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I think if we do proceed, we will more than likely NOT find out little baby's sex so we aren't disappointed and have a true mystery in our life! There's another Chinese Gender predictor chart that calculates your lunar age and that one was right with all three kids! The chart, which based on the Chinese lunar calendar, can be used for predicting as well as selecting baby’s gender, with a high successful rate.
If you knew my husband you would know that 2 years ago, 1 year ago this would be a HELL NO kinda conversation. When Saturn was on her 11th house and Jupiter was on her 5th house, she got blessed with a baby girl on Nov 16, 2011.

This tool converts Gregorian calendar month and date to their Chinese (Lunar) counterparts .
It also calculates your lunar age which is essential for the Chinese gender chart and various Chinese fortune telling methods. Body changes, moon observation, simple calculation, ancient literatures, urine tests, pendulum tests …. You are going to be a gender prediction expert after learning these simple at-home gender predictors.
Examin the Gender Chart with Hollywood CelebritiesHow accurate is the chinese gender chart?

They could be a hints of your baby gender, or they could be reflections of of some underlying issues caused by pregnancy.

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