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HOW TO READ GYPSY ORACLE CARDSGypsy Oracle Tarot Reading: Interpreting Gypsy Oracle Tarot e-book is a complete guide to learning the Gypsy Oracle Fortune Telling Card.
Your browser does not support inline frames or is currently configured not to display inline frames. THE TAROT AND ITS HIDDEN MEANING.The symbolic and artistic aspects of ancient Tarot teaching have had a definite influence on cultural developments throughout history as we know it. The original Veda contained all of the knowledge which was the foundation of the growing insights gained by modern psychology, hence we may call the Tarot, a pillar of universal wisdom. Vertigo Tarot - 1st Edition - 1995, 78 cards, Very Good condition - slight wear of both cards & box. Parts of this bulletin board may not function unless you enable JavaScript (also called Active Scripting) in your browser. This 78 card deck created by Fergus Hall offers vivid symbolism relating to witchcraft and Paganism that make them easy to understand.
It is 188 pages and 5.07 MB PDF e-book with detailed explanation of each tarot card of the beautifully illustrated Fortune Telling Card.

The knowledge of tarot derived from the Veda, from Ancient Greece, where the Gypsies were the original inhabitants until the Gorgon invasion. However, understanding better the psyche also become a weapon of mass destruction as it can be used for manipulation, instead of enlightenment.
The highly advanced knowledge of the Romany, Gypsy people were plagiarized by the Gorgons, was sold on the Silk Trade Route to China, India, and many other countries who had money, which was used to create cast systems. The Tarot imparts its secret knowledge by using symbolic, coded pictures, all of them directly connected to the collective unconscious of humanity.
The old standbys -- the House, Judge, Sweetheart, Fox, Death, Merriment, Letter, and Desire -- are still here, but they have been joined by added images such as Waiting, Despair, Reunion, Servant, Consolation, so forth.
It speaks of a holistic and cosmic world-view, an understanding we can trace back to the Romany, Gypsy people. Whilst the knowledge of the cast system derived from the Veda, to be more exact from the knowledge of Yah-Zus, the Sun, (the sound of God) who sacrificed himself to create life in the universe.

If you're a starter, this tarot book is easy to understand and you will learn how to read each tarot image, meaning and reverse meaning. Whilst if you are an advanced tarot reader you can benefit from this book by seeing the Gypsy Oracle Tarot from a new perspective.
However in their hand this same symbol representing destruction, the enslavment of humanity. At the same time, you learn to associate the ancient symbol of God with evil and suffering instead of the true knowledge which was its original purpose, enlightenment.

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