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Spiritually –  The Page of Pentacles because it’s a court card, could literally be representing someone in your life.
Career –  Temperance numerology wise, indicates a high level of frustration regarding your career.
Love –  The 10 of Cups is a good omen for both single and attached Aries out there, as it represents solid spiritual connections, with a fairy-tale like happy ending.
Spiritually –  The 5 of Cups, being a 5, indicates a high level of frustration, but that’s not all. Career –  The Knight of Cups being a court card, could be representative of you, or a person in your life.
Love –  The 6 of Pentacles arrived indicating that while your situation (love wise) is heading in a more positive direction, that there’s the possibility of unfair power plays, or an abuse of power. Spiritually –  The Emperor arrived, and you’re being encouraged to put your head over your heart in all matters where you’ll be requiring focus.
Career –  The 5 of Swords would indicate aggression, intimidation, competitiveness, conflicts, deceit, being out for “number 1?, and it’s basically representing a cut throat situation where the people involved are ready, and willing to win at any cost. Love –  The Queen of Swords being a court card, could be representing you, or someone in your life. Spiritually –  The High Priestess is encouraging you to pay attention to your dreams, and gut instincts, as your 6th sense will be seriously heightened this month. Career –  The 6 of Swords indicates a low level of the blues, and the energy is similar to just keeping your head above water.
Spiritually –  The Fool  indicates that you’re starting a new cycle, and you’re ready to explore it all!!!! Career –  The Sun puts the spotlight on your achievements and success this month, causing you to experience major confidence! Love –  The King of Cups being a court card could be representing you, or someone in your life. Spiritually –  The Page of Swords could represent you or someone in your life being that it’s a court card.
Career –  Justice deals with karmic energy, and puts an emphasis on your need for more balance.
Spiritually –  The King of Wands could be representing either you or someone who will help you explore the depths of your spirituality.
Career –  The 4 of Pentacles represents that you’re closing yourself off too much, and clinging onto situations that aren’t helping you professionally succeed.
Love –  The Hierophant indicates a time period where you’re likely feeling some pressure to “do the right thing” and to behave in conventional ways. Spiritually –  The 10 of Wands is a clear indication that you’re overburdened, stressed, tired, and occasionally, this actually manifests itself in back, and or neck pain. Career –  The Ace of Pentacles represents that you’re starting a new cycle full of opportunities! Love –  The 4 of Pentacles is a card that while it indicates stability, is not the greatest card to represent your love life. Spiritually –  The 2 of Pentacles is a card that represents a busy period, full of multitasking and a fluctuating mood. Career –  The Queen of Wands being a court card, could be representing you or a person in your life who is eager to take you to new heights this month! Love –  The 6 of Wands would demonstrate that you’ll be in a position to celebrate on a personal level in regards to love! Spiritually –  The Knight of Pentacles being a court card could be representing you, or a person in your life who’s in a position to help you spiritually.
Career –  The Queen of Pentacles being a court card could be representing you, or someone in your life who’s in a position to help you further your career. Love –  The 6 of Cups is a card that indicates that a person is often times romanticizing the past, and possibly longing for an ex. Spiritually –  The 9 of Pentacles indicates that you’re entering a cycle of comfort, peace and happiness after having trusted yourself to handle a difficult situation! Career –  The Hermit is an excellent omen that you’re much closer to achieving success and recognition on a professional level than you can imagine!
Love –  The 2 of Swords would indicate that you’re avoiding dealing with an issue, which has left you at a stalemate, because you’re afraid to make the wrong choice.
Spiritually –  The 8 of Pentacles  is commonly known as “the apprenticeship card”, and demonstrates you really mastering a skill while paying attention to detail.
Career –  The 4 of Wands is a minor arcana version of The World and indicates that you will have reason to celebrate! Love –  The 2 of Cups is commonly known as, “the soul mate card”, and represents you meeting, or knowing someone who’s going to change your life forever, in a positive sense.
As a person, they would be down to earth, grounded, practical, methodical, trustworthy, studious, younger than 18, have darker features, and possibly be an earth sign. The Wheel of Fortune is the hidden influence, suggesting that most of the energy is moving faster than a wild fire and it is (almost) completely out of your control!!!! They would be 18-34 years of age, gentle, creative, affectionate, romantic, sensitive, spiritual, psychic, introspective, introverted, and at times, temperamental, likely with lighter features, and possibly a water sign. It’s a boring card, The Emperor is an old stickler for rules, and you can expect people to make you jump through “special hoops”, especially if you’re dealing with authority, or powerful departments, and organizations.

