Tarot card the fool (freedom)

If you seek to understand more of the Fool's journey, you will want to read The Fool's quotes as well as quotes about The Way of Wisdom. Coloring Pages for children is a wonderful activity that encourages children to think in a creative way and arises their curiosity.
Just popping in to share some Tarot chat with you and to let you know I have not forgotten my blog followers. I have been swept up in all the preparations that are necessary for me to complete before I leave Australia. This gorgeous art by Beth Spencer says to me “ The Fool meets Halloween” and seems just puuuuuurfect for this blog given the timing and my topic. Along with an image of the Coleman Rider Wait Fool (1) I’ve shared with you some of my favourite Fools.
Choose The Fool as a card to meditate on if you wish to open your heart, be more courageous, set fire to your creative muse and embrace the longing of the inner child.
June of 1988 was a time of unrest in Haiti, for Murielle Landry, it was a time to brave the waters of the Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico in a bid for freedom in the United States. Her story takes her to Biloxi, Mississippi, and from there on her flight further north out of the port city beyond St. Mathieu would live his younger life believing himself to be the bastard child of some Haitian revolutionary either defending president Manigat or in the coup itself, but either way fighting for something they believed in and either way his eyes being on Haiti and never really on his school work. By the time high school would come around, Mathieu would be more of the class clown than the good student and associating more with the wrong crowd.
Prison, however, would settle the score on his true lineage where one night he would receive a strange calling from his real father – Papa Legba, sometimes known as St. He would travel by foot, experimenting with the items and coming to learn these were gifts from his father and instruments to help him as a scion of Legba. The Assegai of Usefulness (2 Dots - +1L, Unique - Always Returns to Weilder – uses Yaomitl stats). Loser’s Marker (3 Dots - Purview (sky), Adds Legend to Dex+Thrown, Adds +1 to wielder’s DV). The Monocle of D’mvey and the Seven Dead Monkeys (3 dots - Summon Followers, One Random Thought One Person Line of Sight, Regenerate one destroyed zombie monkey once per day) – D’mvey was a hoodoo man that was said to be a scion of Baron Samedi. Lost Tarot from the Deck Which Stands Alone – Fool’s Card (3 Dots - Purview (Pyschopomp), Contact Guide, Contact Cell Phone). It is pure coincidence there is a brand with that name, for this is a brand new expedition but it originates from somewhere higher ..

It is an educational tool and is considered an important contribution to a child's development. Fleeing the country on the 18th, it would happen on the 19th that Henri Namphy would overthrow the presidency in a coup d’etat – he himself would be overthrown in September by a military regime that would last in effect for the next several years. Martin between rural Mississippi and the wildlife areas of the De Soto National Park and the Little Biloxi State Wildlife Management Center. At times he would be labeled as a delinquent and troublemaker other times a lackadaisical day dreamer.
From breaking into buildings and stealing cars to dealing drugs, Mathieu seemed to be involved in this as much as he could. However, else times when money was scarce (or tourism was at a low), he was a down right con man, having no problem hustling and lying for money as suited his needs. This Assegai is a short spear of the Yoruba not quit the typical hand spear used in melee combat but certainly not the length of a typical long spear either.
The Farflinger of Legba is an atlatl that seems to fit well with the assegai of the Yoruba. D’mvey had a falling out with the Baron over the creation of monkey zombies that were somewhat better than human zombies. This is a Fool’s Card that doesn’t seem to match any contemporary tarot deck known to be in existence.
Beyond the educational virtues, coloring sessions allow us, the adults, a little peace and quiet while the boy or girl enjoy coloring.
Here between the smaller cities of Wiggins and McHenry, should would eventually set up shop as the local Mambo for residents who still believed in the vodoun practices and beliefs carried over on the ships some four hundred years ago.
His teachers also knew when he put his mind to something he would excel at it, but knew that much of the time he rarely had his mind at school for some reason. There wasn’t much of this activity in his rural area, but if it was around, it was certain his name would be involved with it. This combined with his criminal inclinations would eventually land him in jail and then in prison. Over a laugh at the predicament his son was in and the revelation that he was indeed his father, Legba would set Mathieu free from prison, putting his feet forward on a quest towards New York City for unexplained reasons.
The random items were in very good service compared to the dilapidated hut and thus Mathieu chose to keep these items as well.
This Farflinger grants the scion access to the Sun purview as well as grants increased accuracy and range to any missile that can be loaded and launched from the device.

The details of who really lost the game has slipped through the cracks of time but this relic has been known to be given to scion’s of Legba. The baron and other members of the Ghede family of Lao had no control over the monkey zombies, only the wielder of this monocle had that power.
AT his feet is hidden a rose with a measuring stick, a bud hidden within the rocky stone that has the same look of layers in Fool's Gold. Not to mention the result: coloring pages for preschoolers are proudly presented at the nursery, kindergarten or even grandma and grandpa's living room!
Please note the images are not hosted on our servers, hence some of the images might not download. Aside from the spear and the atlatl, they included an red arm garter, a brass monocle, and one tarot card (the Fool). Originally wielded by the Yoruba hero Kosoko it was granted the ability to return to its owner after Kosoko suffered a defeat against a scion of Kalfu. Speculation is that Shango was the loser, hence this relic of Legba grant’s his scions access to the sky purview.
The Ghede could not assist these spirits into the afterlife and it remains something of an enigma amongst the voodoo Lao over the existence of these zombies and how they remain animated. Whether this is a true complete deck or a reference to the Fool’s Card itself which stands alone is unknown. If you like to completely remove your website from our search engine index, please follow the instructions below, "Remove from Index". This item also has the ability to, once per day, pick up on the next random though to come out of someone’s mind within line of site of the wielder. The wielder can contact their guide once per week regardless of any intervening circumstance – this works like a telepathic link. Secondary to this, the card can be used to contact any cell phone so long as the wielder of the card knows the individual they are trying to contact.
They do not have to know the cell phone number or the location of the person they are trying to contact – the mysterious Fool’s Card will do this work for them.

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