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We are constantly on the lookout for more skilled callers, so please fill out the form on the link below. Take your career to new heights com the 2010 winter olympics, officially known as xxi olympic games (french: les xxies jeux olympiques d hiver) commonly vancouver 2010.
Silverpoint’s telemarketing department in Tenerife is recruiting talented individuals to promote one of the world’s most popular holiday products. For the latest opportunities you can follow Silverpoint on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn or subscribe to our RSS feed. In her tiny cubicle at a call center here, amid two rows of colleagues making an identical pitch, Bradley tirelessly reads the script from a PC screen in an unwaveringly buoyant tone.
In a 40-minute stretch, she scores 10 refusals, three hang-ups, two answering machines, three blocked calls, two wrong numbers — and one nice lady with an accent who needs to ask her husband. Since the free registration began two months ago, 48 million phone numbers have been added to the list. The list is viewed as sweet revenge for consumers who have had dinners interrupted countless times by long-distance providers, time-share resorts and credit card companies.
But the telemarketing industry says it also will wipe out as much as half of its $100 billion in annual sales, send ripples through the fragile U.S.
The Do Not Call Registry is "incredibly negative," says Tim Searcy, executive director of the American Teleservices Association. Among the most affected marketers will be newspapers and magazines, financial-service and credit card companies, and phone and pay-TV providers.
Less resilient are thousands of small businesses that rely more heavily on telemarketing, including real estate brokers, insurance agents, and home repair and security services. Also vulnerable are hundreds of telemarketing operations that make calls on a contract basis for other businesses.
But FTC Chairman Tim Muris dismisses the notion that his agency is trampling the rights of businesses. One potential winner: Valpak, which mails packets of coupons for carpet cleaners, restaurants and other businesses to 45 million homes, expects a double-digit sales jump, says Vice President Paul Gordon. Telemarketing's origins date to the 1950s and '60s, when insurance companies mined neighborhoods for prospects. Lobred says Cavalier will intensify its direct mail, TV, radio, newspaper and Web ads, though that will bump up costs 15% to 20%. Raper says the company, a unit of hotel giant Cendant, will try to offset the loss by setting up more booths at hotels and stores, and by marketing on the Web. Some big telemarketing services say they have shifted gears the past few years in anticipation of the do-not-call list. Calling Solutions expects to pare its staff of 4,000 telemarketers by 25% through attrition, says President Louis Cooper.

And 40-employee Spectrum Marketing of Philadelphia, which sells newspaper subscriptions, is shutting down because it doesn't want to spend $250,000 to upgrade computers to meet new FTC rules that, along with mandating the list, also require cutting "dead-air" calls, in which no telemarketer is available so the consumer hears an open line. On the jam-packed floor of Telemarketing Concepts' Jacksonville center, tucked into a corner of a strip shopping center, most employees seem only marginally aware of the do-not-call list. Victor Devlin, 18, a diminutive rock musician with a helmet of swept-over black hair, says his goal is to make three sales a night. To keep up spirits, supervisors hand out bonuses of $1 to $4 per sale along with occasional movie passes.
Those who give it their all often get balloons, high-fives or the kick of seeing their names added to a white board. We need true self-starters that don’t require micromanagement to achieve consistent results. Used cars, pets, services, electronics, homes, boats sale more locally anywhere Canada includes images community discussions asia.
The cost to download the list is $25 per area code per year, with the first five area codes free and a maximum annual payment of $7,375 for the numbers in all area codes nationwide. It is expected to grow to at least 60 million numbers by next summer, says the Federal Trade Commission, which runs the registry.
The big corporations say they are taking the list in stride and will simply shift marketing dollars to avenues such as direct mail, TV, radio, print and online advertising. Companies that have a business relationship with a customer can call, but only for 18 months after the last purchase. She says her sales already have been cut in half, to two or three a night, because many people mistakenly think the do-not-call list has taken effect and chide her for calling. Businesses, he says, will step up calls to existing customers and do more direct mail, creating jobs. One ad urges people to call a toll-free number to pay $2.95 to be added to the free federal list. In the old days, marketers called names from ripped telephone book pages in smoke-filled "boiler rooms." Now, they use finely targeted lists and computers to route the calls.
Cavalier Telephone, an upstart that competes with Verizon Communications in the Mid-Atlantic states, says telemarketing delivers about 20% of its new local phone and broadband subscribers.
Fairfield Resorts draws as much as 25% of new business from calls that offer customers low-cost vacations in exchange for agreeing to take a tour of its resorts, says Bryant Raper, senior vice president of marketing. Small newspapers will be hurt most, because they can't afford more targeted calling lists or other marketing, says the Newspaper Association of America. Invincible Associates, a Largo, Fla., roofing company, snares about 20% of new customers with calls offering free video roof inspections, says co-owner Brian Stover. Creative Marketing Strategies, which employs 850, has changed its focus from calling consumers to calling businesses and taking more calls from consumers, says President David DuCoin.

The firm also has had to spend about $500,000 to upgrade its computers to match its calling list with the federal registry.
On the four-hour night shift, most callers are younger than 25 and working their way through school.
They stride down aisles exhorting, "Let's get some sales." Motivational messages, such as "Give it 100%" are sprinkled throughout the 90-seat center.
That's when the much-maligned telemarketing industry will be slammed by a tsunami called the national Do Not Call Registry. Industry officials say many of those workers are tough to employ: About 5% are disabled, 26% are single mothers and 95% are not college graduates. They'll have fewer people to call, he says, and it will be costly to upgrade their computers to handle the federal list they have to buy and continually update. And some postcards for polls or contests now contain small print saying that filling it out gives the company the OK to call even if you're on the list. He says he'll run more newspaper and cable TV ads, but that will likely increase costs 15% or more. At first, many are easily upset by the "irates" who hurl profanities at them, and seek solace from supervisors. But AT&T spokesman Tom Hopkins says the giant has a "well-known brand" and will simply "put more emphasis into other media," such as direct mail. The only cost is my time." Now, he won't even be able to call referrals unless they contact him first, and will instead go door to door, cutting his productivity 80%. That has allowed the company to maintain, but not increase, revenue, and it's hoping to avoid layoffs. But if you’re pretty outgoing with a friendly, persuasive personality or sales just come naturally to you, it might be ideal. Also, telemarketers must get an update of the list every three months to ensure they don't call numbers added to it.
As with most phone jobs, this will require a completely quiet background and you’ll probably have to have a headset to use (you can get these pretty cheap). Technical requirements will vary from company to company, but you will most likely also need a landline and high speed internet on an up to date PC.

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