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Coins are often taken to represent wealth, intellectual (said to be the more important) and material. The deck is called the Light Visions Tarot Deck and it is a Black and White very detailed deck.
I am kicking off the year with a 31 Days of Tarot Video challenge over on my YouTube Channel which is here if you have not visited it before.
What would you say is your favorite Tarot Card right now (cause these things change) and why? Me sharing my two major lessons in life and business for 2015 and then sharing my top Tarot and Oracle decks for 2015 based on the ones that I used the most. What You Get: It depends on what set you would like there is a Standard Deck which is what I purchased. Impressions: This is yet another beautiful deck from Alex and Karen and it will enchant fans of Alice in Wonderland and the Tarot.
It is a whimsical deck full of character and colour and is another stunning addition to the studios amazing Tarot collection. August 14, 2013 By Ethony Leave a Comment I may be a little addicted to Kickstarter, I have backed 37 projects since I joined and I am always looking for Tarot decks on there. In a recent blog post I used a picture from the Amanda Palmer Tarot which is a collaborative fan Tarot and now it is available and going into print.
This Tarot project has gone off and looks like it is going to be the most successful Tarot campaign on Kickstarter to date. I am not a huge fan of her music, as she states it is not for everyone but I am a massive fan of her. July 3, 2013 By Ethony Leave a Comment While I have shown a lot of pictures of this wonderful deck on my blog I haven’t actually explored it so here I go. Created by Barbara Moore and Aly Fell this is one of the best new Tarot decks I have come across in mass production. Some of the most charming things about the deck for me is the fact that the Tarot is actually shown in a number of the cards.
One of the aesthetics that really resonate with me is that anything Steampunk tends to be a little warm and I like that look and feel of the cards. The Court cards are represented as Pages, Knights (being both male and female in this deck) Queens and Kings. The Aces, which are traditionally a little bland in regards to their depiction are rich in the Steampunk Tarot which can aid those who are trying to learn the Tarot. The Manual is 294 pages long with black and white pictures of the cards next to their meanings for reference. The back of the card is a lovely Steampunk design with the suits represented with their tools of trade with bronze and brass cogs. Even with the poor card quality this is one of my favourite decks and it was really unexpected as I thought that Steampunk was a fad that I was not going to be overly interested in, let alone reading with the cards on a regular basis. June 5, 2013 By Ethony 2 Comments I have often said that the most successful Tarot decks come from artists that understand the complexities of the Tarot.
Alexander confesses that he is not a Tarot aficionado but you would never know it considering the elements used in the deck. The Major Arcana are all titled in Italian but it makes little difference if you don’t know Italian.
I found it a little difficult at first to quickly differentiate the Court Cards as there is no writing on the cards at all. The Pages all have flags and are presented as flag bearers (perfect really for their post in the deck), the Knights all have Armour and Shields, The Queens all have crowns and also the playing card suit illustrated in the card and the Kings all have castles in the backgrounds. Most all of the figures in this Tarot deck are serious faced people there are not a lot of smiles to be found, I guess that is what it was like in Medieval times. The back of the cards show a mirror image in black, white, red and cream which is intricate and stunning. The card stock is nice and thick and the cards are longer than most playing cards (14cm x 7.3cm). The deck comes in a box with no booklet or instructions, a signed card with the edition numbering on there by the artist and extra cards depending on where you like your Strength and Justice cards in the Major Arcana order. If you are a collector of lover of Tarot I would snap one up before they are all out of print. The original Wildwood Tarot has been out of print for a long time and was one of those hard to get going to cost you a lot of money collectors decks for many years. There are some similarities in the Minor Arcana in this deck to traditional more Tarot decks but I chose the three cards below because they are some of the examples of the contrast in this deck.

