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Learn the Tarot Card Meanings fun, creative ways to understand & remember all 78 Tarot cards!
I look forward to sharing my Tarot knowledge with you and showing you all the juicy-fun ways to learn the Tarot card meanings! In this fun and spiritually uplifting E-Course you will learn how to give yourself and others a Life Purpose Reading using Angel Oracle Cards. One on one private Tarot sessions via Skype to help you hone your reading skills and take it to the next level, whether you are a total beginner or advanced Tarot student. 7 ways to link the cards together to reveal the real meaning & message in your Tarot reading!
If you are looking to buy a Tarot Deck, this is a collection of my favorite Tarot & Oracle decks and books that I own, use regularly and personally recommend. The Tarot deck has been used for centuries to divine the future and as a guide to spiritual development.
Gypsy Oracle Tarot Reading: Interpreting Gypsy Oracle Tarot e-book is a complete guide to learning the Gypsy Oracle Fortune Telling Card.
I designed this class for those just beginning to learn the Tarot, but also for those who have been studying Tarot a while yet are still frustrated with learning the card meanings. I will teach you many fun, creative ways to learn the cards on your own, but I will NOT be teaching each, individual Tarot card meaning.

Now you can learn how to interpret the images on the cards, arrange them into meaningful spreads, and unleash your hidden psychic powers. The first: you pick cards in order to divine the future or underlying existing energies present now.
144 pages tarot book is  a complete guide to the interpretation of each Gypsy Oracle Fortune Telling Card.
It is 188 pages 5.07 MB PDF e-book with detailed explanation of each tarot card of the beautifully illustrated Fortune Telling Card. Each individual card in the Major and Minor Arcana is described in detail, along with the history of Tarot from ancient times to the present.
This means you use Tarot images to access information existing in realms ordinarily hidden from everyday consciousness. The  e-book provides you with detailed explanation of each Gypsy Oracle Fortune Telling Card, explained in image symbolism, meaning and reverse meaning, with 14 different Tarot Spread.
You will have a better understanding of the cards after this class, but learning all 78 meanings takes time! The second way is to use the Tarot as a wise old guidebook, as an introduction to the laws governing physical and spiritual evolution, each chapted consisting of images whose symbolic meaning may be decoded like any other written language. He deeply believes the end will justify the means and this aim is no other then his own wealth, his own happiness.The Merchant card's focus is on success but success that has little reward.

Both ways complement each other; there is no need to choose between those two approaches since both are meaningful, except when the cards are regarded as mere superficial entertainment.
If you're a starter, the Gypsy Oracle fortune telling book will provide an easy guide to understand each Oracle tarot image, meaning and reverse meaning. Generally, the Tarot can be approached like a living being with whom we want to establish a close relationship with your tarot.
Advanced tarot reader will also benefit from the Pdf book, as it will provide a you with a new perspective, the Gypsy way of reading tarot card.
If you're a starter, this tarot book is easy to understand and you will learn how to read each tarot image, meaning and reverse meaning. The card is warning, that's good to be vigilant, and assertive in who we decide to place our trust. Whilst if you are an advanced tarot reader you can benefit from this book by seeing the Biedermeier Tarot from a new perspective.

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