out of the Central Cathedral's 80th floor, Kirito managed to stab his sword into a small gap in the Central Cathedral's outer wall and was now hanging on his sword while holding on to Alice Synthesis Thirty with his other arm. As night had already fallen, thus the sun no longer provided the Sacred Power needed for Sacred Arts, Kirito had ran out of pitons due to the limited resources around and thus Alice made three out of her left gauntlet. After seeing the hole Kirito and Alice had been sucked through had returned to being a wall because of the self-repair Sacred Arts cast upon the tower, Eugeo climbed up the long staircases up to the 90th floor with caution, without finding any human presence, just as the seven o'clock bell rang. To his surprise, the entire floor was a gigantic bath with steam everywhere,where he found an extremely bulky man - who was unmistakably an enemy - bathing.
Eugeo noticed that Bercouli's stance reminded him of the «Lightning Flash Slash» technique of the Norkia-style Swordsmanship Class and intended to counter with «Sonic Leap». Bercouli slashed his blade horizontally at a distance of eight mel from Eugeo, who had jumped forth to the left, avoiding the predicted attack. Eugeo was blown away, a gash from his left breast to his right armpit had appeared as he fell into the water, with pain surging through his body and blood spewing.
Having thought of a course of action and having completed his chant, Eugeo rose from the water, prompting Bercouli to draw his sword again and warn Eugeo that he would not hold back anymore. Beneath the white ice, Bercouli inquired about the origins of Eugeo's strange fighting style.
Enraged, Eugeo exclaimed his animosity towards the Integrity Knights, who have forgotten who they once were, and suddenly recalled the identity of the man before him - the founder of his hometown, «Rulid Village», and the hero of the story 'Bercouli and the White Dragon of the North' he heard as a child. When both Eugeo and Bercouli barely had any «Life» left, an extremely round man clad in clown-like clothing appeared before them.
After discovering «Integrity Knights» could get hungry, and hearing Alice's stomach grumble, Kirito accidentally let out a stifled laugh, and discovered two meat buns in his left pocket from before while retreating from Alice.
While praising Alice's ability in «Sacred Arts», he accidentally mentioned that she was Selka's elder sister, which caused Alice to immediately grab his nape to interrogate him. He mentioned that the only ones who believed that the Integrity Knights were existences summoned by the goddesses' messenger, the highest minister of the Axiom Church, from the Celestial World to preserve order and justice - were the Integrity Knights alone, stating that there was not a single Integrity Knight that was never once a human.
Shaking her head left and right like a child to reject the notion that Eldrie was born of depraved upper class nobles, Alice dismissed his claims as ridiculous. Finally, he told Alice that her real name was Alice Schuberg, that she was born and raised in a small village called Rulid in the remote northern regions, that she was around nineteen at that point of time, and that she was taken to the church eight years before, because of an incident that happened when she was eleven.
Kirito told Alice about her past, describing the events while vividly recreating an image of the occurrences in his head, as if he was there himself, though Kirito himself doubted that could be possible, thus he dismissed such a thought, believing this to have been just a detailed description by Eugeo. Two to three minutes after Kirito had stopped his tears from flowing, Alice's violent sobs gradually turned into quiet weeping. Hugging her knees with her eyes turned down, Alice muttered that, after they had been sucked through the tower wall, Kirito had said that he and Eugeo made themselves criminals in order to correct the Administrator's mistakes and to protect the «Human Empire». When Kirito was thinking about how the Administrator had taken away the chance of humans to fight back, his thoughts were interrupted by Alice's question of whether the two of them were planning to single-handedly battle against all the invaders from the land of Darkness, if they could manage to defeat the Administrator. After a few moments of silence, Alice admitted that even Knight Commander Bercouli, whom she briefly referred to as 'uncle', held the same worry in his heart.
As he was suggesting to build an army within the year and so, Alice cut him off by shouting that such a thing would be impossible, yelling that Kirito himself had witnessed the corruption in the hearts of nobles firsthand, stating they would merely pretend to fight, while merely trying to protect their own lives and assets.
Agreeing to Alice's statement that Administrator would not allow such a thing to occur, he told her that because an unfaithful army is as frightening as the forces of Darkness to Administrator, the only choice is to topple her and utilize the remaining period of time to build a formidable army. With a stout smile, yet a hoarse voice that barely restrained her tempestuous emotions, Alice wailed that she - 'the other Alice', had stolen the body of the real Alice, saying 'what has been stolen, must be returned', and that her parents, Selka, Eugeo, and Kirito himself, all longingly wish for the 'real Alice' to be returned. Replying Kirito's nod with a curt one, Alice was cutoff mid-sentence, stating she was discarding her mission as an Integrity Knight, as she started a piercing scream, her hand pressed tightly against her right eye. Yelling at the girl who was experiencing the very phenomenon, Kirito pulled her hand away from her eye, revealing it to be deep red, instead of blue. Eugeo regained consciousness hearing a woman's voice calling his name, asking him if he had a woken up from a nightmare. Eugeo then suddenly woke up from his dream and, after scrubbing his hands against his shirt vigorously, he realized that the moisture he was wiping onto his shirt was just his sweat, instead of blood. Behind him, stood a circular bed with four golden posts that held up a canopy, from where violet draping fell from. Wondering if he could win against the sleeping being, his hand searched his waist for his beloved sword, which turned out to be absent. Before the message of the distant voice reached his consciousness, the sleeping woman's eyes slowly fluttered open, revealing a set of enchanting silver eyes.
