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Tarot Cards are a consumable item the player can find in the game that are based on an actual real life set of cards. There are 22 different Tarot Cards in the vanilla game and an additional 5 cards (that looks like regular deck cards) in the Wrath of the Lamb expansion.
Possibly the worst card in the game as it only teleports the player back to the floor's starting room. Using this card can still spawn the Krampus mini-boss, so be prepared for a potential fight. Ace Of Spades - A trinket that increases the chance of finding deck cards (the Tarot Cards added in the Wrath of the Lamb expansion). A Card is a moderately common type of Pick Up which provides a special effect upon activation.
They are stored in the upper right item slot, used by pressing "Q" and are one-time-use only. Teleports the player to the starting room of the current level, even if you use the card in the starting room. TIP: This card has little use, but it can teleport you out of inescapable rooms like the Challenge Room and the Mom boss fight, and the damage-upon-entry Curse Room. Summons Mom's foot stomp on a random enemy (targets the player if fighting Mom or if there are no enemies present), dealing massive damage — enough to kill most bosses and wiping half of Mom's own health if used on her.
Turns the player into a demon, increasing damage by 2 and speed by 1 until you leave the current room. TIP: This is the same effect as My Little Unicorn, so this is best used when said item lacks charge. This card will spawn a specific kind of heart if a room forces it (full red heart in the womb-themed top secret room, eternal heart in the cathedral-themed top secret room).
TIP: This card can teleport you into a locked Shop, and you will open it without consuming a key if it does. TIP: If you can, find a room with another Slot Machine, Fortune Telling Machine, or Blood Donation Machine to maximize gambling efficiency. Makes the player bigger, increasing maximum health and damage until the player leaves the current room (same effect as Odd Mushroom (Large)). Removes the player's body allowing flight over obstacles, spikes and pits until you leave the current room. TIP: This card is useless if you have any item that already allows flight, such as Transcendence (as Item), Lord Of The Pit, Fate, or the Holy Grail.
TIP: This does the same thing as the The Necronomicon, and they can be devastating to enemies in the room if you use them in quick succession. TIP: This has the exact same effect as The Book Of Belial bar the guaranteed devil with the devil chance on boss rooms.
TIP: This does the same thing as the Anarchist Cookbook, and they can be devastating to both yourself and enemies in the room if you use them in quick succession. TIP: This card can teleport you into a locked Treasure Room, and you will open it without consuming a key if it does.
TIP: This card can teleport you out of inescapable rooms like the Challenge Room and Mom's room.
Completely heals player, damages all enemies, and reveals the entire map and location of special rooms for the current level. TIP: Try to use this card in an uncleared room or on the Boss, if you need to use it at all. TIP: This is less useful if you have either Treasure Map or The Compass, and completely useless if you have both, or you've revealed the map via things like the Crystal Ball, a Sun card or another World card. The Devil Room acts as usual: it may randomly contain Krampus, get replaced by an Angel Room and will contain a trapdoor to Sheol in Level 2 of Chapter 4. Therefore if you access it on a floor before fighting the boss, take the items inside and get regular access to it later in the boss room, the Devil Room won't contain new items. Also allows getting to the Devil Room in situations in which it would be otherwise inaccessable. A Tarot Deck is a traditional deck of playing cards with 78 cards from the mid-15th century.

