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My Journey as a TaurusMy friend told me about this site where I could go and have a daily horoscope reading. Today’s Accurate Horoscope for Taurus - (Apr 21 - May 21)You're a loving, strong and a reliable hard worker. Taurus Horoscope Today and Every DayI'm a Taurus, my name's John, and this is how daily horoscope readings have helped me. Honestly, after I got my free Taurus horoscope reading and I learned about these different things, I began to look back on my life and find exact instances where all of these different weaknesses have controlled me and led me to places I never wanted to go. You see, I didn't know any of the different strengths I had or even how they could be used.
I don't know about you, but having a free Taurus horoscope today reading has changed the way I think about my life. Historical Beginnings and Accuracy ofTaurus HoroscopesThe large Taurus constellation being used to symbolize a bull was a shared practice between Egyptian, Greek and Babylonian cultures.
The Egyptians regarded the Taurus constellation as representing spring's symbolic renewal of life brought about by a perceived 'sacrifice' as its western position in the sky was covered by the Sun at the start of spring. Another Greek myth holds Taurus as one of Zeus' mistresses, Lo, whom he transformed into a heifer to disguise her from Hera, his wife. Which Days Are Good For LoveReading today’s Taurus love horoscopes today and every day can help you find which days are good for love and which days you're better off alone. Taurus in LoveTaurus is the second sign of the Zodiac horoscope and it is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty. Taurus Lessons to LearnThe Taurean love of all that is pleasurable can sometimes lead to overindulgence. Horoscope Love CompatibilitiesTaurus is basically a cheerful personality and they thrive in the warm and sentimental waters of a Cancer or Pisces companion. Taurus Woman’s Love HoroscopeRuled by Venus, the second sign of the zodiac horoscope is Taurus. Taurus Man’s Love HoroscopeTaurus is the second horoscope sign of the astrological calendar.
TaurusTaurus people make a very rock-solid friend and mate whom you can trust or depend on. As a Taurus, are you looking for ways to keep from appearing stubborn to people, or would you like to have a better idea of where to focus your time and energy?
You like to do things your way and don't like to be led even though you may not be the bravest person in the world.
Everybody has bad days and some people tend to lash out more than others, but you need to know the difference between when someone has insulted you, because maybe you need to change something, and when they're just feeling bad. The Ram and the BullThe stubbornness and strength of the bull combined with the energy of Aries gives a considerable capacity for perseverance and leadership. Aries can be quite judgmental and has no qualms about sitting in judgment on the worth of others. Aries Zodiac SignAries zodiac sign cusps are ambitious persons, who love to engage in great enterprises. Taurus Zodiac SignTaurus zodiac sign cusps are slow, plodding, patient, enduring, persistent, executive and matter-of-fact persons. I'm not new to zodiac signs or astrology, in fact - off and on throughout my life I've heard about the different signs and how some are compatible with others and some aren't.However, even though I knew this much, I never believed having a horoscope reading could actually change a person's life. By getting my horoscope read on a daily basis, I now have a better understanding of who I am and what I am capable of. And because of this change, I've been able to change my direction as well, and this is helping me become a better person, a better husband, and a better construction worker overall. In Greek mythology however, Taurus was a symbol of Zeus who took the shape of a huge white bull when he abducted the Phoenician princess, Europa. A third Greek myth associates Taurus with the Cretan Bull, from among Heracles “Twelve Labors”. You can find out what influences are at play in the Zodiac on any given day and how to make these influences work to your advantage to create harmony in your romantic life.Whether you are a Taurus or you are enamored with one, a daily love prediction is a good way to know when favorable influences are at play, when a Taurus is likely to encounter misfortune in love, and how to deal effectively with all of these influences in order to make the road to lasting happiness a little easier. Their love of beauty charges them to seek and possess that which adorns their life and feeds their senses. These horoscope signs benefit from the Taurus stability and solid, practical personality and Taurus responds well to their peaceful, acquiescent, and loving natures.
This is the bull and a woman’s behavior mimics that in the way that she doesn’t like change. This can lead to outbursts of anger directed at her partner and leads to some problems within the romance. Unless the relationship is an extremely horrible match, you can get a Taurus mate as your life-long partner.Taurus people always tend to stay away from any kind of debt and very committed toward their career. Or maybe you would like to get a better idea of how to avoid situations that will result in your feelings getting hurt. You've got the ability to get things done when you want and you know how to stick to both your projects and your ideals, however you may want to know when it's best to let something go if it's not in the best interest of you or those you care about.