Kirito started wondering about what had happened to Eugeo and, towards that, Alice commented that he must be on a lower floor, because he could not defeat Bercouli. As they entered the bath, they noticed that it was completely frozen, and discovered that this was caused by the Blue Rose Sword's Armament Full Control Art.
While Alice held onto Bercouli's shoulders crying, Kirito found the Blue Rose Sword buried in the ice and took it.
Alice stopped climbing after reaching the 95th floor again for Kirito to catch his breath and device a strategy to face Chudelkin. Before Kirito could react, Alice had already rushed towards Chudelkin, grabbed him and pointed her sword towards him. Fairy Dance (?????????, Fearyi Dansu?) is the 3rd book in the Sword Art Online Light Novel series, published on December 10, 2009. Kirito returns from «Sword Art Online» (SAO), only to find that Asuna (along with 300 people) is still asleep, and has been seen in a new game, «ALfheim Online» (ALO).
Two months have passed since Kazuto returned to the real world; after watching Suguha performing her daily exercises with her shinai, he challenges her for a match at their family dojo. After considering about re-practicing kendo alongside with Suguha, Kazuto remembers he had to visit Asuna, who had still not awoken after the events of SAO.
Over the next few days, Kazuto received an email from Agil (Andrew Gilbert Mills) with an in-game screen shot of Asuna in a golden cage. In ALfheim Online, two Sylph fairies were resting after flying; Leafa and Recon are friends in real life who just started playing ALfheim Online. After logging out, Suguha sat in her room, thinking about Kirito, and how she wanted to duel him.
Playing as Leafa in ALO, Suguha was in shock by the fact that the player: Kirito had such pitiful equipment. Sugou, in game as Oberon, told Asuna about his meeting with Kazuto in her ward and his reason for trapping Asuna here was to secure a position in RECT.
Playing as Leafa in ALO, Suguha was awe-struck by Kirito's swordsmanship as he cuts down a group of monsters without much difficulty.
After bribing the last Salamander mage with many items that Kirito acquired from his rampage, along with the Intel from Recon, Leafa learns about Sigurd's betrayal, as well as that a large Salamander army is planning to invade the alliance meeting of the Sylphs and the Cait Sith race. Once they had located the 68 Salamander players and the 14 Sylph and Cait Sith players, Kirito intervenes by claiming that he was the representative of the Spriggan-Undine Union. Meanwhile, Asuna patiently waited until she had fully memorized the passcode for her prison gate. While in the Light Novel, Kirito was able to learn on his own that Suguha was not his real sister, he was not aware of this within the Web version of the story.
In the Web version of the story, it was 2000 people who were trapped within ALO, as opposed to 300.
In the Light Novel, Sugou states that the wedding between him and Asuna was to take place in one week. I had heard reference to this Light Novel (LN) series before, but never heard for or against it.
If you've seen the tv series, this short story is episode two, when they're going to go after the first boss on the first floor.
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It attempts to cover all the events that happened in SAO in the order that it happened from the 1st floor all the way up to when they finally clear the game. It greatly expands on the original and each volume showcases some issues with either the Nervgear or the new SAO world. If you have not read SAO before, Progressive is also a good place to start and eliminates the problems that arise from events being out of order when you start a story near the climax.
This has enabled the story to progress without fear of having limit on the length of the book.
Just the art cover and its colors left me wetting my appetite with each time I looked at the novel cover. I will probably get those books when they do release, but having a release schedule of 1 book per year is going to be hard to review the series as a whole. One day they are requested by their valets to help another valet who is being made to do embarrassing tasks.
After Ronye Arabel and Tiese Shtolienen left the room with the bag of honey pies given to them by Kirito, Kirito asked Eugeo if he would like to practice.
He decided to strike a practice log, while considering the words of Kirito regarding the strength of one's sword. While eating lunch they asked for their help, explaining that Humbert had been requesting strange things from his valet, who was Ronye and Tiese's friend, to the point of making her cry all night long. Kirito decided to hurry to the trainee dorms by rushing out the window, and had Eugeo wait in the room in case they show up. With Tiese's last scream before they were just about to commit the deed, Eugeo finally built up the willpower to go against the rules and swung his sword at the two. She treated Eugeo's eye and told them words of farewell before taking them to the practice arena, where their escort was waiting to take them to the Central Cathedral.
Eugeo recognized his childhood friend and called for her, but when he tried to touch her, she removed her scabbard from her sword belt, using it to hit Eugeo across the cheek, and warned that if he tried to touch her again, she would sever his hand. In that moment Tiese and Ronye appear with Eugeo's and Kirito's swords and ask Alice if they can return them. Rinko took Asuna to eat breakfast, and on the way Asuna saw two males from the Rath staff whom she got a bad feeling from. There, Eugeo and Kirito began to inspect the chains that are holding them and realized that they could break them with their own strength. They used Sacred Arts to locate their swords, but on their way to retrieve them they met another Integrity Knight, who presented himself as Eldrie Synthesis Thirty-One and explained that Alice had told him to wait there because she suspected that they would escape. While on the floor, Eugeo recognized Eldrie and, with Kirito's insistence, they made him enter a state of shock by reminding him of his memories, which were sealed by a strange prism that began protruding from his forehead, from his life before becoming an Integrity Knight. She prompted them to follow the hallway until they entered a strange room with more hallways, all of which then disappeared. During the story, Kirito realized various things, but also learned that the Cardinal before him did not possess the authority over this world as the other Cardinal Systems do over other VRMMO games. She was not allowed to connect to the Ocean Turtle's Wi-Fi due to security measures, and the only information she was told was vague.
