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May 16, 2014 By Ethony Leave a Comment Conducting readings at psychic and wellness fairs can be a fantastic experience. Usually fairs are long days and most are weekends with back to back readings required for all readers and healers. I would like to invite you to experience the benefits of learning how Yoga and Chakra balancing go hand in hand along with spirituality. Imagine having your own personalized Yoga practice and Chakra balancing meditations designed specifically around you and your needs because only you’ll know your mind body and soul. November 19, 2015 By Ethony 4 Comments I have been very blessed to have read the Tarot for over half of my life.
Tarot has always been my go to tool but there was a time years and years ago where took a mini break for a few months. This can happen all of a sudden when you draw a blank in the middle of a reading or at the end of a long day of readings when you just don’t know if you really helped anyone. Download either by writing it out or speak to a mentor + 1 cleansing candle lit bath + glass of wine or chocolate (or both) + Taylor Swift’s Shake it off.
Even if you don’t charge for your readings your time is an important and valuable asset. You are worth being treated well by the Tarot community and by your Clients and by people in general. Most of the time this will feel very organic to you and you may not even notice that you have changed all that much. You will connect to The Nine of Swords very differently if you have ever had an anxiety attack or suffered from mental illness. But if you wake up one day and find that the deck that you were really connected to no longer speaks to you or that you want to look at adding something to your practice then *high five* you are just evolving as a Tarot reader.
This one can be a real killer if you try and spend your time catering to everyone and trying to have a service for everyone. If you communicate with your own voice and are true to who you are and how you want to be of service to others you will find your tribe. I used to read Tarot at very large venues where there would be 15 readers offering different services and prospective Clients could walk around the hall and check everyone out. I have conducted readings at many fairs and here are some of my tips for getting the most out of reading at Fairs and taking care of yourself in the process. Protect Yourself – This is more about protecting yourself energetically as there is usually a LOT of energy in conference rooms where fairs are held. Reflect – Take some time to journal your day and then let it go and be back in the present.
Inspire – Rock out your space and make it somewhere you would be drawn to and want to hang out in all day.
Marketing Material – Take LOTS and LOTS of business cards and make sure that they have your contact details and website and any social media links you are a part of. Have Fun – Enjoy your time and do this because you love to be of service to helping people.

Although yoga is a very in Porten and powerful tool in my process; its only the steppingstone to your spiritual journey. With different techniques you can also learn to target specific Chacras at different times in your life.
These are certainly not all of the lessons that I have learnt but they are the most predominant. Life happens but you can and will pick it back up again if it is the tool you are meant to work with. It can be horrible if you are conducting a Tarot reading and you are struggling to connect with your Client.
The only thing that you need to focus on is being authentic to who you are as a reader and producing the best work you can.
You can continue the reading or you can politely stop it and refund their money if they are a paid customer. There have been arguments online about charging for readings, for giving free readings away, asking for donations and the list goes on.
Wouldn’t that be an amazing world to live in where we were all just decent to each other?
As grow as a Tarot student and reader and as you experience life you will change how you read the cards and how you conduct your Tarot business, if you choose to have one. One of the ways in which I find my practice evolving is the way in which I connect and understand the cards. So when this card comes up in a reading for a Client you have first person experience on how this can feel, which means you can connect to your Client in a deeper way too. It can take time to become comfortable as a Tarot reader and confident enough to start a business.
Do that inbetween readings, people will understand as long as you don’t take forever. I have had joyful moments, touching moments and really difficult clients at fairs and I don’t want to carry around all of that for the next day or week. Snacking during the day on healthy treats (and some chocolate, cause… chocolate) will help keep your blood sugar levels level and your mood more stable. That is a lovely way to give thanks for the abundance in your life and to use some of your money for the greater good. You don’t have to spend a lot of money but salt lamps, crystals, goddess and god statues, fairy pictures, stones and feathers. Also kindly suggest that people who have readings with you take a couple of cards for their friends. My one on one sessions allow me to assess each individual on a Physical, Emotional, Mental and spiritual level. I encourage all of my students who start to work with the Tarot to look at all of the Divinatory tools available to them to explore all of their options. As soon as I decided that I wanted to read Tarot and teach it as a business I never stopped working with them.

Or you are just not getting any help from your Spirit Guides and you wonder if they are pissed at you for some reason. When you start out it may feel like there is just too much competition and that you are never going to carve your own little corner of the Tarot world out for yourself. They may as well have rung a psychic hotline, they would have probably been validated and not had to think about it or their lives.
I journal each night even if it is just getting as much out as I can remember and let it go. There are many people to choose from at a fair usually and Clients always find the right person for the right reason. Building community is important and you never know when someone may refer business your way or vise versa. I am not suggesting that you don’t need to pay rent but even if it is a few dollars it is a powerful gesture. People often come to see a Tarot reader or a healer when they are open and I think it is our responsibility to make sure that we are there being a positive force in their lives.
So when you find yourself comparing your business or practice with someone who has been in the biz for years remember they started somewhere.
Being a professional Tarot reader is not for everyone. Be practical with making sure you do what you need to do to keep a roof over your head and food in your belly etc but also do what you love, even if it is not full time to begin with. Just make sure you have someone to cover your stall while you are in the bathroom or take your money pouch with you. I have found that most communities will look after each other and I have had other vendors watch over my stall for me. I personally use aura-sprays, meditation before the event, crystals and also have a good salt bath when I get home, perfect purification and de-stress at the end of the day and who doesn’t like a good soak!
Of course you want to honor client privacy (which is why journaling is so great) but if you leave any identifying information about your Clients our and talk more about your experience then I think it is ok.
A lot of readers also give a little gift to people who come and read with them which I think is lovely. This then will be reflected in how you connect to different cards in the Tarot, because the Tarot is meant to represent different aspects of living.
Your brain will go to mush and you will feel horrible by the end of the day to boot so drink lots of water.
Forget that surgery soda BTW that is going to make you feel worse once the sugar or chemical high is over.

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