The Hierophant’s energy is influencing your situation too, numerology wise, and so, be organised, work within the system, be a team player and do the right thing! They would be 34 years and up, have lighter hair and eyes, seem emotionally detached, is direct to the point of being abrasive, is realistic, efficient, logical, disciplined, behaves ethically, is a good business person, is quick to call people on their bull shit, can’t stand injustices, enjoys their privacy, has a dark sense of humor, is a natural leader, is possibly an air sign and often works with a sharp instrument (pen, knife, etc). Being a 2, you need to pay attention to matters of balance, and there’s an obvious need for you to make a decision.
This card represents a recent difficult time, and this month you should expect a slight ease in emotion. I don’t believe that we should control other people, but wouldn’t it be cool, if on occasion, those who we love came with a remote control?
You can expect moments of joy, and the freedom to express yourself in the liberating way that you want! They would be wise, diplomatic, compassionate, emotional but in control (most times), protective, doting, creative, romantic, observant, very good at what they do, often times they’ll be teaching their trade, they would be 34 years of age +, most likely have lighter features, and possibly be a water sign. With this card, it’s likely that the person has been working very persistently towards a goal, and possibly feels punished (on the road to hell), but right now is not the time to give up!!!
At times, this card can literally translate into someone who’s so blocked, that the body and mind connection creates constipation issues.
It’s most important that you do what feels right for you as an individual!  Whenever a 5 appears it’s indicating a situation that’s frustrating.
This is a card that represents hoarders, and clinging on too tightly to relationships, behaviors, and situations which are no longer serving you well.
The Queen of Wands would look exotic to you, be a man or woman who’s 34 years and up, be adventurous, innovative, enterprising, passionate, bold, creative, dynamic, daring, naturally “witchy”, be a humanitarian, have a high energy level, be stubborn at times, is an extrovert, is very in touch with their sexuality, and is possibly a fire sign.
They would be 18-34 years of age, come across at first as boring or shy, they would be practical, methodical, trustworthy, traditional, pay attention to detail, be hard working, often in a trade, too fond of wearing neutral colours, and extremely cautious (very slow when approaching anything and everything), most likely with darker features, and possibly be an earth sign. They would be 34 years of age +, grounded, big-hearted, methodical, cautious, practical, frugal, resourceful, reliable, determined, welcoming, loyal, generous, possibly a business owner, likely with darker features, and possibly an earth sign.
If you’re single, and even if you’re not, this card can represent a blast from your past reappearing. Important keywords, numerology wise would be: balance, contrast, negotiation, partnerships and choice. You would be encouraged to learn more about spirituality by either finding a mentor, or by associating yourself with a group. It’s likely that you’ll have a formal event to attend, and your achievements won’t go unnoticed. The solution lies in taking 2 elements to create a third, out of what can often feel like a traumatic situation.
The hidden influence here is The Lovers, so expect some elements of temptation this month, and possibly an ethical dilemma. It’s a 4, and so it represents blocks of all kinds being thrown in your path, but don’t let that deter you!
Examine ways that you might be defeating yourself. If you’re employed, be careful about what you do, what you say, and whom you trust. You would be encouraged to think and behave as this Queen would. Think logically, put your head over your heart, and see your entire situation as it really is, so that you can plan your progress with the power that acknowledging the truth brings!
Expect some breakthroughs that come with new levels of insight and opportunities to honor your true desires!
Numerology wise, keywords would be: travel, unpredictability, passion, and erratic motion, as well as behavior. It’s time for you to make yourself a priority, and take some much called for downtime.