He explained that the tomatoes they were eating were grown on the ship, as part of an agriculture experiment. With a bit of persuasion, he managed to convince her to form a temporary truce and work together to survive until they could return inside the Cathedral.
At four mel (meters) to the pavement, Kirito realized the statues were not statues, but were instead recognised as «minions», underlings created by using Dark Arts, by Alice. There, he found no more stairs, but a large white door, which he pushed and entered the large room on the other side. Noticing Eugeo's uncommon stance, Bercouli asked Eugeo whether or not he was practicing the "Continual Sword" style.
Using Sacred Arts, he managed to stop the bleeding, though with his level of skill, he could not fully treat his wounds in such a short period of time.
Eugeo then released the art and stabbed his sword into the marble floor, freezing his surroundings with ice and rose thorns as far as ten mel and forming a field of icicles around Bercouli as a distraction. Shortly afterwards, the icicles shattered in harmony, none spared by the slash he had left behind. Recovering from shock, he told Bercouli that he should have seen the Blue Rose Sword somewhere before, to which Bercouli replied affirmatively, saying that it was at the nest of the guardian dragon of the north which he had killed.
The strange man, while comically laughing, declared that if Bercouli was defeated, it would be considered as treachery against the Highest Minister. After generating a thermal element with «Sacred Arts», Kirito was cut off, while mid-chanting the word 'burst' to heat up the buns, by Alice, who stole them from his hands, and generated a thermal, aqueous, and an aerial element.

After thinking hard for several seconds, Kirito decided to reveal the truth to Alice that she had a little sister, and said that he was willing to tell her everything he believed to be the truth, though whether she would choose to believe him or not was her choice. He also voiced that the one who had sealed away their memories was not the Goddess Stacia, as what Integrity Knights were told, but instead the Administrator Quinella herself, while referencing that Eldrie Woolsburg, Alice's disciple, did not collapse because he was cut by either Eugeo or Kirito himself, but because the memories of his mother were stimulated, though he was unable to recall anything.
Kirito refuted that the depravity nobles hold was caused by the high social position and numerous privileges granted to them by the Axiom Church in the first place.
He informed her that she went to explore the cave going through the «Mountain Range at the Edge» with Eugeo, and after exiting it, she ended up going beyond the border between the Human Empire and the Dark Territory a little. Noticing them, he gathered his resolve to defeat Administrator and bring Alice back to her hometown. Kirito then thought of the ideal outcome: they would continue to climb the tower and enter it via the 95th floor, somehow avoid fighting Alice and reunite with Eugeo - whether they would use the dagger given to them by Cardinal on Alice depended on the situation - then either defeat or convince Integrity Knight Bercouli Synthesis One, charge to the top floor of the cathedral, render the sleeping Administrator powerless, find Alice's «memory fragment», and return her memories and personality. Some time after Kirito nodded his head in confirmation, Alice told him she had yet to believe him, even though she did admit that she could not deny the fact that minions from the «Dark Territory» were positioned on the tower's walls, the fact that Integrity Knights are humans, but, on the other hand, she also could not deny the fact that the main order given to the Integrity Knights was to protect the borders of the Human Empire. He answered the still teary-eyed girl with another question, asking her if the Integrity Knight Order could undoubtedly defeat the invaders themselves, which caused her to be at a loss for words. But in the end, the upper class nobles who practice swordsmanship and Sacred Arts concentrate solely on the beauty of a single strike which would most likely be useless in actual combat, meaning that their only option was for the Integrity Knights to battle on their flying dragons, trusting in divine protection from the three goddesses.
He refuted her by affirming that most nobles would be sunk in their cowardice, however, some high class aristocratic families had still retained their pride as noblemen, and many lower class nobles and common folk would be willing to protect their hometowns and undoubtedly their world.
In silence, Kirito felt a great cynicism, until it was broken by Alice's inquiry whether she could meet Selka if they cooperated and retrieved her sealed memories, which Kirito gave a small nod to. Then, she requested Kirito to bring her to Rulid and give her a glimpse of her 'family', before she becomes 'the real Alice'. Getting up onto his feet, Kirito recalled the scene he had witnessed a mere two days ago, Eugeo's right eye had burst into crimson tears of blood, right after he had sliced Humbert Zizek. Appearing on her iris was the mirrored image of the words 'System Alert' in English letters. With the lower part of his face buried in a pillow he was hugging, Eugeo stood before an ajar door.
He then realized he was leaning against a bedpost, crouching on a deep crimson expensive-looking textile carpet, while facing a wall that was quite distanced from him, which was strangely made out of neither stone nor wood.
He then lifted the cloth, revealing an asleep female with hair of pure silver, and a dress the same color as a «Stacia Window», whom he regarded as too beautiful to be human. Finding himself weaponless, Eugeo considered that victory was not achievable within the situation he was in. He was tired from having to climb with Alice attached to his back due to her losing conciuosness from the shock of breaking her Seal.
Kirito asked Alice about her wound and she said that she could not heal it at that moment and did not want to. As they reached the 96th, they arrived to a narrow corridor leading to the Chamber of Elders.