Such a person can follow through where others give up and that quality alone may cause him or her to rise to leadership.
Taurus may be stubborn, but the Bull has a strong sentimental streak that will often dominate later in the transition.

Aries is ruled by Mars, the god of war and when mixed with Taurus can be a stubborn and dangerous opponent.
The intellect of Aries and the love of sensual pleasure of Taurus combine to create an individual who has an appreciation of art, especially fine art.
With them the intellect is the main feature, but they always find it difficult to understand their own emotions and feelings. They are remarkable for their conservatism, and they never seem to waste their strengths like the Aries types, who scatter them everywhere. I not only learned things about my life, I learned things about me that I never wanted to hear from anyone. It's important to understand that I'm a construction worker and I work with a lot of hard guys that don't believe in many things except hard work, friends determination, and hard partying.
I do have to admit, I was skeptical at first, but after learning many of these powerful teachings about myself, I have been able to use this information in making important choices in my life today.
Along with this, it was explained that only the front portion of the bull was depicted by the constellation because it refers to when he took the princess out to sea. Druids worshipped Taurus with a religious festival that took place when the sun was passing through it. They like to live large and gather that which makes them happy to their side, whether it is food, creature comforts, or the company of a worthy companion.
If you are coupled with a Taurus, rest assured that you will be cherished and pampered; what Taurus deems worthy is worth holding on to at any cost. Conflict between these signs is rare and short-lived.One exception may be the water sign of Scorpio.
Aquarius and Libra may find Taurus to be a little shallow and unworthy of their time and intellect.Taurus is also very incompatible with the more independent and adventurous fire signs, especially Aries or Leo, who may find the Taurus need to possess a little too stifling and confining. She is loyal, calm, patient, self-disciplined and is someone you can rely on to handle difficult and stressful situations very well. Affection and love is everything she gives in a love relationship but she wants the same in return.
Daily horoscope signs and readings can help you become more aware of the currant moods and personality types you'll come in contact with on a daily basis so you'll understand what's going on ahead of time and won't get any hurtful surprises.
Once at the top, an Aries Taurus cusp individual can dig in and stay there better than most.
This can cause the odd phenomenon of a tough minded Aries who can be motivated less by facts and more by emotion. They may become art collectors or have hobbies related to art or the collection of objects that exhibit fine workmanship, such as miniatures or even classic model railroads. They are too often inclined to fly off at tangents and will rush into danger somewhat recklessly.
Persons possessing the strongest wills are born under this sign, but when living for themselves exclusively, they become as obstinate as it is possible for them to be.
In fact, if someone were to tell me these things about myself, I would probably disown them or not be their friends anymore. You can also have a stubborn streak at times as well as become lazy, possessive and self-indulgent. Talking about astrology or horoscope readings is not something you want to do at the work site. In Mesopotamia Taurus was referred to as the Bull of Heaven and was associated with the Sumerian goddess, Inanna who controlled matters regarding warfare, fertility and sexual love. And according to Buddhist legend, Gautama Buddha was born during the time when the full moon had been passing through Taurus, a time now when they celebrate Buddha's birthday with the Wesak Festival. Despite the fact that they seem excessive, they are solid and practical enough to protect and keep that which they cherish today. They are stable, sensible, and cheerful when their needs are met and they are pleased with their life, and they are just ambitious enough to see that they are able to meet those needs. When they are denied something they want, when they feel a lack of beauty or comfort in their lives, they can become angry.
Aries and Sagittarius would rather get out and go and discover, while Taurus is more than happy to sit back and indulge themselves.
She loves others deeply and is very caring and affectionate she is strong emotionally and physically, gentle, reliable and conventional. Originality isn’t something that she possesses, which leads to struggling to come up with new ideas. He is determined, patient, loving and reliable and considered to be one of the finest romantic partners for any woman.
But when it comes to changing certain plans, like last minute change today’s venue to meet, he is the first one to get annoyed. When they don’t learn how to handle the changing environment, they face a lot of problems in the contemporary world. You also have a small circle of close friends that you care for and love deeply and every chance you get you enjoy spending on fine things for them as well. The only real problem is that Aries, which is symbolized by the Ram, tends to try and ram through problems. Altogether, an Aries-Taurus cusp is one of the more interesting transitions as both signs have characteristics that seem mutually exclusive and yet can combine in interest ways.

