Tarot card predictions accurate

This year, your life  will illuminate with positive thought that would help you  manifest  your dreams! Career: Sudden change of job or  end of particular work situation will give you some room to make improvements. Wealth: First quarter of the year will bring tough and uncompromising circumstances that might put you financially in an uncomfortable situation. Love: A personal discovery will make you confident about your feelings towards your partner.
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Despite favorable circumstances you might experience difficulties, while carrying out your  plans in the initial months, but by mid-year work matters will take a positive venture.

In spite of financial worries, you might begin a new project that would supplement your income around mid-year. Any difficulties that arise or any conflicts that come in you way will not hamper your domestic peace and harmony. Your anxiety to reach compromises might make you thoughtless and take undue advantage of your partners vulnerability.
Do you want to understand what houses affect you and what planets are controlling and influencing you this year? Work towards concluding the old business ventures by following previous agreements and close any deals that have been pending for a long time. If you draw or tap into your energy- reserves, you will be able to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

A negative or a confused situation will logically end mid-year, giving you  control over  a situation.
Indulge in sporting or traveling activities, as that would help you  to channelize your energy in the right direction. Many have been coming to my free chat since 2003 and have been receiving free readings from me since 1996 on AOL!

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