Tarot reading course adelaide

Using the Ryder Waite-Smith style Tarot decks, the course provides students with a thorough foundation in the basics of Tarot cards and their use. One of the aims of the course is to have students develop to the point where they can conduct meaningful readings and to become a professional reader.
These are active classes that encourage lots of student participation and co-operation in the learning process. Classes run for a 10 week period, everything is provided for except the Ryder Waite Tarot Deck that the student will need to provide.

Private sessions are now available to help you start your journey on learning Tarot or just refreshing your skills.
A dear friend is facing issues with a person who is acting spiteful and she is handling the adversity from a spiritual perspective.   Situations like these come up for all of us and they can be confusing and painful. So my message for today is:  Sometimes in our need to be right and to defend our situation, we can allow negativity to make it bigger than it needs to be. Go within and see the situation being healed with light and visualize a positive resolution for all parties.

Allowing yourself to argue your point, may only serve to make it into something that grows out of your control.

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