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Although some enthusiasts over-hype the tarot as a means of predicting the future, most true aficionados understand that a tarot reading really only provides a guideline to help you make informed choices as your future unfolds.
Reading the tarot is an art that every seeker must develop, but as you do, your powers of discernment and intuition will grow stronger. Bear in mind that listening to your intuition is integral throughout every step in the art of tarot. Once you have your selected deck in hand, you must familiarize yourself with it and learn to understand the deck in it's entirety. Finally, you must learn to look at the relationship of neighboring cards to help you interpret the reading as a whole.
Now, choose one card from each pile, lay them out one by one in front of you, and turn them face up.
The card on the left pertains to any past history associated with the topic you are enquiring about. This spread only requires that ten cards be drawn from the deck, but there is a specific layout you must follow. Card four: This card is all about your potential depending on the choices you've already made regarding the matter in question.
Card nine: This cards also relates to your fears, as well as how they might affect your hopes for the future. Card ten: This final card suggests an answer to your original question or how things will turn out.
Once you have the deck of your choice and feel ready to conduct your reading, consider creating a personal space in your living quarters to conduct that reading. Using only the Major Arcana cards in a Tarot reading is therefore incredibly powerful and insightful, particularly when you are in search of answers that relate to major life events and influences. You can certainly use the Major Arcana for any Tarot spread (as long as it is less than 22 cards!). We know that the Major Arcana cards relate to Universal energies that are present in our lives and often reflect the deeper life lessons that we must encounter before we can transform ourselves and progress to the next stage in our lives. You may also want to use the Major Arcana for questions that are of significant importance. Card 2 (right) – What is against the situation, and hostilities that should be avoided or feared.
Card 3 (above) – Weighing up the pros and cons and clarifying the decision that needs to be made.
Card 4 (below) – The result or solution, and what may come about as a result of your decision.
Card 5 (centre) – This card is determined by adding the numbers of the first four cards and reducing to 22 or less.
The Circle of Eight spread was initially designed by Charles San, author of “How to Read the Cards”, and was also recently adapted by Mary Greer. Deal two cards face down and turn one card up, placing this third card at the 10 o’clock position (relative to the Significator). The idea of the 22 Card Spread is that you can take an existing Tarot spread and increase the number of cards drawn to total 22 cards so that every Major Arcana card is laid out in the reading. Draw three cards each for Positions 3, 4, 5 and 6, such that the first card of the three is strongest, while the other two cards modify it.
Instead of just using the Major Arcana cards for a favourite Tarot spread, you may choose to separate out both the Major and Minor Arcana cards.
The advantage of this method is that the Major Arcana card identifies the broader energies that are influencing you while the Minor Arcana card identifies how this is affecting you in the here-and-now. Just to add on above;if the fifth card is one of the preceding cards,then how do we decide if it’s upright or reversed ??? I usually do a three card spread, my question is, if you draw a major arcana card does this out weigh any other card in the spread? Hello!!My question is in spread if major arcana is more than 50% , shall we read the question?? If there is a majority of Major Arana cards in a reading, you can expect this to be a turning point in the client’s life when they are learning a large number of personal life lessons and they are really exploring the depths of who they are (as opposed to dealing with day-to-day issues). Looking for some helpful interpretations – did Wirth’s spread and I am a bit confused!
I would be grateful to receive your interpretation of the cards as I am aware that when reading your own cards you can tell yourself what you want to hear – although I do try to be very true. The Strength card is often about controlling a situation but doing it from a very subtle place. There may be a focus on the day-to-day issues or everyday situations, rather than stepping back to look at the deeper life lessons that can be learned. Rylla, the Major Arcana spread is intended as a 5 card spread, rather than a 22 card spread. My question has nothing to do with the Tarot but I just need to know if I am understanding this properly. I just want to ask that can we use both the major and minor arcana cards for the same spread or is it necessary to use one arcana for each spread? Perhaps the best known and most popular method of obtaining a psychic reading is through the use of Tarot cards.

