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A lot of people are also talking about the fact that it is a full moon on Friday the 13th which is a powerful day for those who actually know more about the day than the silly superstition.
Today in my 30 Day Tarot Pick challenge is to conduct a Tarot Reading for myself so I decided to create a simple Tarot Spread and do the reading with that. To focus on the bigger picture and that we are at the conclusion card is a good thing and I am taking the appearance of the Emperor as me not being too much of a control freak and that it is ok not to know everything or what is going to happen or what I am going to do. Yearly Spread In Depth Tarot Reading covers the twelve months cycle in general and then follows with more detailed overview of each month in the cycle. I was simply amazed by the reading, I had certain thoughts in my mind and plans that I wish to go with in the new year; the reading was parallel to what my thoughts were and helped me get some direction.
There are thousands of Tarot spreads to choose from – but how do you know which is the right Tarot spread to use in your reading? I’ll give you my personal tips for how to choose the right Tarot spread for your Tarot readings. After you’ve watched the video, I’d love to hear about your own ideas on how you choose the right Tarot spread for your readings. So let me explain: Do you choose a Tarot spread, and then apply a question and do the reading; or do you ask a question and then find the right spread, and then do the reading? So, for example, you might have found an amazing Tarot spread that is all about spiritual development.
However, if you come into a Tarot reading and you have got a specific question in mind, rather than a specific spread that you want to use, then it pays to really be mindful about what spread you choose in order to answer that question. So here are a couple of tips if you have got a specific question that you are trying to choose a spread. But really what we might be asking is: Is this the right relationship for me, or is it time to move on? Once you start to unpack that question a little bit more, you will have a better understanding of which Tarot spread will answer that question. So you might choose something a little bit more general like a Celtic Cross, or Past-Present-Future.

So that is actually why I really like to work with custom spreads, or Do-It-Yourself spreads. So rather than using a Tarot spread that has already been made up, and that may have been used for different types of questions, why not create your own Tarot spread by breaking down that big question, into small questions, and voila you have your very own Tarot spread that will get to the heart of that question.
I know that we seem to have this tendency to want to make things more complicated than they need to be.
So, as you are choosing your spread, or designing your own, just keep in mind that a great spread can still come out of just a few cards. I hope that has been really helpful, and thank you so much for sending in your question, Aasheesh.
If you watched this video and you want even more Tarot goodness, make sure you head on over to the Biddy Tarot website where I have got loads and loads of Tarot goodies, right there waiting for you. You will also find my free Tarot tutorial series: 5 Simple Steps to Read Tarot with Confidence, to get you kick started. And if you loved this video, make sure you click Like, and subscribe to my YouTube channel. Remember you CAN change your life and others’ through Tarot, so keep doing amazing things.
Of course at a professional level the spread depends on the value of purchase but still the above principle holds good.
I’ve been practicing on drawing three cards every morning(me, my encounter during the day, conclusion) these couple of days. I’m a novice, but I like to ask yes or no questions with one card answers and I find it works relatively well. I’m a professional Tarot reader & teacher, intuitive business coach and spiritual entrepreneur. I'm here to help you read Tarot with confidence and transform your life and others' through Tarot. And I think it is something that many Tarot readers struggle with because you are right – there are so many Tarot spreads.

You think, ‘I would love to try out this Tarot spread,’ – then it is kind of like you are doing more the reading for the spreads’ sake. And that is okay, but I would really encourage you to do is think about what spread is going to get to the heart of that question. So we might even use a 10 or 20 card spread, when we could have got the answer with just three cards. That is my advice for choosing the right Tarot spread for your question: Think about doing your own custom spread.
I think it’s fine to use Tarot spreads that have been created by other Tarot readers and authors. I had a lot of relatively negative cards appear in the encounter position(as I read the meaning of each card here) so I felt kind of anxious after that. I went to pick up something from Fedex and there was nearly a full on brawl between the Manager of the business and an old guy reeking of alcohol. Which I find interesting considering how little drama I actually have in my life right now and I am not fighting with anyone.
Many times we do make that mistake of taking up a particular spread beforehand and then try to align the question.This often results in erroneous results.
Just make sure that it fits the question being asked and it gets to the heart of the question. Your advice linking the right question to a customised spread is indeed the right approach. Sometimes, we can also go the other way… we find an awesome Tarot spread and we shape a question around that spread. This clears up a lot of fog in the reading.Your advice-Asking the right question,customising the spread,and keeping it all simple is the ultimate mantra for all to follow.

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