If you are drawn to the Celtic or Druid mythology and spiritual path you will really love this deck. July 31, 2011 By Ethony 1 Comment The Wheel of the Year Tarot has been created by Maria Caratti and Antonella Platano and published by Lo Scarabeo. I really like the Aces of this deck (pictured below) they are like the elementals for each but more in sprite form. Each card has it’s own title that the artist has given it, for example The Sun (Pictures below) is also called The Lord of the Day and then there are some key words given about the card. There is a bit of nudity in this deck, it is rather cartoon like but it is still there, so if you are uncomfortable with nudity then this deck may not be for you. This is also a VERY Pagan deck, it is all about the Wheel of the Year so that is to be expected but I thought it was worth mentioning.
The last card on the right is also the cover of the box, for those who are going to go hunting for this deck. April 15, 2011 By Ethony 1 Comment The Wizards Tarot is the creation of Corrine Kenner and John J. The Tarot deck is set in and around Mandrake Academy and features the Students of the School (most of the Minor Arcana), the Teachers and Professors (most of the Major Arcana) and the Royal Families (Court Cards).
The book is amazing (239 pages) and I would expect nothing less from Corrine who is a fantastic Tarot author. The cards are very nice and overall it is a great deck, the decoration around the border and the back is excellent. I like the theme of the deck even if it is a bit copied (see negatives below) but that is because I would have loved to have gone to a place like that and I think that the Tarot is a great tool and can really be a representation of the School of Spiritual and Life lessons. I love the court cards in this deck, using the Elementals for each suit was a really nice move. The deck seems to have been very well thought out, there is a lot of symbology in it and it all has a purpose. I really do feel like this is a Harry Potter world rip off in some respects (like calling The Devil card The Dark Lord for example) and I know that there is an amazing artist on Deviant Art who created a Harry Potter Tarot but can not get it published because of Warner Bros. Like in a lot of decks and books the Minor Arcana is not given as much importance and there is not a lot of information in regards to their meanings. I have been working with the deck since I got it in the mail about 3 weeks ago and it is easy to read being a Rider-Waite template deck.
Looks really pretty I am thinking about backing it but it will be quite the investment at $65 per deck plus postage. I would love for you to join me if you feel inspired to and please let me know if you do so I can subscribe to your YouTube channel and or blog.
I have a toddler there is NO way that kid is going to let me record videos uninterrupted every day. I am trying to keep my videos around the 5-6min mark and will of course be bursting out into song on occasion and who knows when a good ole rant is going to happen. If so, what is it, and do you use them alongside the Tarot as to gain more information and insight or as something separate entirely?
That set comes with the Tarot deck, a beautiful decorated storage box and a little white book.
If you know the stories of Alice and her adventures in Wonderland I am sure you will gain a deeper understanding to the cards as they use what seem to be all of the characters from that universe. The metallic embellishments on the card ad such a beautiful element to the deck and they are on every card and in many different colours. He worked on the Amanda Palmer tarot creating this amazing piece of work for The Empress Card. It is so nice to see a deck that actually shows the Tarot as an integral part of the journey through life and that they are being used or referenced at times when they are shown.
While traditionally all Knights are on horses in the RWS deck some of the figures in the Steampunk Tarot aren’t which can lend a whole new set of perspectives for people or just confuse people. Justice also plays with the Tarot showing us the Hand we have been dealt and how that can relate to the lesson and wisdom of that card.
The book covers Tarot basics, The Major Arcana, The Minor Arcana, The Court Cards and Tarot Spreads.
They are a little flimsy and while I have only had them for a little while they are starting to show the wear of being used more than some decks I have had for years. The Tarot deck that artist Alexander Daniloff has created is one of the brilliant exceptions to the rule.
I figured it out mostly due to the fact that Alexander has kept a theme across each of the Court Cards.

With that in mind the deck is a rather serious deck but I think it just ads to the charm of the deck. It can make them a little hard to shuffle and with the card stock not being laminated the edges will fray faster than normal but that is going to happen if you use your Tarot cards for readings anyway. The Time of Bows (element of fire) being the time between Beltane and Lammas, The Time of Vessels (element of water) being the time between Lammas and Samhain, The Time of Stones (element of earth) being the time between Samhain and Imbolc and The Time of Arrows (element of air) being the time between Imbolc and Beltane.
In the Rider-Waite deck the 6 of Pentacles is about contracts, inheritance and generosity or a win fall in the Wildwood Tarot is is labeled as Exploitation and because all of the cards have key words on them, there is not real way around the message. Really one of the most detailed and beautiful decks I have seen in a long time (as there are a lot of mass produced Tarot decks on the market at the moment). There is not a lot of information given in the little white book but it is still enough to start your journey with the cards.
Those who follow a Pagan path or live closely with the cycles of nature will really enjoy this deck.
The first the Queen of Swords looks like Malicifent from Disney’s Sleeping Beauty if you ask me.
They make great Altar Images for ritual and spells, especially at Sabbats and I have used then for this already. There is enough in the book to keep you busy for a very long time, especially when it comes to the Major Arcana. It invokes ancient mysteries, maps of the stars and alchemical equipment all used in spiritual work. The Four of Swords looks like it has not been printed vert well (stupid printers) and some of the imagery is a little gaudy, I usually love The Moon card and it is my least favorite in this deck. There is a Large Format deluxe edition that comes with a Wooden box and a Silk Tarot pouch as well as everything in the Standard edition. All of the Baba Studio decks are on excellent paper stock so that you can shuffle them for years to come without it wearing.
That is probably more the publishers choice than the creators but they aint really listening to me on that one. The aesthetic is not usually something I would be drawn to but it is so beautiful and rich there was no way I couldn’t love it. You are kind of stuck and dictated by the key words, whether you get something else from the card or not. It also makes it interesting as you would have very different associations for someone who pulls the Adder to someone who pulls the King of Swords (well maybe you wouldn’t). The Three of Swords usually depicts a heart which is being pierced by three swords, it is interesting that there is no heart, one of the only Rider-Waite based decks I have seen that does not have a hear in the Three of Swords card. This deck can also be used for seasonal meditation and to assist the seeker learn the lessons that come with the seasons, working through the story of the corresponding Minor Arcana or the Major Arcana. I really liked that they were given their own part of the book and the attention that they were. At least there are no sparkly vampires in the deck I would have lost all respect for Corrine if that were the case.
So block off some time in December and record some of the videos then so you have them ready to go! I don’t know who created the original post but I wanted to credit that this is where the inspiration came from. Likewise with the 5 of Vessels, which is the 5 of Cups in the Rider-Waite tarot which means crying over spilt milk and sorrow, in the Wildwood it is Ecstasy. The Devil, which is about living and usually addiction and temptation in this card is all abut Lust, which is the name of this Major Arcana card in the Thoth deck. The Tarot size of 60 x 110 mm can be handled very well and let you perform all your favorite moves (palming, double lift, several counts).
Just an interesting choice, no chains, no treasure but all about passion and the thorns we create for ourselves. But in fact they are absolutely new and printed on the best playing card stock available (3-layer paper, linen structure, high flexibility, the same that you know from your favorite Bicycle deck).
The backs are marked in a very subtle way so that - if you like - you can easily find out which card is selected.

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