Chudelkin asked how was it possible for Alice to still be alive and Alice answered that she had rebeled against the Axiom Church.
Kirito could not believe it, but Alice deduced that he must have chanted the Art that allowed Adminitrator to transform him into a Knight. While he was trapped in SAO, Suguha and his family watch over him and waited for his return. Despite displaying the amazing skills that he had acquired from his imprisonment, the body of the former black swordsman was still inferior to the well-trained body of his cousin, and thus resulted with his loss. At first when Kazuto awoke from SAO he stumbled out of the hospital bed searching for Asuna, he found her with the help of a man claiming affiliation with the Ministry of Internal Affairs - SAO Countermeasures Division. Upon viewing the photo, Kazuto went to Andrew's cafe: «Dicey Cafe», to talk about ALfheim Online, the game which Asuna was trapped in. Earlier, Leafa had formed a party with four players to go into a dungeon, however when returning to their homeland in Sylph territory, they were ambushed by Salamanders. Knowing her energy was running out she called out to the Salamanders to come at her if they were not afraid of the Death Penalty. After buying better equipment with the «Yrd» (ALO Money) that was transferred from SAO, they ran into Sigurd, Leafa's ex-party member. As they journey through a tunnel called the «Legrue Corridor», they engage in battle at a bridge against an ambush party of 12 Salamander players. Kirito and Leafa rushed through the tunnel, ignoring the horde of monsters they met on their way as they catapulted out of the tunnel. To support his claim, Kirito was challenged by «General Eugene»; the leading commander of the Salamander players. Heeding to Kirito's threat of a war against the four races, Eugene commanded his army to return and left the scene after telling Kirito that he wishes to fight him again another time. Though, this is likely because the Light Novel also only had 10,000 players, while the Web version has 50,000. But don't think you know everything if you've seen the show, there's enough differences and extra things that make it definitely worth reading. What differs from the original is that they cover most of the story events from each floor (currently up to floor 3). The pull page art in each volume are well drawn with details in the background instead of just a character focused piece of art. On top of that, each volume actually works fairly well as a stand alone story despite being part of a larger series. This has also provided us with a view of the game as its own world, with bosses, towns, npcs, side-quests, and the subsequent struggles of being on the front lines with a rag tag team of low level adventurers attempting to complete the game. You don't know how many times I have stared at this cover art when it was out on a shelf staring straight at me. This novel allows for this new world to become populated by the characters of not just Asuna and Kirito, but by every side character that you came across in the previous novel series (minus Lisbeth and Silica, but they are waaayyy down the timeline), and the book does become richer because of this fleshing out of old and new side characters. They break the Taboo Index and, consequently, are arrested by Alice, who is now an Integrity Knight, and sent to the Axiom Church prison. He claimed that the style Raios and Humbert use drew power half from their own strength, and half from their bottomless pride. Eugeo decided to take action since he felt that it was his fault for fighting Humbert, and with Kirito, they visited Humbert and Raios' room to talk to them where they played dumb and acted as if they had not done anything bad. After waiting for some time, Frenica, Humbert's valet whom he had humiliated before, came to Eugeo's room. As it turned out, they knew Frenica was friends with Tiese and Ronye, so they expected Frenica to cry to her friends, and them in turn to tell Kirito and Eugeo about her ordeal. On the way they saw a dragon, so Eugeo knew that their escort was actually an Integrity Knight. Kirito made Eugeo regain his composure and both were taken to the plaza where the dragon was waiting. Rinko asked what was the matter, but Asuna answered that it was nothing and they continued on their way. Kirito broke the bars using the whip techniques that Sortiliena Serlut taught him and found the jailer sleeping despite all the noise they caused.
Kirito began fighting the Knight just to be overwhelmed by his weapon and speed at chanting Sacred Arts.
Kirito heard a voice that guided him to a door, which they entered and managed to escape from the air attack.
She asked Rinko whether she knew anything about it, but she revealed she knew about as much as her. Asuna eventually brought the topic back to the ship outside, and he explained that it was an escort ship, named «Nagato». Alice then stabbed her sword and created a chain out of her right gauntlet, which they used to tie themselves together in case one of them fell. Kirito, noticing that the pavement was four meters away, while the chain was five meters long, he grabbed the chain and hurled Alice onto the pavement and was shortly afterwards pulled up by Alice in a similar fashion. After a short time, he rose and retrieved his clothes and long sword before asked Eugeo about the fate of Fanatio Synthesis Two. Eugeo replied whether it mattered if he used consecutive hit skills, and Bercouli dismissed the question and added that the knights of the Dark Territory could use them but no one in the «Human Empire» could. In his way, a transparent fluctuation cut through the air - a heat haze, from Bercouli's attack. Bercouli, who was surprised by Eugeo's charge attack, sheathed his sword and apologised for nearly killing the boy in a relaxed manner and then explained that he had "slashed the future" with his sword. With Eugeo finally within the reach of his enemy, together they slashed at one another vertically, and Eugeo's sword shattered - or at least the replacement icicle did, as he had thrown his blade to his right before charging the Integrity Knight, thus reducing the impact inflicted towards him from Bercouli's slash and avoiding being pushed back. Bercouli, refusing to be defeated, recklessly attempted to break out of the ice with sheer brawn, and managed to make several cracks in the ice.