The "Tarot" cards in The Binding of Isaac are all of the Major Arcana cards from Divinatory tarot. The tarot cards featured in The Binding of Isaac are likely based on the Tarot of Marseille and the Rider-Waite tarot, two of the most well-known divinatory tarot decks: The drawings on the tarot cards in The Binding of Isaac seem to be based on the art from Tarot de Marseille. Like most traditional or divinatory decks, these tarot decks do not use the more well-known modern French suits (Spades, Hearts, Diamonds, and Clubs) in the Minor Arcana. Therefore, the cards added in Wrath of the Lamb (the four pip cards with the number 2 and the joker) are not part of the Rider-Waite deck. Getting killed by The High Priestess card via Mom's leg will show a Bomb as the cause of death on Isaac's Last Will. If you lose all heart containers and you have no spirit hearts (by deal with Satan), Strength won't give you a temporary heart container and you will still be killed after any damage. On June 26, 2013, nine Steam Trading Cards were added for The Binding of Isaac, with each card carrying the appearance of a tarot card; the cards range from 0 The Fool to VIII Justice. 0 The Fool Trading Card shows Isaac immediately after falling into The Basement, representing how the Fool card in-game brings you to the starting room of the current floor.
I The Magician Trading Card shows Judas reading the Telepathy For Dummies book with the third eye it provides when used. II The High Priestess Trading Card shows Isaac blood dripping on his forehead from Mom's Knife. III The Empress Trading Card shows Eve on a simple throne holding her bird, with an apparition of herself in Demon form behind her.
IV The Emperor (Misspelled as "Emporer" during the initial release of the trading cards) Trading Card shows ??? on a golden throne with all the bosses you can find in The Basement before unlocking anything behind him, representing how the Emperor card sends you to the boss room of the current floor you're on in-game. Currently an early version of Rebirth is playable at E3… we are also showing off co-op there. The only use I can think of when it comes to this card is to get out of un-leavable rooms such as Challenge Rooms or the Mom boss fight. This card will target a random enemy in the room, but if no enemies are present it will target Isaac instead. This is useful for when you want to get into a shop but don't have a key, but be warned that if used on a floor that doesn't have an Item Shop this card will act as a random teleport instead.
If you have the Wrath of the Lamb expansion installed this card can spawn a Fortune Telling Machine instead.
The best way to use this card is in rooms with lots of monsters or against bosses that like to spawn adds. Be careful when using this card as the bombs can push themselves into you when they explode.
A random wall will be opened inside the Secret Room allowing you to exit even if you don't have any bombs.
This card will fully reveal the map including icons (will not reveal the Super Secret Room), damage all enemies in the room, and fully heal the player. This item acts as a combined effect of the Compass and the Treasure Map items, and as such is useless if you already have both.
It is important to note that if you use this card and then find the Devil Room normally (by killing the boss), you will still see the same items (or none if you took them on your first visit). Exiting the Devil Room after using this card will take you back to the floor's starting room. This means that if you have 5 Red Heart containers but only 2 of them are filled, after using this card you will have 4 filled containers. Attempting to pick up a second card or pill will cause him to drop the one he has been previously holding. They act like a special replacement for Tarot Cards, and have a 20% chance of replacing them.
However, all tarot cards share the same icon, and therefore cannot be identified until picked up.
If used while fighting the boss, the fight will restart and the boss will be back at full health.
Also, as with The Lovers and The Hierophant, it spawns these rather than adding them to your life and inventory; use this to your advantage, if you can.

If you have Brimstone, instead of removing the players body it will give them wings (All the same as single-use Transcendence). This technique is best saved for Bosses, though; especially those that like to spawn lesser enemies. This card will open one random wall once inside the Secret Room, so you can leave even if you don't have any bombs available. If you cannot get either before leaving this card behind, use it in the Curse Room or the Secret Room.
Using the card will heal you for 2.5 hearts, so you will have 5 of 7 heart containers filled, and 2 Spirit Hearts.
Unlike a standard 52-card deck, the Aces are usually replaced by pip cards with the number 1. Here the 21 trump cards and The Fool are called the Major Arcana, while the remaining cards with the regular suits are called Minor Arcana. However, this deck does not give a numeral to The Fool, and traditionally uses different names for some cards, also omitting for the thirteenth card entirely (XIII Death in-game). Instead, they seem to be part of a standard-52 card deck ("French Deck") with Jokers, used for playing games like Canasta, Rummy, or Poker. This represents how The Magician gives you homing tears for a single room when used in-game, which is the same effect that Telepathy For Dummies gives you.
This is representative of how II The High Priestess in-game summons Mom's Foot, which also has a chance of damaging Isaac if one isn't careful when using the card. This is a representation of how The Empress card in-game gives you a single room Whore of Babylon effect; the same item Eve starts with. This represents how V The Hierophant spawns two soul hearts in game; The Mitre increases the chance of Soul Hearts spawning. As such, you can only carry one pill or Tarot Card at any given time; picking up one of these items while already holding one will cause Isaac to drop his current item. The key difference between Tarot Cards and pills is that the effect of a Tarot Card is always the same. Because of the way champion enemies are picked, this card can be used to "re-roll" the Boss and try to get a champion version. The best place to use this card is in an Angel or Devil room since any item gotten from the Beggar will be rolled from the room's possible drops (ie.
As such you should first kill the Boss and see if the Devil Room spawns normally before using this card or you may end up wasting it. If used and Isaac only has half a heart left it will fill your first two Red Heart containers.
In addition, it also contains four suit cards with a Knight that ranks between the Jack and the Queen, as well as 21 trump cards with numerals from 1 to 21, as well as the Fool, which is unnumbered. Tarot card names in the game are identical to the Rider tarot, and in this deck, The Fool is indexed with a Latin 0.
The same goes for the trinket Ace of Spades (the Ace of Spades is one of the highest-ranking cards in many games that use the French Deck). It also shows the Spoon Bender item, which also gives Isaac homing tears, and the Magic 8 Ball.
If you stumble upon this card try to save it for the later floors so you can skip all of the hard rooms and go straight to the boss. The best way to use this card is for Boss or Challenge rooms, but it can also be used to get an extra health boost when you are going to die. If the current floor does not have a Treasure Room this card will act as a random teleport instead.

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