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There is a multitude of ways in which you can retreat and find self-knowledge and inner peace.
Being associated with Mercury, the planet, the Magician is all about logic, skill plus intellect. When the Magician Tarot appears upright then that means you are at a point in your life when you can create new energies and a new cycle of life. If the Magician card comes up as reversed then this means deceit, greed and possible manipulation. You also might be struggling and also having a hard time with being in touch with the current reality that you are in right now.
You have a lot of abilities and talents plus skills but they might not be utilized at this time. An angel dressed in a white garment with blond curly hair and a diadem containing a disk that appears like the symbol of the Sun or Vayu (with a dot in the middle) representing Sagittarius on their forehead. On the front of the garment, at heart-level, there is a white square with a yellow-orange triangle inside.
Avia Venefica states, “The symbolic idea [of the triangle], is that the vertical side represents one aspect, the horizontal side another aspect and the hypotenuse is offspring of the combining sides. It’s said that Prithivi-Tejas is connected to King of Pentacles (Earth) and in the background left of this card we see a crown-like emanation and the angel is also wearing, what appears-to-be, a crown. We could say that this card carries off from the Death Card.  Perhaps the water we see on the other side in the Death card is associated with the water in the Temperance card.
Remember to include your experience with tarot and your correct email address (it won’t be published). My name is Psychic Jucy, a certified professional tarot reader CPTR under the name Abella Arthur. However, as the deck is based on Byzantine concepts and imagery, The Tower illustrates one of the Empire’s legendary figures, Simeon Stylites.
This is based on an icon from St Catherine’s Monastery in Sinai which originally depicted Elijah. The Holy Fool has always had a special resonance for me ever since 1973, when he appeared on my drawing pad when I was idly doodling one evening. Three years later, the deck was complete, and I’d had the time of my life painting it!
I’ll post more about the historic Byzantine aspects of this deck shortly, as well as giving the spread I developed for the cards.
The card for Mitt Romney is the Star (reversed); Obama gets the Ten of Cups (ditto), and when in desperation I asked well, who will be the president in the end, I got the King of Discs reversed. Romney’s card is a Major Arcana, and is usually read as hope renewed after the trials and tribulations of life. And what to make of the last card, the Presidential outcome – The King of Discs reversed? So unfortunately it looks like we’re going to return to an America with a dodo for president. Temperance is one of my favourite cards: an angelic being pouring liquid from one jug to another. Things are beginning to change, largely driven by new physics which has begun to find that paradox lies at the heart of matter,while at the same time, querying everything we understand about matter.
The figure is  androgenous, both male and female, the differences between the sexes transformed from either-or into pure humanity.
If we really take on board what the Devil tells us, when we look honestly at ourselves (at both our conscious and unconscious minds) we can begin to see our own Shadow, lurking behind us. However, if we successfully work through and integrate the Devil, we can continue on through the Tarot Journey.
The Star shows the breakthrough from the darkness of ignorance into the light of The Star, and the self-knowledge that connects us at last to the soul. The Judgment card calls us home, challenging us to emerge from the grave of the old life, into the energy of Spirit. Please be aware of a rather nasty scam in London involving people who call themselves tarot readers.
As a professional tarot reader, I wouldn’t usually deal with curse-lifting, though I would certainly be able to see from the cards whether there actually was some dark energy around.
The person I heard this from was sure it was a scam, but was naturally still a little concerned, so she came along for a reading to double-check.
The Tarot Association of the British Isles is having their 10th Anniversary Conference in Birmingham, England, on the 23rd and 24th July. That looks fairly good to me – the card of the apprentice, of carrying out the work you love.
A month or so ago a Youtube clip showed a scientist predicting another quake, this time on the west coast of California.
At a tarot cafe recently we were discussing the end of times (as one does – nothing like a tarot cafe to get some good discussions going). If you are just learning the Tarot, print off this list of tarot card meanings to keep as a handy reference – it can be easier to look up meanings on a sheet of paper rather than flipping through the little white booklet that comes with most Tarot decks.