Bewildered that Bercouli killed the dragon from his own story, the crying Eugeo explained how the Integrity Knights had forgotten everything because the Highest Minister, Quinella, had sealed away their memories. Bercouli dismissed the man he identified as «Chief Elder Chudelkin», telling him not to interfere with a battle between swordsmen. She then made a spherical swirl with the aerial element and made the two meat buns hover in there.
After several seconds had passed, she abruptly released his coat's nape, ordering him to talk. He continued by saying that the memories of Integrity Knights were not only fiddled with during the «Synthesis Ritual», but also after becoming knights. Kirito then warned her not to force herself to remember, as it may cause her to end up like Eldrie.
She was sure that she had said the name before, and that her mouth, throat and heart remembered the name, despite the fact she could remember neither her face nor her voice, whispering that she had called out the name before day after day, night after night, whispering that she did have a family out there beneath the night skies.
He then realized, the reason behind his tears was that, under the assumption that everything went according to plan, the one reuniting with Selka would not be the crying golden knight before him, as after Alice's memories of her childhood were returned to her, her memories as an «Integrity Knight» would most likely vanish.
Finally, Kirito would establish contact with Rath to prevent the invasion from the «Dark Territory». Staring at the night sky while preventing himself from confessing the truth about the «Underworld», he blatantly stated that even the goblins, whom he had crossed swords with, had fearsome strength and brute, despite being the weakest of the creatures from the land of Darkness, and because the Darkness Territory was filled with «Darkness Knights» and «Darkness Art» users, the Integrity Knights would be unable to be victorious with such a small army, even if the Administrator herself would join the battle. He stated that if all the weapons held within the tower were to be distributed, and if Integrity Knights taught the people real, polished swordsmanship and Sacred Arts, it would be possible to build up a grand army within a year. He then explained his prediction, that despite Rulid being a day or two trip on a flying dragon from the Cathedral, the person reuniting with Selka would be 'Alice Schuberg', not 'Integrity Knight Alice Synthesis Thirty', as the latter would vanish after Alice would regain her memories, as it is merely an 'artificial Alice' created by Administrator's hands. Looking at the puffy-eyed girl who stared back, then back at the night sky, he swore to do so, looking back at her with a nod.
That very night, Eugeo explained in the academy’s disciplinary chamber, that his right hand froze and his right eye burned with pain, with unfamiliar letters glowing deep red appeared before his eyes, right as he was about to slash Humbert. Holding Alice's face in his hands, Kirito commanded her to empty her thoughts, yelling the occurrence was probably due to her rebelling against the Church, while wondering who was responsible for it.
Peering inside, he saw a lamp emitting dim orange light, and two absurdly tall beds that stood side by side, with one of them occupied by a person. After spotting several clouds and the moon hanging beyond golden pillars and the glass walls before him, and a circular crystal-embedded ceiling flourished with art above him that held no stairs, he realized he was on the highest floor of the Central Cathedral, meaning Administrator was near.
His curiosity of the identity of the silhouette overtaking him, Eugeo  climbed onto the enormous bed and crawled toward the figure. After disposing the idea of using the dagger granted upon him by Cardinal, the voice from afar returned, telling him to again run.
After Administrator raised her body, she called Eugeo a pitiful child that had never experienced love, as Eugeo tried to argue back, his mother, Tiese and Alice are mentioned, at last she makes Eugeo have a vision of when he was a kid and sees Alice and Kirito snuggling together. After having arrived to his goal, Kirito started to relax his body, but at that exact moment Alice woke up and they undid the chains holding them together. Kirito decided to look for Eugeo by using the umbra element to track his sword and, after following the umbra element, they arrived to the earlier mentioned bath. Alice started to cry and after the tears fell on Bercouli's cheeks, cracks started to appear on Bercouli's neck and face. As they entered, they found spheres with human heads emerging from them and a Stacia Window in front of each one. Chudelkin started badmouthing the Integrity Knights and, later, mocking Alice while remembering how she became an Integrity Knight. Kirito still could not comprehend the situation, but after Alice told him that there was still hope, Kirito made up his mind to fight. Suguha's parents reveal that Kirito is actually her cousin, and that he had already found out about it at an early age. He told Kazuto that Yuuki Asuna has been admitted to another medical institution in Tokorozawa, along with 300 SAO players who have not awoken yet. Upon checking his character stats, he noticed that all the skill levels he had were the same as his SAO character. At that moment, she met Kirito, at first she thought was a noob, turned out saving her life and defeating the Salamanders. With Leafa acting as healing support, Kirito shows his battle prowess against the opposing party. In their one-on-one duel, Kirito was pressured by the unblockable «Demonic Sword Gram» and resorted to even his odds by dual wielding his black great-sword and Leafa's katana. Sakuya spoke to Sigurd and acting as the Sylph leader, she removes Sigurd from the Sylph territory when she banishes him, marking him as a renegade of the Sylph.
Yearning to reunite with Kirito, she whispered to herself that she would do her best, as she finally left her golden prison.
The first floor Boss fight is also shown, as well as the origin of the term «Beater».This takes place before Volume 1's main events. Still an enjoyable story though, but with a little more effort in checking the facts it could be a lot better. They show how Kirito obtains his Anneal Blade and how Kirito learns hand to hand combat skills.
The problem is that you have to have read the original SAO in order to get these references. It is still easy to understand because it follows standard storytelling elements with an exposition and introduction to the current situation. The first book only contains the first and second floors of the game, but just those two floors gives the world so much life that the original novel series pales in comparison. In prison, the two boys realize that they can break out but are intercepted by the Integrity Knight Eldrie Woolsburg.
