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For all the parents looking for new ways to make their childrena€™s birthday parties one-of-a-kind, we Birthday Bumps have tons of ideas. Our show first starts with a brief about the puppet characters to warm up the audience and get the kids acquainted about the characters. Actress Shruti Haasan, daughter of veteran actor Kamal Haasan, walked the ramp at the ongoing Lakme Fashion Week for designer Puneet Nanda in an outfit from his tarot collection.Shruti was dressed in a blue toned silk sari with dazzling border and long sleeved black net choli, which was a part of the art of tarot collection that Nanda presented at the the gala event. If the birthday theme is suspense, we include a special activity called tarot reading stall, mysterious enough to spike every kida€™s curiosity. Then let us, Birthday Bumps join with you to make it a memorable evening for all the invitees.
When asked how comfortable she was sporting a sari, Shruti said: "It's one of those things you have to get used to and this sari is very comfortable.

Tarot card reading is where a tarot reader is surrounded by mystery cards, the onlooker chooses a card and the reader reads out the persona€™s fortune. We include humor, suspense and a well-knit story to make the children hooked up until the last act. We have loads of new ideas, fresh talent and the best efficiency to organize the most effervescent parties.
So it was quite easy walking the ramp in this." "It's a very unique and vibrant collection of what I am wearing and what I saw of the whole collection. The main thing in all our stories is that the audience play an intrinsic role in helping the hero win over the villain. It's really beautiful to look at," added the actress who made her Bollywood debut with "Luck".

After the act we have another interesting section a€“ we bring out all the puppets and show the children how they work (kids love this part the most). So, I thought why not make a few cards and if we like it we'll make a collection around it."Colours like emerald, royal blue, fuchsia and red along with earthy gold and tan moved onto fabrics ranging from georgette, soft satin and silk knit.

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