The oldest and most widely used method of 'dealing' the Tarot cards is called the Celtic Cross. Psychic reading Tarot Cards and relationships - Using a psychic reading to help with your love life.
Reading the Tarot for yourself is a quick and easy way to gain more practice in Tarot reading. The Free Tarot Network is a free Tarot reading service owned and managed by the American Tarot Association. If you prefer face-to-face readings, why not set up a table in a local cafe, library or park and offer free Tarot readings? Instead of getting paid, ask that your clients simply provide you with one great thing about the reading and one thing you can do to improve. Listed readers can provide free Tarot readings to the public via email, in exchange for feedback from their clients.
This is an excellent way to practice your skills with short and sharp email Tarot readings, with a high volume of requests coming through each day. Visit the Reading Exchange at the Aeclectic Tarot Forum where you can offer to read Tarot for others.
The only catch is that you need to either have 25 posts already in the forum (so get typing!) or become a paid subscriber of the Forum (around $30 a year).
You’ll find even more in my newest Tarot eBook, “Tarot Foundations: 31 Days to Read Tarot with Confidence”.
Sorry for my greeting as I was a monk during these and searching universal truth inside my body and mind.
I’m a professional Tarot reader & teacher, intuitive business coach and spiritual entrepreneur.
I'm here to help you read Tarot with confidence and transform your life and others' through Tarot. You'll learn to perceive how the meaning of each card relates to your real life situations, and how an entire layout or "spread" tells a story about the current path you're on.
That's because there are literally thousands of tarot decks, each with their own particular style and feel.
This means learning the way the deck is broken into divisions, as well as the individual meaning of each card. You must spend time contemplating the image of each card, as well as memorize it's meaning.
After shuffling, divide your deck into three piles while concentrating on the question you want to ask. When reading for yourself, it represents you and the basic theme of this particular reading.
Spend some extra time contemplating this card to unlock the door on issues you might rather keep buried but still need to address. This space can hold any objects or flowers that have personal meaning for you, or it can be a relatively simple area in your home.
The Major Arcana cards represent a path to spiritual self-awareness and depict the various stages that are encountered in the search for greater meaning and understanding. However, my recommendation is to save these powerful cards for Tarot readings that are of great significance and importance in your life.
We also know that the Major Arcana cards point to aspects of our spiritual and psychological selves. Turn the seventh card face up – this is the Significator and represents you in this present moment.
Do this seven times placing every third card in a counter clockwise circle around the Significator.
There are no set positions as such, but rather a combination of Major Arcana cards that create insight into the energies that are present in your life.
To start, split the deck into Major Arcana and Minor Arcana (resulting in two decks of cards).
It is almost like you are looking at the situation from the high level, helicopter view as well as the more detailed, specific view. The fifth card is the sum of all preceding 4 cards,so how do we decide wether it should be reverse or upright ?
The Major Arcana card will usually point to the karmic life lesson that is being learned while the Minor Arcana cards will point to what you can control in your everday life. BUT, it’s important to acknowledge your intuitive feeling with the cards and so if using just the Majors feels right to you now, go ahead! Drawing on your self-confidence and your inner talents, you can bring order to a situation, without having others feel like they are being controlled in the process. I have developed my own spread that consists of the traditional 10 cards with 3 additional cards or 13 total. Practice your Tarot reading skills from Day 1 and you will watch your confidence go through the roof. You are always available, you can give yourself feedback, you can steal a few glances at your Little White Book (with all the card meanings) and you don’t have to worry if you get it ‘wrong’.
You might be more ‘biased’ or less objective in your interpretations and you usually know yourself too well to ‘reveal’ anything new.

Tarot students read for ‘strangers’ in exchange for feedback and are supported by a mentor who provides guidance and input in the student’s readings. This was, by far, one of the best ways I found to practice and improve my Tarot reading skills. There is a small administration fee to join, if you’re not already a member of the American Tarot Association. I offer Tarot students the opportunity to post a short bio and their contact details so that they can practice their Tarot reading skills.
The best part about reading for people on the Reading Exchange is that they are typically Tarot students themselves and will be able to provide you with specific, quality feedback on your practice Tarot reading. I know of a Tarot student who reads for ‘George’, a middle-aged (and very attractive) man who has lots of relationship dramas, mid-life crises and other concerns that he needs help with! You can use this information to stay the present course, or make the kind of necessary choices to ensure the outcome you hope for.
Until you do, your initial readings will only scratch the surface of what the cards in a given spread truly reveal.
This "charges" the deck with your personal energy so the reading pertains to your own life. The key factor to keep in mind with this area is that it should be quiet and allow you the time you'll need to meditate on your cards. Reading the Tarot cards can certainly help to shed light on these ‘soul searching’ questions, but one of the most powerful ways of answering these types of questions is to use a Major Arcana Tarot spread. These cards typically highlight the Universal forces and energies that are at play and that have a long-lasting impact on your life journey. So, in choosing a Tarot spread that is appropriate for the Major Arcana, we need to keep these aspects in mind. The original spread is set up as if you are facing a court of law and your ‘case’ is being decided by the judge. Eventually, you will have seven cards surrounding the Significator card (eight cards in total). The difference, however, is that the full Tarot deck is used – not just the Major Arcana cards.
Shuffle both decks and choose a Major and Minor card for each position in the selected Tarot spread. OR you could use both upright and reversed, but decide that the 5th card will only be upright. I would suggest coming back to the Minors at a later stage, though, as these represent the day-to-day, while Majors are typically about life lessons and stronger energies. I am a Soldier in the Reserves and grappling with the idea of diving into my career head on.
Make sure you set some personal boundaries such as reading only once on a certain topic and drawing only a maximum of two clarifier cards per reading.
I often needed to chase my clients to get feedback after the reading, though, but it was a wonderful and safe learning ground.
Conversely I think some new readers to Tarot try to go pro or charge money before they are really ready to. Additionally, note that the cards have specific meanings when they are right side up or upside down. This way, you'll have the opportunity to truly understand and integrate what the tarot is trying to tell you. In this blog post, I talk about how you can use the Major Arcana in your Tarot readings and spreads in a way that will help you to answer some of life’s more important questions. Accordingly, the Major Arcana represent meaningful life lessons and offer deep insight from the collective unconscious . However, in an attempt to make it more practical and applicable, I have adapted this spread somewhat. For example, if you use the Celtic Cross, place both a Major and Minor Arcana card in each of the positions. OR if the majority of the cards are already reversed, then perhaps assume the 5th card is reversed.
If you see all Major Arcana cards, then it is likely you are at a pivotal point in your life, experiencing major life changes or karmic lessons.
Put yourself out there and watch as your confidence and skills increase rapidly, right before your eyes. In this form, it can be used for any type of major decision, choice or situation where you want to understand more about the pros and cons and the result or outcome.
My problem however is that for some reason I can’t seem to interpret my past life spread.

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