Tarot cards meaning in love

We examine the suit of swords and that can be uncomfortable, trying to look our problems right in the face when it comes time to clear the air.  Unfortunately, if we don’t face up to difficulties they have a way of sneaking up and getting us from behind. Only twice are the faces even turned our way, but in each the eyes are bound and (in?)sightless.  Look at Card 2, where we first encounter a problem and weigh its components, and later Card 8 where we have struggled for some time and it seems no end is in sight.
Then in one card, Card 3, there is no face at all where heartbreak has so obliterated the individual identity there are simply no eyes to see, no ears to hear, no mouth to speak.  In the next, Card 4, the face isn’t just turned away but the eyes, ears and mouth are closed in the mask of near-death as the knight succumbs to his contemplation.
It appears the Fool has abandoned us on our journey at the lowest point in the cycle, as in the black cards of Death, the Devil, the Tower.  It’s a good thing we know the swords are made of tempered steel, forged of heat and pressure to that fine honed shining razor edge, and the cycle continues on to the triumphant suit of wands. This entry was posted in Tarot Cards and tagged air suit meaning, Bette Davis, bound eyes, bull tail face, facing away, fasten seat belts, intellectual suit meaning, learn to read tarot cards, meaning of tarot cards, rider waite tarot cards, tarot, tarot cards and their meanings, tarot cards for beginners, tarot cards meaning, tarot cards meanings, tarot cards pictures, tarot meaning, tarot reading, tarot sword cards meaning, tarot sword faces meaning, W. It is not really similar to astrology or horoscopes, as all its predictions depend upon the card that has been pulled out.
The Fool: Pleasure, passion, adventures, new beginnings, possibilities and opportunities, rashness and lack of thoughtfulness. The Magician: Creativity, skill, dexterity of hand, artistic, self-confidence, willingness.

The High Priestess: Knowledge, purity, intuitiveness, impatient, wisdom, learning and teaching. The Empress: A new development, action, evolution, related to a female member of the family.
The Emperor: Confident, stability, capability, accomplishments, achievements, wealth, related to a male member of the family. The Tower: Sudden, unexpected change, past, downfall, bankruptcy, material loss, end of a relationship.
The Sun: Success, joy, happiness, love, fulfillment, happy marriage, satisfaction, content.
Six of Cups: Renewal of past relationships, happiness and pleasure from past relationships, memories, gifts.
Nine of Swords: Suffering, injury, accidents, death of a relative, suspicion, loss, dishonesty, doubt.
Two of Pentacles: Harmony, handle situations well, helpful message, difficult new ventures.

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The use of tarot cards for seeing into the future started quite a few centuries ago and its popularity has only increased during recent years.
Although there are numerous ways or methods in which the tarot cards can be read, the meaning of tarot cards and what they predict for a person remains the same for all methods used. These pictures are interpreted according to their meaning to predict something related to the individual pulling the cards out and his or her query.

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