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With its bold messages of triumph and victory, the six of wands Tarot card meaning also hints admonishment at loosing sight of our vision in the midst of our successes. Clearly, we've ascended the conflicting din expressed in the five of rods, and mounted a sure footed campaign. In short, the six of wands encourages our exuberance as we meet with support and accolades in our creative vision. Featured on all the knight cards of the Tarot, the horse symbol meanings deal with strength, motion, action, and vitality.
Typically wreaths of laurel are depicted on cards suggesting accomplishment or choosing high ideals over trivialities.
Only in certain deck versions (like the Morgan-Greer shown in the center of the card trio above), the symbolic meanings of armor deal with protection, preparation, and strength. Positive recognition from others is great, but am I still letting my inner voice take the lead in my decisions? The tarot card readers are like magician to solve you problems regarding you past future and present.
Each card’s images and symbolic references reflect the meaning and purpose of the specific card.  A psychic or tarot reader will examine and the card based on its position, minor or major arcana, and the actual meaning of the tarot card itself. Understanding tarot cards and their meaning is a definitely necessity in being able to do or receive a proper reading.  I will post additional article regarding tarot card meanings and guides for your reference on this tarot card reading site. I think of tarot card meanings as a scale of understanding.  In each reading there is a minimum, medial, and maximum amount than can be learned and understood depending on how good the psychic can read the cards, interpret them individually, and draw larger insights reading the whole of the tarot card process. For a good introduction yourself, I suggest acquiring the standard rider waite tarot deck pictures and explanation books that are available in most new age stores. The closer a psychic is to divining the cards rather than just reading them, the more important and valuable the reading will be to you. About the AuthorAndrew Rotta is an author, promoter and believer the art of psychics, tarot, and related spiritual fields. From that point on, the horse always heeds the fevered battle cries from the charioteer calling for action, response, and high-speed drive.

Any advice form them boost you aim and make you careful about the difficulties of near future. What does the symbolism of 0 the Fool card mean, and how does a reader interpret the Fool in an Intuitive tarot reading?
They can feel the whole time that is passed away and time which is till to come using the tarot cards. Use you senses and wisdom to learn the inner meaning of the cards’ symbols and colors. Not that I came in contact with them much, of course, but I’d see them for sale at a local bookstore and stay far, far away. 78 cards are divided in to two categories like 56 minor and 22 majors to represent every emotion of life. I’d read Frank Peretti and other authors talking about witchcraft and tarot cards and the like, and the demonic influence these things invited. He has some kind of respect for the card and he doesn’t think that they are not just like non-living objects.
In Peretti, the demons were real and physical, plaguing people and looking for anything they could find to invite themselves into people’s homes. Because of a unique companionship required between man and nature to facilitate results, productivity and forward motion. The tarots card are the magical world of time machine and one can watch his past, present and future with the help of these magical tools. It helps us to forget all the bad happening of the past day and energize us in working for future.
It is just like a person found seven cup in a garden and these cup contains different objects like a snake, ornaments and many more. At the same time, I was fascinated by tarot cards, curious about these things my parents and others like them considered so evil. The pictures and designs are really pretty, the meanings are fascinating, and the history is interesting.

In readings where the Magician represents the subject, heightened communications skills and persuasiveness are also suggested.
Yet that first night, as I went to bed knowing there were tarot cards in my bedroom, I was afraid. Remember that although the Magician is usually an agent of progress and growth, he is also capable of trickery and deception. I had brought tarot cards into the house, and yet even after a few days nothing was different. There was no oppressive force, no sudden failure of school or family, no inability to concentrate, not feelings of hatred or anger. You see, it seems to me that the way people tell fortunes with tarot cards is the same way people find pertinent advice for their lives in passages of the Bible.
Growing up, I would read a passage of the Bible and it would almost without fail mysteriously seem to relate directly to my life and what I was going through at the time. It’s just that our brains are somehow hardwired to find patterns and applications, and so they do. When I was a Christian, I used to pick one verse and meditate on it, trying to see what I could learn from it that day. The wands stand for passion and energy, and pages indicate youth (sometimes foolish, sometimes innocent and idealistic). Really, wherever you are in life, you can find some way to apply it and have it mean something to you, something to encourage you throughout the day and help you to better yourself. And, if I ever miss having a Bible passage to meditate on, I can always use a tarot card instead!
College turned her world upside down, and she is today an atheist, a feminist, and a progressive.

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