Tip: Check out my free step-by-step guide to giving yourself a Tarot reading and take your readings to the next level! 10 – Financial success, strong business relationships Visit my Tarot Card Meanings page for in-depth interpretations of each Major Arcana card.
Sign up for my monthly Newsletter and you will receive FREE updates on my best tips, videos (and even exclusive specials & goodies that I only share with my subscribers! Gemini Woman - Gemini Female, Gemini Girl Personality is part of the popular collection wallpapers. He might try to use the power and charm that he has in order to manipulate you and try to convince you of the type of view point he has.
You might need to meditate to help you with bringing yourself back on track again and come up with a plan that is clear.
A You feel as if you are good at something but might be struggling to feel as to what it is and feel as if you could give more then what you do at this time. Early May to early June and some varieties have been known to bloom again starting from early July to early August.
And in Crowley’s Thoth, Fire of Earth (the Tatwa that is shown on the garment of the angel) is connected to the Knight of Pentacles.
Philosophy, Religion, Long-distance Travel, Culture, Higher Education, Law, and Publishing.
I have been using it (and the majority of people I read for have been choosing it) for the last week, and have been very pleased with how it reads.

As a very Christian society, a withdrawal from society was not only acceptable, it was lauded. When I saw the image I immediately saw it as the tarot Hermit, even though the original did not have a lantern or staff.
That first image opened up a channel for me into the Otherworld, the rich archetypal place of dreams and imagination, and I have journeyed there ever since. It’s now published by Red Wheel Weiser and Connections Publishing UK, and getting very favourable feedback. But reversed it’s more about fading hope, the need for a new perspective and (I like this bit) unresolved pain disguised as arrogance or pessimism. The only consolation is that there are so many checks and balances on a bad president that he doesn’t get too many options to show his true colours.
There is already a Russian Orthodox tarot, the Golden Tarot of the Tsars, but it’s not painted by a tarot user so comes across more as an illustrated deck (not that this is a disadvantage for many people). Certainly, seeing this Elijah has sent me off on another journey to discover Byzantine art.
It’s a journey that moves through the archetypes of humanity, growing in understanding as the Seeker goes through life, and the World card, the culmination of the journey, represents the integrated human, the one who has resolved all opposites in an alchemical transmutation, and now dances in the centre of the spiral. Much of what we do and think is hidden from us, so this exhortation is somewhat optimistic. When that happens, when in all humility we take off the masks, acknowledge our failures and difficulties, and have an honest look at our pain, anger, and fears, the Devil becomes our Ally, as we understand how profound its lessons are. Immediately following that, though, we encounter the ambivalence of The Moon, where (just as we think we’re getting to the end of the journey) our small human reason encounters the full siren-call of the collective unconscious. This level is truly a wondrous wake-up call – the way we see everything becomes more about energy and translucence, and we realise we can finally leave the ghosts of our past, our old ways of being, behind. But the concept of evil and the Shadow is far more complex than this: I see the Shadow being multi-layered. They will offer a very cheap reading (around ?10), probably giving some accurate information, but then will say you’ve been cursed by someone.
Lifting a (real) curse would be carried out by a reputable ritual magician, and would never cost that much – at most it would be around ?50-?75 for a session. She was a lovely, outgoing woman who looked like she would have a very successful, creative life. At the moment attention is split primarily between Japan and Libya, so I decided to draw some cards about the situation. So here we have the Libyan people realising what their role is to be – maybe in the outside world.
Up to now Gadaffi seems to be doing relatively well in the different battles raging up and down the coast, and has been reported as blustery, self-justified, and full of denial. This is the card of creativity, with someone looking at this wonderful object they’ve made.
I can’t help feeling our present lack of vision and over-concern with the material are leading to disaster. Sometimes The Tower reversed is about dismantling a situation rather than having it destroyed. I decided to ask the tarot about this – is it going to be in 2012, as the end of the Mayan calendar seems to have indicate, or what is coming? We fill our lives with noise, with material things, houses and mortgages and cars, in order to avoid that dark place within. Is this looking further into the future, or is it again about the grief we need to feel right now about what we’ve done? At the time I read it as Gaia herself taking a hand in the story – she can choose at any time to shrug and say enough.