This is the most dependable of all the knights, and it demonstrates slow, but steady growth. It can also represent a “man or woman next door” type who’s romantically interested and perfect for you! If you’ve been hearing this nagging voice that’s urging you to make a large career move, such as working for yourself, know that you have what it takes, but consult with a mentor first or start doing it part time. Reflect what you’re doing in life right now and commit more time to what brings you to personal fulfillment. Employed or unemployed, this is an excellent month for you to consider new possibilities that will cause you to feel less restricted. Often times, when the court cards arrive, and they’re not representing someone in our lives; they’re representing new aspects of ourselves that are being developed. Often times when this card arrives, it’s a strong indicator that the person is wanting to leave what feels like a dead end job. This world doesn’t have enough romance, and at times, it would seem that we’ve forgotten that love is one of  the best experiences and gifts on this planet! Ask yourself what you’re resisting or why you’re feeling blocked and find the answer as to why. If you’re considering making a move, or even striking it out on your own, this card is a positive affirmation that you have the potential to make your dreams a reality! A step by step program or plan to reach a personal goal through sacrifice will really pay off!
Ask yourself if the standards that you hold for yourself, and for others could be either too high, or possibly not high enough.

As advice, use logic and be organized because The Emperor’s energy is also influencing your career path this month. If you’re in a relationship, it’s likely true love, which is not to say easy- all relationships are hard work!!! The good news is that the frustration will be short-lived and your efforts will be rewarded! It’s highly likely that you have an admirer in the workplace, please be discreet should you choose to pursue that!
As advice, right now is not the time to be unconventional, use logic, form a strategy, and use self-control to get you what you want, and where you want to be. This particular page is known as “the espionage card”, and can indicate that someone is spying on you.
Take your lead from the King of Wands, and dare yourself to behave as he would, without getting too carried away!!!!!! The Hierophant, when representing a partner, would be someone who has a righteous attitude and feels that they can do no wrong- again, do what’s right for you! Furthermore, the hidden influence is The Magician, which indicates that you will make better use of your talents after you apply yourself with the power of your focus!
Take charge of your situation, be determined, be daring, and above all have faith in yourself!!! Right Now, could be right around the corner and it’s your confidence that will attract them, so don’t be afraid to strut your stuff! This will be a busy month, full of potential for you to achieve whatever goals that you set. The Hermit is the hidden influence, which is another indicator that all of the answers are within you. Numerology wise, know what’s right for you, use your influences and intellect wisely, consider reinventing yourself, and then allow the super powers of attainment and anticipation to set your ambition on fire! If there’s an older person who’s determined, domineering at times, and in a position of power, consider asking them for career advice, and or a reference.
If you’re single, keep your eyes open, this is a great omen that a partner worthwhile is heading in your direction! The challenge of this card is to choose where you place your focus, because there’s still so much opportunity left!
If you’re unemployed, believe in yourself, avoid the “it’s me against the world” mentality, work on your self esteem, and keep looking! You would also be encouraged to either figuratively, or literally plant some seeds of your own. As advice, go ahead and get creative, boldly go where you’ve never gone before, but avoid being reckless. The hidden influence would be The High Priestess, and she would urge to wait before rushing to a decision, because there’s more than meets the eye here. If you can’t travel out of your city, think seriously about spending time in nature, or indulging in a creative pursuit, where you’ll meet like-minded people.
Active meditations, such as walking, would be beneficial, as they would give you the time and space that your spiritual side needs. This queen can be successful at anything that she does, because she pours her heart and soul into each and every endeavor.
If you’re lacking a definitive direction, consider going into one of the trades, or even having your own business. The hidden influence would be The High Priestess, so again, single or not, love is definitely in the air for you this month! Remorse, guilt, anger, and self-blame will get you nowhere, consider forgiving yourself, and others, so that you can lose that toxic energy! Trust that everything happens for a reason and have faith that you will find your place in what can be a very mixed up world.
She would urge you to pay attention to your intuition, as well as any synchronicities that may appear as coincidences.
On the other hand, it’s likely that a moral dilemma will present itself, and it will be very tempting (please stay away from that, or be extra discreet)!!!!!! You would be encouraged to be resourceful, to get creative, and to enjoy stimulating all of your senses! Speak your mind more often, don’t allow your emotions to rule you, and be sure to be very honest when dealing with others. Important keywords would be sincerity, investment, protection, growth, dependability, nurturing and sensitivity. Consider taking a part time course about something that excites you, and try at least one new activity this month. Structure, discipline, and having a logical strategy are the magickal keys to achievement after and through humility. Numerology wise, there’s some erratic, and unpredictable motion, behavior and thoughts influencing your situation and there’s the possibility for travel.

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