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The striking, fascinating artwork in this deck was created by the famous occultist and Golden Dawn member, Aleister Crowley.
In spite of the bad rap this deck sometimes receives (perhaps because it is preceeded by the reputation of its infamous creator), for me there is no other deck that provides me with such profound clarity and accurate guidance in readings. When I saw this the complete deck for the first time in a local Metaphysical store, its flaming intensity scared me.
My name is Kate Hill (also known as Solandia) and I'm a Tarot reader, deck collector, and lifelong student of the beauty and diversity of Tarot cards.
I created Aeclectic in 1996 to share my passion for Tarot with the world, and I've added 1600 decks over the years.
Horoscope signs and readings can be customized into a daily or weekly reports tapered to your particular needs and have your guide focus all aspects of life.
Career and MoneyYour horoscope sign can reveal a lot regarding your attitude towards money, how you spend it, save it and even how you make it. Love and RomanceIf you're single you can get a heads up on what's in stars for your love life, when you're going to meet the right person as well as whom you're most compatible with. The Zodiac and its Connection to Our IndividualityThis system of understanding today's horoscope signs and readings extended over as apparent influencing factors in people's lives as well. How Horoscopes Relate To YouBeing that each sign is so different from the others, with your daily or weekly horoscope signs and readings you'll be able to get guidance customized to your unique individuality just by providing your birth date. Gnosis Emporium and Aromagregory carry a wide variety of Tarot and Lenormand cards in our Nashville store. Lenormand cards are a deck of 36 cards with simple images (Rider, Clover, House, etc) with fairly concrete meanings (as opposed to tarot cards, which can have many meanings). I found that with the Lenormand cards, reading became easy and allowed psychic visions to flow more freely during a reading.
This 78 card deck created by Fergus Hall offers vivid symbolism relating to witchcraft and Paganism that make them easy to understand. Ok, so, I heard that you have to be given your first set of Tarot Cards and I was wondering if this is true?

Umm a deck of cards from another mage would have some history and specific energy alright but what if you live in a city where there is none near you to give you the gift?
The vast majority of us buy our tarot decks at the bookstore or occult store and you should too. Having them given to you adds power, but buying them yourself doesn't make them any less better than having them given to you. I agree with raven, look at the cards and feel the deck, the one that you are drawn too is the one you should get. The Thoth Tarot deck is regarded as another classic Tarot deck, but some previous knowledge of tarot would help when using this deck. Though I own and have read several other decks, for the past three years, this is the only deck I use for readings. There is a richness and complexity to it that both attracts one to its bold beauty and causes the same aversion the eyes feel when looking at the sun.
Have you ever wondered “Where can I read my horoscope today for free?” Why believe in horoscopes? If you read your horoscope for free today, this will enable you to be forewarned of possible good or bad affects that may come your way. In the case of astrology, “a look at the hours" is referring to the observation of how the celestial bodies, most notably, the zodiac constellations, were positioned at particular times such as birth times and dates. Some horoscopes today will even take a look at your sun sign and cover co-worker compatibility, explaining who you'll work best with people of other signs. For couples, you'll be able to learn how to best relate to each other from day to day, getting a better understanding of your of your mate's overall personality and advice on how to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings as well. Over time, the certain "characteristics" and unique meanings associated with each zodiac season was observed as having significant relevance toward an individual's personality type in regards to their life preferences, temperament, character traits, tendencies and moods depending upon which Zodiac sign they were born under. Marie Anne Lenormand (1772–1843) was a French professional fortune-teller, active for more than 40 years and of considerable fame during the Napoleonic era. Unlike the Tarot which is enshrouded with deep symbolism, psychology, and astrological elements, the Lenormand cards give straight and simple answers – “this is going to happen,” or “this is the situation in front of you.” They are also clear and concise when someone wants a “yes” or “no” answer.

And Raven is right, the deck you should get is the one that you can feel like it's calling to you.
Just as the eyes can't handle the intense rays of the sun, in my earliest tarot studying days, I wasn't quite ready for the Thoth. You can then plan for the best possible outcome, which plays an important part in making wise decisions in life. Astrology Reports are like having a field guide on hand to help you find your path of success and fulfilment through the twists and turns of life. Lenormand claimed to have given cartomantic advice to many famous persons, among them leaders of the French revolution (Marat, Robespierre and St-Just), Empress Josephine and Czar Alexander. Often, I will use a combination of both the Lenormand and the Tarot cards, consulting each deck for different aspects. How to know if they are calling to you: You keep going back to that deck, no matter which other ones there are.
These questions have a simple explanation in that free daily horoscopes can cite positive and negative events that may happen today, tomorrow or any day this year. And whatever the result, be it satisfactory or not, you have decided to run your own life.So whatever your zodiac sign, it is time to get your astrological star reading for today, tomorrow and every day.
And because of this, you can closely monitor your actions, through star sign readings, to make brilliant decisions that affect your present and future life. Images that you like usually help you give better readings.Its also good to have a large variety like that. Not because I'm into dark stuff, but because the art was so pretty and has a lot of ghosts on it.

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