Here you can find some new design about Gemini Woman - Gemini Female, Gemini Girl Personality for your current screen resolution. There is a possibility that you are in a current situation in your life which will help you with being able to go after the desires of your heart and manifest them. If you have many things going on it might break away your attention and focus and make it harder for you to achieve your dreams. Meditation could also help you with the confusion you are experiencing and might also help you with becoming patient again. The wind catches the seed and blows it into the water and the water carries it downstream to its new home.   Yellow flag iris lives along stream beds, near ponds, and in marshes. The flower in this card is also connected to royalty such as the French monarchy and is used in French heraldy as the stylized Fleur-de-lis.
But our experience with Bush and, probably now with Romney, indicates that the Americans still tend to believe in pie-in-the-sky: Obama has done a huge amount quietly, taking risks when necessary but being cautious when he needed to be. And a recent holiday to Crete helped, as Crete – in addition to wondrous Minoan ruins – has a host of Byzantine images in monasteries and churches! Even today, in our rushed materialist world, there are a surprising number of encounters with other-worldly beings: angels, devas, faeries, whatever you want call them. With the outside world so full of stimuli, noise and opportunities, it’s sometimes hard to stay open. So the appearance of the deity (through the synchronicities I described earlier, including of course the Temperance card – an angelic being in its own right) invites me gently to wake up, smell the new-baked bread, and revel in being alive. We have Schrodinger’s strange cat that is dead and alive simultaneously, light that is both wave and particle, and black holes that may be both the destruction and birth-place of matter. The different levels of shadow I referred to in the previous post are merely to map out what we project onto the outside world. Even if we engage with our dreams, analyze them and discover what our unconscious self is communicating, it is a major challenge to resolve the apparent contradictions, heal the dichotomies. Following on from The Devil, The Tower depicts a lightning strike of pure enlightenment – the paradox being that we have to survive its destructive force as well as its cleansing power. Remember, always, it seems to be saying, when you encounter these archetypal powers you must do it with humility and as little ego as possible. This is not just a profound change of mind, it affects all levels: physical, mental, and spiritual. As time went on, though, the old pagan gods were demonized and coalesced into one uber-demon, so in the tarot Devil we often see the cloven hooves of Pan (and often his shaggy pelt), symbolizing an untamed sexuality and materiality.
We could draw a parallel between Jung’s dream of the unconscious as a multi-storied building, with increasingly deep basement levels depicting the levels of the unconscious. Can we remember our dreams and see the messages there (our dreams usually compensate for our ego-filled waking hours where we try to tell ourselves we’re in the right)?
She took a Deva card to see what the higher levels around her were, and was very happy when she got the Archangel Michael: the warrior angel, he would be all the protection she needed! John Matthews will talk about the Wildwood Tarot, Mary Collins draws both strands of her highly successful career together to demonstrate how to make your Tarot business as successful as possible, and finally Emma Sunerton-Burl provides a second workshop to explore key counselling skills that will lift your Tarot skills to new levels. The reversed Knight of Cups is self-indulgent to a fault, looks for support and whines when he doesn’t get his own way.

With a sequence of New Zealand and Japan the scientist saw the instability moving around clockwise, and of course that’s the San Andreas Fault. Perhaps forewarned is forearmed: buildings in San Francisco, for instance, are built to withstand earthquakes, and the effect on Tokyo was also quite limited. The four is about satiety, passivity, draining energy (as a description of our current state of lassitude and apathy, this could not be bettered). You can download this as nice desktop wallpaper by right click and save as into your computer. Always know what you are getting into and review everything carefully before you make a decision about something.
The triangle symbol (tejas) represents fire; a masculine and active energy and the square represents earth. For instance, the Tower (illustrated below) gives a very different take on the card – at least at first glance.