Admitting to this, Kirito decided to cram his studies, and asked Eugeo to get him some food from the cafeteria later.
After finishing his practice, Humbert mocked Eugeo's lack of form and offered to teach him a proper one. The next day Tiese entered Eugeo's room after she finished the cleaning and told him about her dad's intention of allowing her to enter the Swordmanship Academy to raise her family status and asked Eugeo to marry her if he did not win the Four Empires Tournament, to which Eugeo agreed. She thanked and apologized to him, telling him that Tiese and Ronie had headed to Humbert and Raios' room earlier that day.
As they expected, after Kirito and Eugeo's confrontation with Humbert had no effect, Tiese and Ronye went to confront them and lost their composure. As a result, Eugeo's right eye was blown away, and all he could see through that eye was a red "Error" message in English.
Raios told Kirito that Eugeo was a criminal who severed Humbert's arm, and Kirito exclaimed that he did not care about taboos or the nobles' authority to judge. Kirito turned to his partner and both began to fight the Integrity Knight without their swords. The two then noticed a ship from the large window of the Ocean Turtle, and wondered if that was how they obtained the fish they were eating.

However, immediately after, Lieutenant Nakanishi noticed that the escort was changing course, away from the Ocean Turtle. During their conversation, he asked Alice whether there was any way to re-enter the Cathedral from the outside on the higher floors. Together, they managed to fend off the minions, both being impressed by each other's skills. Eugeo said that she should be receiving treatment, and the statement caused the relieved Bercouli to claim that he would not kill Eugeo.
At that, Bercouli then said that he would start with his "trump card" as well and raised his longsword, which started to vibrate. Noticing this, Eugeo attempted to draw back his sword, but a Secret Move could not be stopped midway quite easily, resulting only in deceleration, and thus his body eventually came into contact with the heat haze.
Noticing that Eugeo had begun chanting his «Armament Full Control Art» and wanting to give him time to finish chanting, Bercouli continued chatting leisurely and continued talking about his past encounter with Dark Knights that were trained in the Continual Sword and explained how that lead to the creation of his Time Piercing Sword from a «System Clock» to counter the new style. Still running, he rotated his body and thrust his left shoulder into the abdomen of the man before him.
The shocked Eugeo remembered, the Blue Rose Sword, unlike other swords, had two existences that rooted it. Bercouli said that the story of how he was summoned from the Celestial World was not exactly logical, but he refused to believe Eugeo's idea as well, claiming that it was also quite preposterous.
The Chief Elder, now skipping and clapping in shrill laughter, complained that Bercouli could have easily defeated Eugeo if he used the «other side» of his Time Piercing Sword, stating the latter would be unable to even lift a finger, reimplying Bercouli's treachery for going easy on the intruder. While wondering what Eugeo was doing at that point of time, he realized that Eugeo had been his first close friend, whose natural talent with the sword was simply tremendous, and wondered if he could introduce him to Asuna and the gang someday.
Next, she threw the thermal and aqueous elements in too and the moment she touched them, she burst them.
She stated that if she found any of his words to be lies, he would be cut down then and there. The enraged Alice did not believe what she perceived as fallacy in Kirito's words, expressing herself through yells.
She neither stole anything nor hurt anyone, rather, she tried to help a darkness knight on the verge of death. He was unable to stop himself from pitying the one before him, who was sobbing away with her back curled up like a child. Still facing forward, Kirito agreed to her statement but he also remarked that the situation was brought upon by the Administrator herself, as she had no trust in the people of the Human Empire, because she feared for the loss of her autocracy, which was why she had gathered the winners of the Unity Tournaments and the offenders of the Taboo Index, turning them into loyal knights. Nodding at Alice's bewildered statement of common folk, he added that recruiting volunteers alone would gather a large number, stating things such as guard corps already exist here and there. Alice trembled with her eyelids shut, muttering about how horrible it was not to only have her memories manipulated, but her consciousness itself manipulated as well. As he reached out his hand, suddenly, a voice from afar commanded him not to, and to flee from the being before him. Administrator spoke and Eugeo returned to the top floor of the Central Cathedral, as she continued speaking, Eugeo remembered all the hardships without reward that he faced in Rulid Village.
As Alice was worried about the sweat and dust, Kirito told her to take a bath as a joke, but Alice actually considered that and informed that there was a bath five floors below them. Bercouli was glad that Alice had broken the seal that prevented her from revolting against the Axiom Church and told Kirito that Chudelkin took Eugeo to the highest minister's room, before turning back into stone. Kirito asked her if she had seen Administrator before, and Alice answered that once, but she was full of fear.
Alice noticed that they were chanting and Kirito deduced that they were checking the Transgression Quotient of every person in the Human Empire. Meanwhile, Kirito was thinking about why was Chudelking talking so much, but before he could reach a conclusion, Alice stabbed Chudelkin with her sword. On the day of Kazuto's 16th birthday, she attended the hospital that held the body of her sleeping brother; who was still trapped in the death game for nearly two years. Initially it was to believe that it was a lag spike, the 300 some players still did not awake. After adjusting the game to his requirements, Kazuto created his new online persona: the «Spriggan» race character «Kirito». Remembering he had packaged Yui, he frantically looked in his inventory, and found MHCP001, the package he stored Yui in. Afterwards Leafa taught Kirito how to fly, and then watch him crash landed into the Sylph's capital Swilvane, the "Tower of the Wind". As soon as she confirmed it, Sigurd declared that she would regret it and left, Recon stayed in the party until more evidence of what Kirito was looking for was found.
