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THE ANCIENT GYPSY TAROT READING SECRETS, THE HIDDEN HISTORY TAROT REVEILES.Learn to Tell Fortune with Gypsy Tarot Cards. The Suit of Wands is a creative suit and often reflects the imaginative and resourceful components to our natures. The corresponding element to the Suit of Wands is fire; associated with passion, creativity, spirituality and power.
In a reversed position, the Ace of Wands can indicate indecision, lack of direction, or a need for commitment. In a reversed position, the Two of Wands can indicate feelings of frustration and anxiety as you are waiting for something to develop. In a reversed position, the Tarot card meanings of the Three of Wands refer to issues of unrealistic expectations or delays in projects. In a reversed position, the Four of Wands often indicates feelings of insecurity and disappointment. When the Seven of Wands appears in a reversed position, it can indicate that you are not up to the challenges in your life and may be inclined to run away from your problems. In a reversed position, the Nine of Wands can indicate that you are not speaking up for yourself or that you are not appropriately defending yourself.
In a positive respect, the reversed Ten of Wands indicates you will feel relief from pressures and obligations.
When the Page of Wands appears in a Tarot reading, he can represent an invitation or news of a new adventure. With the Page of Wands in a reversed position it is important not to be impulsive in your decisions. The Knight of Wands is all about movement, energy and action, and often signifies change of great magnitude.
The Knight of Wands in reverse can indicate that you are being hasty or are not following through on your intentions.
A successful balance of ambition, energy and communication is associated with the Queen of Wands.
In a reversed position, the Queen of Wands often refers to narrow-mindedness and too much emphasis on one’s ambitions.
The King of Wands can indicate sound advice from a fatherly figure; a mature, generous and passionate man. In a reversed position, the King of Wands refers to a man who is intolerant, impatient and self-righteous.
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This introduction to the fascinating world of tarot explains in simple terms how to understand the seventy-eight cards and how to use them for obtaining guidance and insight.
Includes: Image symbolism meaning, reverse meaning, Greek Origin, Gypsy (sanskrit) tarot reading. What is less well known because it was kept hidden for 25 millennia is that Apollo derived from the Gypsy (Sanksrit) word Agni, the representation of the Sun and the fire of the Sun, but the meaning becomes more clear with the Sanksrit word Yah Zus, also written as Yah Sus, used in ancient times by the Gypsies.
Drawing of The Suit of Wands in a tarot reading is typically associated with one’s career and sense of purpose within the world.
You may question your choices, feel unfocused, or have a loss of interest in attaining certain goals. The good news though is that these obstacles are only temporary and success will come in due time.
You may lack the energy and self-confidence to follow through on important financial and business matters. The Nine of Wands indicates you will need to stay strong, overcome current obstacles, and defend your position.
In your career, you stand on your own, supported by your creativity, motivation and strong communication skills. My initial education is from the US so i my take is very practical and realistic with the cards. Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site.
With Sanksrit the meaning and the history of the word becomes more evident, as Yah Zus is a combination of two Sanskrit words. With sexual energy high you can look for a new romantic relationship or new found attraction in a current partnership.
The objective at hand may not be successful due to unrealistic expectations, delays or a lack of initiative. In some circumstances, you may be confronted with disagreements, conflicts or miscommunications. The energy of the Eight of Wands can produce fear and anxiety which may make you vulnerable to impulsive decisions or actions. You may be experiencing a series of changes in your life that are causing you to lose synergy and balance. Images of individual tarot cards are from the Aquatic Tarot Deck created by Andreas Schröter and are used for example purposes only with his permission. For me tarot card reading is not just about reading cards but also counseling people regarding their problems.
One can guide oneself with readings and don't have to depend on others for advice and suggestions.

However, do not lose faith because the reversed Three of Wands can indicate a necessary delay or waiting period. By keeping your goals in sight and not getting discouraged, you should succeed in the long run. In love Tarot, the reversed Queen of Wands can indicate a woman trying to interfere with your relationship.
So be your own counselor, adviser, supporter and learn the art of tarot card reading and numerology!
In love Tarot, your relationship may be confronted with new issues that test your levels of commitment.
In a negative sense, you may be fighting a losing battle that you may be better off just walking away from. For the sake of your relationships and spiritual journey, you must be willing to work through your fears and trepidations.
You may be in a situation in which you did not accurately perceive the strength of your opponent. Enjoy, but remember, the Page of Wands’ exploratory nature keeps him moving and he may lose interest quickly. Your level of self-sufficiency could prevent closeness with a partner or within a relationship.
A reversed Ace of Wands can refer to stubborn and pessimistic people; examine your motivations and interactions in this regard. Agni is known under many names to understand the different aspect of one word, such as Yah-Zus, Purusha, Papo, Aplu, Apollo, the Sun. Your success will enable you to embark on new journeys; take a vacation or holiday, and enjoy your life! All these words are representation of the soul, the self, pure consciousness, and the only source of consciousness.In many cultures the Phoenix which is representing the Sun, who was a long-lived bird that is cyclically regenerated or reborn. Associated with the sun, a phoenix obtains new life by arising from the ashes of its predecessor, rebirth, baptism.
If your relationship is being challenged by a fellow rival, now is the time to fight for your partner.

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