When the energy of Aries dominates, you can expect a person born on the Aries-Taurus Cusp to be an active participant in sports, rather than an observer. When not living up to the highest strength of their character, they have a tendency to jealousy, they expect loyalty from others and may be somewhat exacting in this respect. They can be very determined, persistent and dogmatic; they usually speak with a quiet, firm, inflexible and almost authoritative tone. Free Taurus daily horoscope readings would be great in helping you deal with and better prepare for the changes in life along with understanding the actions of others so you won't take things so personally.
In Mesopotamia’s “Epic of Gilgamesh”, Taurus was sent by the goddess Ishtar to kill Gilgamesh on account of his spurning her advances. A Taurus denied is a Taurus enraged.If you love comfort, luxury, and sensuality, Taurus is the ideal companion.
They also have a hard time admitting when they're wrong and will keep an argument going not just for today, but until the other side backs down.Though they are not necessarily jealous, they can be very possessive and have a strong need to be right. The Taurus stubborn streak and their fiery temperaments are a recipe for conflict and disaster, except under extreme circumstances.Can a person have a successful relationship with an incompatible sign? Working efficiently is something that she is great at, especially when it comes to difficulties. He values fidelity and loyalty and so, is very considerate and faithful towards his nearest and dearest whether it is in love, business or friendship. Any person born under this horoscope astrology sign does not like interference in his work. They show very resentful attitudes when they feel that the people around them are taking the credit for their hard work and generally remain adamant in their views.When it comes to religious matters, they tend to be very self-righteous and can be extremist. Although you already have a great head for business you could get an extra boost in abundance and potentially make more money if you knew when to embrace more social networking opportunities to meet new people. When this is mixed with the bullheadedness of Taurus, it can make for a volatile combination that can be quite hard on juniors who don't follow through on the intentions of Command. Taurus is more sensual than Aries and an Aries to Taurus transit can lean toward the intellectual, if early in the cycle, or more toward the sensual if later in the cycle. When fully individualised, these persons make very grand characters, especially in all pioneer work, their enthusiasm rarely being daunted by obstacles. Possessing a considerable amount of physical vitality, the Taurus become furious and violent when severely angered, but as they are usually slow, careful and cautious, it takes a very great deal to excite them, although when very excited they stand beside themselves with rage.
I was complaining to a friend about some of the things that were going on in my life, and he asked me if I've ever read the free  horoscope today. They also have a tendency to be materialistic and to value surface beauty over real substance. Happy as well, if Taurus can convince Capricorn to relax long enough to enjoy the life and love their efforts have brought to fruition.
Her strong self-discipline stops her from buckling under pressure and she works well with others.
He is very devoted and committed to the bond with his other half and never cheats on his her. While Taurus is less active than Aries, both together can make a contribution and in some cases tend to magnify each other’s characteristics, because two characteristics from different signs can be complementary. When their mind is made up they seek to overcome all opposition, more by their dominant will and masterful spirit than by simple perseverance. They can do a great amount of good by their steady, building capacity, being capable and able to carry out all plans entrusted to them. Pleasure is their watchword and they indulge themselves and their loved ones in every pleasure with enthusiasm. Birth signs and horoscope readings tell about a person's tendencies, but everyone is an individual. This horoscope man will constantly show his love for his soul mate and treat her as a princess and will do whatever it takes to preserve today’s happiness.
An Aries-Taurus individual is a unique mix that will definitely make life interesting for anyone they encounter.
The preceding sign has the most influence at the beginning and the least influence at the end.
For example, the tough mindedness of Taurus can turn the volume up on the Aries tendency to be judgmental.
Sometimes it is all about appearances on the surface of things and Taurus needs to learn the value of beauty which is within as well. Depending on other personality traits, such a person can make a courageous pioneer, a top notch general or a ruthless dictator. And the Aries trait of intellectualism mixed with ego, can make Taurus, who loves to be the center of attention, more desirous of achieving acclaim for intellectual prowess. She is very different from the rest due her to mix of negative and positive characteristics.
She doesn’t do well when friends change their plans and she doesn’t like trying new today’s things, which can make her seem boring.

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