Using the illusion ability of a Spriggan player, Kirito reappears as a demonic figure similar to a devil.
Later on, Kirito confesses that he was lying when he claimed to be the ambassador to the other players. I plan to continue on with the rest of the LN series, but I wanted to read this one first so I could get the true beginning. The solo player Kirito, who's decided to only strengthen himself, meets a rare female player on the current front lines, while heading to the meeting around noon. With Progressive though, we see every major event ever discussed from the moment Kirito entered the game to when he meets Asuna to the moment Asuna begins to fall in love with Kirito. The anime largely cut these scenes out or put them out of context and it makes it difficult to understand without having read the book. This novel also takes time in explaining the workings of the game systems like, weapon upgrades, skilling, fighting abilities, and the inner workings of different items. Eugeo decided to go to the Training Hall, but found that two students had also occupied it, Humbert Zizek and Raios Antinous, who had previously harassed Kirito and Eugeo for being commoners. Eugeo asked Frenica to stay there in case Kirito returned, and hurried to Humbert and Raios' room. This was what they wanted, so that they could use their rights as upper Nobles to punish the lower nobles, to apply punishment through raping them.
Raios was amused that Eugeo broke a Taboo, and managed to calm Humbert, who was panicking without his arm.
Tiese promises Eugeo that she would become an Integrity Knight and save him, while Ronye gives a bento to Kirito. Kirito managed to approach Eldrie taking advantage of an apparent opening, but at the last moment the whip Eldrie was using separated into two parts and struck both of them.
The girl introduced herself as Cardinal, and made food for Kirito and Eugeo and told them that they could read as many books as they would like, but they must first recover from the previous battle. He reported this fact, through a portable terminal, from his pocket, stating that Nagato was supposed to escort them for another day. After finding out that they could enter the Cathedral through the Morning Star Lookout on the 95th floor, Kirito thought up of climbing the Cathedral using pitons he created from metal elements, using Sacred Arts, as platforms. Alice then lent Kirito her handkerchief to wipe off the minion blood on his face, stressing him to wash it before returning it to her.
Surprised that Bercouli only asked about the fate of Fanatio, Eugeo demanded to know why Bercouli did not care about the other Integrity Knights, to which Bercouli stated that those Knights were not his disciples. As Bercouli was finished talking, he boasted that no one who tried to beat him from a distance had succeeded thus far. Using Aincrad style's martial arts technique, «Meteor Break», though it did not activate properly with the lack of a sword, Eugeo managed to push back the large frame. He then activated the other side of the «Armament Full Control Art»'s «releasing» phase, causing enormous blue roses, which bloomed by sucking out Eugeo and Bercouli's «Life», to bloom everywhere, accompanied by chimes similar to a bell's. Bercouli defended himself by saying that he fought with all he had, also declaring that he had been lied to, since Eugeo was not an assassin from the «Dark Territory». After about thirty seconds, the elements vanished, and the buns plopped into her hands perfectly round as if they were just made. Agreeing to her terms, Kirito started with the 'duty of the Integrity Knights' and how they came to be.
Kirito then shouted back that the Integrity Knights not only had no memory of champions of the Unity Tournament, who were appointed as Integrity Knights, but also had no memory of the criminals they had captured.
Kirito revealed that her father's, Gasupht Schuberg's, name and that he was the village chief of Rulid, stating that her mother's name was unknown to him, and that Alice had a sister named Selka, as he had earlier mentioned, whom thought of her sister highly, and tried her best in following Alice's footsteps by becoming a sister apprentice at the village church, just as Alice had. When Kirito reached out his hand to comfort her, she rejected his hand with her back facing him. Hearing no rebuttal from the golden knight beside him, he continued by stating that if the Administrator had believed in the people earlier on, an army comparable to the forces of Darkness would be in existence, but she allowed the upper class nobles to indulge in their lives rather than fighting for their world, causing their souls to stagnate while referring to Raios Antinous and Humbert Zizek as examples.
Gripping Kirito's shoulders, she asked him whether the one responsible for it was Administrator.
Seemingly recovering from a daze, Eugeo instinctively pulled back his hand, and began forcing himself to confirm the situation he was in. As Eugeo was about to fall in despair, he tried to remember Tiese and Alice, but at the end, their memories got covered in darkness and Eugeo is enticed by Administrator as he calls a Sacred Art to remove his Fluctlight's core protection.
After a while, Alice made up her resolve and started ascending the stairs with Kirito following her while carrying the two swords. After she watched how the Elders were treated, Alice became shocked and decided to kill them to relieve them of that kind of life, but, just as she was about to stab her sword into one of them, a voice was heard.
After Alice arrived, they deduced that they could only enter the 100th floor through an elevator, which Alice activated with a Luminous element, but before they could ride the platform, another Integrity Knight appeared. Kirito tried to give the Blue Rose Sword to Alice, but Eugeo snatched it with an Incarnation Art, while Alice explained to Kirito what happened, Eugeo prepared himself to fight and entered the stance to perform «Sonic Leap».
Upon visiting Asuna, he met Yuuki Shouzou, Asuna's father who is also CEO of the electronics company RECT, and Sugou Nobuyuki, Asuna's fiance.
