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What are the meanings of regular playing cards when they are normal and inverted in a tarot card reading? Question : What are the meanings of regular playing cards when they are normal and inverted in a tarot card reading?
I am trying to learn how to learn how to do tarot card readings with regular playing cards, but every website I have gone to so far have not said what the inverted meanings of all the cards are. Divination with playing cards is called Cartomancy, give it a google & you will find many sites that will give you card details.
Since 2006, Kablan trained & corresponded with Kahunas, Psychic Masters, and Energy Experts, including Dr.
Update on this spread – trying it out on a couple of willing guinea-pigs, it has continued to be very powerful. This is a big spread – both in terms of numbers of cards and its subject-matter, which is a pretty comprehensive life path spread. Learner readers set great store by different spreads, but in fact the more you read, the more you’ll find that one or two spreads will do. As a professional reader, I mainly use two spreads – the Celtic spread (both full and truncated), and a three card spread, the positions of which are identified beforehand (usually covering relationship, career, family or health). I use the Celtic spread for invaluable background information on the main issue or issues the client brings to the reading. The first thing you need to decide is which spread you want: they range from the Celtic spread to a three-card spread, or even a single card. Most of the remaining options are fairly obvious: you can choose to enter your name or remain anonymous. At the moment there are no facilities for printing or storage, so if you wish to make a note of the cards, you can highlight the whole reading and copy and paste it into a Word document. Today, for example, I drew three cards for the presenting issue of the week, and got Queen of Swords and the High Priestess, both reversed. The Celtic Cross is an old and trusted spread which gives a good background to a second spread. This spread can be followed by the Three by Three spread – which I use to offer the client a choice between specific questions, or different aspects of his or her life. With the Three by Three Spread, people often will place three cards down and read them as Past, Present, Future. The second row will be ‘Anything you need to do right now about your relationship, or your work’ etc.
The third row can be ‘Helpful influences’, or ‘what you should not do now’, or anything relevant to the client – use your discretion but make the intention clear before you draw the cards. Extra rows can of course be added in if you think of other aspects of the question… In the diagram (above) I’ve given two alternative rows 7,8,9, but nothing is fixed in this spread, just go for it. A friend and I have been running workshops together for a few years – she is a shamanic practitioner and teacher who facilitates workshops on storytelling, journeying, and the Tarot. We have now taken this idea one stage further, in recent workshops on The Major Arcana (in Harrow, London).
We also held a day’s workshop on the Minor Arcana, and will be running more of both in the New Year.
How predictions are done by classical astrology and the complete horoscope, with many examples. This book shows you what your horoscope says about your health, according to the old tradition of medical astrology. Qi, prana, spirit, ruach, pneuma, and many other life forces around the world explained and compared, by Stefan Stenudd.
The Tarot card deck consists of two parts - the Major Arcana (also called Trumps) with 22 cards, and the Minor Arcana with the remaining 56 cards in four suits. Each Major Arcana card of the Tarot can be described as an archetype, a symbolic figure or situation of great significance and meaning in human thought and culture. Some of the Tarot Major Arcana cards are easily recognizable and their meanings are intuitively clear to just about anyone familiar with Western culture and tradition. Other Major Arcana cards of the Tarot may be slightly less familiar to modern minds, such as the Chariot, the Wheel of Fortune, and the Hanged Man.
In Tarot divination you should pay particular attention to Major Arcana cards appearing in your spread.
The Tarot's Major Arcana cards don't bother with everyday events and people you meet daily. Great resources at your disposal, but constrain yourself since it's possible to have too much. A friend whose cards I read recently was querying why her reading hadn’t warned her about the problems with her relationship, which appeared a few weeks after her reading. After thinking about this, I wondered if perhaps we should have asked a few more searching questions – one of them being the likely outcome of the next few months.

