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The True Love Spread is one of the better tarot spreads for evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of an existing romantic relationship.
This entry was posted on Thursday, April 1st, 2010 at 10:40 am and is filed under Tarot Spreads. The Success Tarot Card Spread is a great tool to help you better understand the obstacles and challenges that are confronting you in you endeavors.
Third Card – This card represents the underlying and hidden factors of your current situation that you need to be aware of.
Fifth Card – This card represents the actions needed to improve your chances for success.
This entry was posted on Friday, April 2nd, 2010 at 10:13 am and is filed under Tarot Spreads. Although many people regard tarot reading as a tool for divination, it can also be extremely helpful tool for exploring psychological issues.
The Self-Healing Tarot Spread can be a powerful tool for exploring our past traumas that may be preventing us from growing in the present. When attempting this tarot spread, it’s always important to be aware of your surroundings.
First Card – What is my greatest emotional block, trauma or issue from the past that is preventing me from moving forward? Third Card – How is my emotional block currently affecting my personal growth and my relationships with others in the present?
Fifth Card – What actions, emotional or otherwise, can I take to get past my emotional blocks to encourage growth and self-healing? Sixth Card – What is the guiding spiritual lesson I have learned through this exploration? This entry was posted on Sunday, March 21st, 2010 at 6:13 pm and is filed under Tarot Spreads. If spirituality is important to you, you will appreciate how this particular tarot card spread can further your growth and development. First Card – This card represents the central issues surrounding you and your primary spiritual questions or concerns.
Second Card – This card represents the motivating forces that are leading you to seek spiritual guidance. Fourth Card – This card represents the things that you may not be spiritually aware of in the present.
This entry was posted on Wednesday, March 31st, 2010 at 10:36 am and is filed under Tarot Spreads. This spread uses a total of 13 cards, one card for each month and one card to represent the year in general. If you are familiar with astrology, this spread can also represent the twelve houses of the zodiac.

This entry was posted on Sunday, March 21st, 2010 at 10:49 am and is filed under Tarot Spreads. A friend whose cards I read recently was querying why her reading hadn’t warned her about the problems with her relationship, which appeared a few weeks after her reading. After thinking about this, I wondered if perhaps we should have asked a few more searching questions – one of them being the likely outcome of the next few months.
Update on this spread – trying it out on a couple of willing guinea-pigs, it has continued to be very powerful.
This is a big spread – both in terms of numbers of cards and its subject-matter, which is a pretty comprehensive life path spread.
Learner readers set great store by different spreads, but in fact the more you read, the more you’ll find that one or two spreads will do. As a professional reader, I mainly use two spreads – the Celtic spread (both full and truncated), and a three card spread, the positions of which are identified beforehand (usually covering relationship, career, family or health).
I use the Celtic spread for invaluable background information on the main issue or issues the client brings to the reading. The Celtic Cross is an old and trusted spread which gives a good background to a second spread.
This spread can be followed by the Three by Three spread – which I use to offer the client a choice between specific questions, or different aspects of his or her life.
With the Three by Three Spread, people often will place three cards down and read them as Past, Present, Future.
The second row will be ‘Anything you need to do right now about your relationship, or your work’ etc. The third row can be ‘Helpful influences’, or ‘what you should not do now’, or anything relevant to the client – use your discretion but make the intention clear before you draw the cards. Extra rows can of course be added in if you think of other aspects of the question… In the diagram (above) I’ve given two alternative rows 7,8,9, but nothing is fixed in this spread, just go for it.
The True Love Spread is simple, yet still can provide great insight in a relationship as well as give recommendations in areas that could use improvement. It then goes on to identify the strengths and resources that you have at your disposal to overcome whatever issues are obstructing your path to success. This spread is also useful when you find yourself confronted with a problem or situation that you do not know how to approach or handle. In this respect every card relates to a different aspect of one's life such as finance, career, relationships, etc. Querying what she needed to do with the relationship, and getting the answer that it seemed really good, must indicate a limitation in my reading (relationship readings are not my speciality), but we were perhaps playing it safe by avoiding a card for the likely outcome. You can also create your own spreads – as long as you identify the positions clearly (and remember them), the cards will fit those positions.
Positions such as ‘yourself at present’, past influences’, ‘hopes and fears’ all help to focus your own judgement.

Don’t worry if you don’t wish to try formulating your own intuitive spreads, but prefer to work with tried and tested layouts. At the end of his reading he despairingly asked me why, as humans, we behave the way we do.
It also highlights the areas that need to be addressed in order for your relationship to flourish. These are the circumstances that occurred in our past that remain unresolved and remain as emotional blocks. It’s also important that you have allotted enough time to practice this tarot spread without any interruption. Although you may be dealing with issues that are currently troubling you, this spread helps you get back on track. Im new to Tarot and my Deck is for the more advanced[kazanlar deck] yet I needed to do this reading.It was amazing! A few weeks later it became apparent that her man was unbearably insecure and was capable of complete meltdown when things didn’t go his way.
As you grow more confident, you can invent your own intuitive spreads, examples of which will be posted over the coming weeks.
I often begin with the Celtic spread to give a general overview of the issues at hand, and follow up with an intuitive spread to focus in on a specific situation where required. Often, these are the scars that we carry from painful experiences from our past that shape how we perceive the world and interrelate with those around us. Be sure to give yourself time for introspection and to process through any emotions or memories that may come up during your tarot reading. It can give you a broader perspective, one that includes information about your spiritual path and important life lessons. She wondered if the limitation had been her own thoughts – that is, that the reading gave her a reflection of her hopes, not about what was about to happen. If you find yourself in repetitive painful relationships for example, the Self Healing Tarot Spread can help to identify the cause as well as provide a path towards healing, growth and spiritual awareness.
I frequently used the square of thirtysix ,with playing cards .But this is way more decisive for an indecisive one like me Thanks Again. I have seen it predict accurately on many occasions, though I usually warn against taking a reading as a certainty (given the complexity of the future, all we can do is predict possibilities), but in the reading I did for my friend, the man’s insecurities would have been there, albeit hidden.

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