However, people kept on following him and asking for advice and healing, so he chose a taller pillar … and so on. There are even books written about the Holy Fools of Byzantium (and Russia, which took over the mantle of orthodoxy after the Empire fell in 1453). Unfortunately he isn’t someone who enjoys talking himself up, and the GOP is very good at talking him down. And resistance in our everyday lives means we sleep badly, get ill, fight with our family and friends, project everything outwards.
No wonder The Devil has flies buzzing around his head (Lord of the Flies), and is testing the limits of his mental cage. We have integrated all aspects of ourselves, and are drawn up into … something truly ineffable. For a start I dislike this polarised way of thinking which tends to be very damaging, enabling us to project what we don’t like in ourselves onto others. Our amazing minds make us vulnerable to fear, greed, and envy, and out of that can emerge the darkest of all energies. He may look impressive and strong when you first meet him but he’s really a broken reed.
The situation with the reactors and leaking radioactivity has stabilised – even with the latest earthquake danger, but there is still a real need for practical help, and apparently the rest of the world has been less forthcoming with assistance than with previous disasters.
This is about a withdrawal – from the rat race, from the status quo, and from the familiar.
Again, this is not Armageddon, it’s relatively gentle (far gentler than we deserve, I think).
Nevertheless, it is the end of an era and change will come – is coming, and our only choice is to move with it or fight it.
It also points out that, although we have lost something precious (the overturned cup), we still have huge gifts being offered to us which we are ignoring. Don't miss to check all from this kind of lovely popular desktop background by viewing the similar high definition wallpapers design below.
You are at a point right now to where things can happen because you have the ability to help make them happen for you at this time. The reason why is because the Magician card is a great omen and it can greatly help you with your concentration and awareness. That was all the confirmation I needed, and the Fool and the Hermit were the first figures I painted in this deck. All in all, if my interpretation of the cards is right, it’s a win for style over substance. However, that idea that we can see all and therefore be completely in control of our lives is a fallacy.
At the same time, two small humans are imprisoned by his feet, though they are not in chains. Sometimes we are lucky enough to be challenged, which enables us to view ourselves from outside. This seems to be a basic human tendency, and if we are self-aware we can see it at work every day. For me, what makes evil is a human capability – the ease with which we hook into the Shadow to harm, to pervert, to exploit. Japan itself must be the beautiful creative object, but its energy is being blocked at the moment through fear or concern. With the Nine of Swords, the reversal is about acceptance in the face of pain, a gradual return to the world. Again, as stated with the Hermit, most of the stuff we surround ourselves with is a means to avoid facing difficult emotions. Underline your intentions and your motives to help you with getting towards your goals and dreams.
So the meaning here, as in most decks, is of illumination and power, but it also speaks of human temptation and frailty (the serpent). We can never see everything, nor do we really control anything much – not even our own behaviour. If, however, we continue to hold onto the idea of The Rightness of Ourselves, refusing to take responsibility, we will continue to project all our Shadow onto the people around us.
Below that level would be the slightly darker energies – anger, fear, envy as stated above. If we consider someone else to be intolerant and impatient, it is a reflection of those characteristics in ourselves. We seem to have a tendency (based on greed or fear or both) to slide into the Shadow route very easily, rather than to stay fearless, honest, and unperverted. We can rewrite the future if we change the way we see things – indeed, we must rewrite the future. Simeon chose his pillar after a divine revelation and then found he could not avoid his destiny, or the power that others ascribed to him.
Below that, in the depths, the twisted, applied forms of those dark energies at their most perverted and destructive.
And unscrupulous leaders know this and use the tools of fear, anger, and projection to manipulate us.
On the surface I wouldn’t have called it a particularly creative situation, but in the longer-term maybe it will change things for Japan which has been in a fairly confused state for a while, both politically and economically.
There are huge numbers of us who know things can’t go on, and if we banded together instead of feeling it is all too big and too awful, we could change the world. The only way that works is to integrate the different aspects so that the Demon becomes the Ally.

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