If there is one card in the deck that represented the ultimate act of faith, it would be the Hanged Man. When The Hanged Man appears upright in your Tarot spread, it may be likely that you need to take a moment to pause. On a more positive note, The Hanged Man reversed can indicate new movement that can transform in your life.
For more information about The Hanged Man tarot card meanings in relationship readings, visit our Love Tarot section.
This entry was posted on Wednesday, April 28th, 2010 at 10:30 am and is filed under Major Arcana Cards, Tarot Card Meanings. I know it would be a lot easier to just go out and buy a regular deck of tarot cards, but my parents refuse to allow me to get them. You can also create your own spreads – as long as you identify the positions clearly (and remember them), the cards will fit those positions. If you choose the three card spread, identify what you want each card to stand for (Past, Present, Future; or Advantages, Disadvantages, Outcome, would be useful categories. You can choose to read with Major Arcana only, which is probably not a good idea for a large spread.
In a few weeks’ time we hope to give you the facility for both storage and print, so watch this space. Bear in mind the Devas are higher level energies and although they often give very grounded and specific advice, asking them about financial matters or whether your relationship will work, is probably not the best use of their power. Most readers today see the tarot as a tool to look at general trends and underlying issues in our lives, the options facing us, and suggested actions.
Ostensibly based on the Sola Busca tarot, which contains the earliest illustrated minors (and utilised by Pamela Coleman Smith in the Rider-Waite tarot), this is an interesting pack but not strictly a tarot deck as it only has 50 cards. It was a clear warning not to start messing with someone else’s life (a temptation over the weekend!), as it would be a) unwise and b) a deviation of my own integrity as the High Priestess. Positions such as ‘yourself at present’, past influences’, ‘hopes and fears’ all help to focus your own judgement. Don’t worry if you don’t wish to try formulating your own intuitive spreads, but prefer to work with tried and tested layouts. I’m a professional tarot reader and visionary artist, and use my own decks in readings (The Intuitive Tarot and the Devas of Creation).
In addition to fiction, I've written books about the Tarot, astrology and other metaphysical traditions.
You learn what the planets, the Zodiac signs and the other ingredients of the horoscope reveal about many health issues.
The 22 Major Arcana cards don't belong to any of the four suits of the Tarot: Wands, Pentacles, Cups, and Swords. The Major Arcana figures are larger than life, representing different basic aspects of what it is to be human and to live in this world. The Devil, the Lovers, the Hermit, the Emperor, and so on - these are Major Arcana characters we can relate to because they are well-established symbols in our culture, and have been so for thousands of years.
But you only have to glance at the descriptions of those Major Arcana cards to recognize what they represent and relate to it. Not only does each Major Arcana card carry its archetypical meaning, but it also points out the gravity of it.
They appear when something extraordinary happens, something that you'd remember to put in your autobiography. Querying what she needed to do with the relationship, and getting the answer that it seemed really good, must indicate a limitation in my reading (relationship readings are not my speciality), but we were perhaps playing it safe by avoiding a card for the likely outcome. At the end of his reading he despairingly asked me why, as humans, we behave the way we do.
At the same time, we can not yield to our darker shadow selves, the impulsive drives of our unconscious.
This is the individual who thinks only of himself and cannot see the value and beauty of the connectedness we all share. You may have to re-examine your priorities and establish if they conform to the spiritual principals you choose to live by.
Perhaps you are sacrificing too much of yourself in order to keep the people closest to you happy.
In money readings, the Hanged Man reversed advises you that a financial investment could turn out to be disadvantageous. Also, you can learn more about the Hanged Man and the sign of Scorpio in the Tarot Astrology section.
Straight to point, non-mystic, non-empathetic, fast, intense, powerful, skills unusual, unique, and very effective. One of the best (at least in my view!) was produced by a friend of mine and offers different spreads from a selection of tarot and oracle decks.

Although the tarot certainly does give glimpses into the future, we are the arbiters of our own destiny.
This deck was obviously a labour of love, digitally collaged from medieval paintings and using the Rider Waite system. As you grow more confident, you can invent your own intuitive spreads, examples of which will be posted over the coming weeks. I often begin with the Celtic spread to give a general overview of the issues at hand, and follow up with an intuitive spread to focus in on a specific situation where required. We began these workshops two or three years ago with a slightly challenging title – the Tarot and Transformation. Having taken on this powerful archetypal energy, others then joined in to illustrate other aspects of that image to which they felt drawn. Instead, each Major Arcana card represents a dignity all of its own: a character of great significance, a mythical component, or an event of crucial importance. All the 22 Major Arcana cards are archetypes, their meanings obvious to us all, once we're introduced to them.
Several spreads are introduced, as well as the meanings of all the 78 cards and their pictures.
A few weeks later it became apparent that her man was unbearably insecure and was capable of complete meltdown when things didn’t go his way. Our goal is to free ourselves from both the desire for the safety of our past and from the demands of our unconscious, a difficult duality we all face. Images of individual tarot cards are from the Aquatic Tarot Deck created by Andreas Schröter and are used for example purposes only with his permission. Kablan naturally gifted, a descendant from a long line of high priests, born as a Taurus in 1972 under Venus.
In addition, the list in the centre offers a few more decks, (see a choice of classic decks and spreads).
One of  the exercises in the workshop was a movement sculpture, which proved to be phenomenal for all concerned. Also, it gives many examples of symbolic and allegorical imagery within and beyond the Tarot. She wondered if the limitation had been her own thoughts – that is, that the reading gave her a reflection of her hopes, not about what was about to happen.
The Hanged Man’s Tarot card meanings typically reflect the need to abandon our practical ideas for the universal wisdom that is within each of us. In a relationship reading, The Hanged Man can indicate that you may give up a selfish ambition out of love for another person. In contrast, The Hanged Man reversed reflects an unwillingness to surrender for the higher good. Since 1997, Kablan has over 15 years experience working with people in psychic and energy matters. The link will take you direct to the The Intuitive Tarot page (if you want to try a different pack, see below). This book will help you find your own intuitive way of making inspired Tarot card readings.
I have seen it predict accurately on many occasions, though I usually warn against taking a reading as a certainty (given the complexity of the future, all we can do is predict possibilities), but in the reading I did for my friend, the man’s insecurities would have been there, albeit hidden.
It can also indicate that a relationship will dissolve due to the awareness that it is damaging and will most likely not meet your needs.
Selfishness and dissatisfaction have become a central theme to your perceptions and motivations. Some people don’t like the fact that they recognise bits of paintings, separated from their original artwork. We must believe in a higher self that can transcend mundane awareness and tangible, immediate gratifications. You may be lingering in the past or you are too consumed with controlling the outcomes of your decisions. However, for me this is one of the attractions as I can use the booklet to source the different paintings.
When the Hanged Man appears upright in a Tarot spread, there is a strong suggestion that fulfillment and happiness can come from aligning oneself to the laws of the universe. Perhaps, you can explore some projects that you can dedicate some free time to, which will serve others besides yourself.

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