The game should have brought Kirito to the Spriggan hometown, however it freezes and to his surprise, the game suddenly drops him to the unknown void. Upon using the item, Yui appears as a small «Navigation Pixie», who then began to explain that ALO was a copy of SAO, which explained the reason of his high leveled skills.
After Leafa reunited herself with Recon, Kirito explained to her that he needed to get to the top of the World Tree to see someone.
In this Devil form, Kirito wreaks havoc onto the Salamanders, inflicting fear and slaughtering the group members one by one. While talking to the two leaders, Kirito voluntarily gave them a large, heavy bag of Yrd to help pay the funding for the World Tree raid. It is possible to start reading from book two and be able to understand most of the situation along with some character relationships.
After a struggle to overpower one another, Eugeo barely managed to disarm Humbert before Raios called the match a draw. Alice sits on the saddle and makes the Dragon rise and takes Eugeo and Kirito to the Axiom's Church Central Cathedral. Eugeo and Kirito took chances one after another to attack, but they were fruitless until Kirito managed to enter into a stalemate with Eldrie. He then excused himself from the two, and left Asuna and Rinko to eat alone, as the «Nagato» slowly disappeared from view. By repeatedly going through the process of generating metallic element, changing them into pitons, stabbing it into the wall, getting himself up onto it, and pulling Alice up to the piton he previously stood on using the chain quite some time and getting to about the 85th floor, Kirito spotted grotesque stone statues on a pavement jutting out from the wall a few meters ahead.
The chapter ends with Kirito wondering on what they should do while they waited for the moon to rise in a few hours and provide them with resources to continue climbing. Instead of normally continuing the skill, Eugeo grabbed Bercouli by his waist, and with all the strength he could muster, threw them both into the water, which had already turned cold.
Dismissing Bercouli's assumption that he had aimed for a draw since the start, Eugeo claimed his amount of «Life» was higher than Bercouli's, thus he was hoping of winning in terms of endurance.
The irritated Chief Elder stomped on Bercouli's head, swaying left and right atop it, screamed at how he found it hilarious that the Integrity Knights were defeated merely by two kids, and that, minimally, Bercouli and his deputy were to be reprocessed once the Highest Minister awakened. In a bitter tone, she stated it was foolish of him to be optimistic in the situation they were in.
Alice jokingly acted as if she was going to eat both meat buns, which caused Kirito to yelp pathetically.
Alice agreed that she brought Kirito and Eugeo to the church from the Sword Mastery Academy by a flying dragon, and that they were the first criminals she was ever commanded to bring in.
She shouted in a teary voice, commanding him to look away, while pushing her right hand against his chest, her left, repeatedly wiping the tears from her eyes. Kirito's answer caused tears to reform in Alice's eyes, saying the ones responsible were probably the «Gods». He then inquired the said voice, that belonged to his 'mother', on the condition of his father and his brothers. Questions surfaced in his mind, as he lowered his gaze to the sleeping woman, drowsiness came over him, to which he shook his head in opposition against. They decided to find the source and thus, proceeded to a corridor similar to the one from which they came from. What harms the series a little is the fact that the point of view jumps between Kirito and Asuna at various points and it is not always consistent. Eugeo contemplated the strength he saw behind Humbert's sword, and wondered what he could use to put into his sword. Kirito talked to Cardinal and, as he predicted, Cardinal revealed that she was the embodiment of the Cardinal System. Maintaining his hold on the bulk beneath him, Eugeo searched the floors of the bath with his fingertips, finally touching the hilt of his beloved sword once more. Stating that, judging by his appearance, Bercouli became an Integrity Knight at about the age of forty, he caused Bercouli to question Eugeo about how he would know anything about the past life of an «Integrity Knight». Just as the confused Bercouli was about to ask the meaning behind the term 'reprocessed', Chudelkin chanted a short Sacred Art at a piercing pitch, causing the former to appear as if he was turning to stone. He replied that it was still possible to create more pitons, which he carefully referred to as wedges, to climb, and mentioned that he was hungry. She then offered him one of the steam emitting buns and they then devoured their buns, Kirito in three bites, and Alice in four.
Kirito responded that Integrity Knight Deusolbert Synthesis Seven had no memory about the fact that he had brought the young Alice with his own hands from Rulid Village in the northern outskirts to the church. Alice then shouted to the skies that she was not a puppet and she refused to be controlled.
At the end of this corridor, they found another room, which one was filled with gold objects and toys, among which they found Chudelkin. She took Kirito to another room and on the way he realized that she wanted to discuss something Eugeo could not hear. Piercing the bottom of the pool with his blade, he continued to use his sword to freeze the area around him, using the power of the recollected memories he had seen in the Great Library Room. Chudelkin, turning to Eugeo, mentioned he had found a very useful pawn, while Eugeo, calling out Kirito's and Alice's names, lost consciousness.
He restated that half of the knights were tournament champions, adding that remaining half were humans brought to the cathedral as criminals. Wishing for the Blue Rose Sword to grant him power, he activated the second phase of the «Armament Full Control Art», the «releasing» phase.
People who possessed a will firm enough to oppose the Taboo Index would possess unmatched power when turned into Integrity Knights, thus the Administrator could kill two birds with one stone. Cardinal had told him he was not ready for the second stage yet, but he had no choice and was confident that it would work for him. The sword violently shook, and instantaneously, the waters had frozen while rippling in just seconds, trapping the two within layers upon layers of frost.

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