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Building an accessible communication system for any individual is not a straightforward task.
Where a Learner is included in the home school diary process (and if not, why not?) then a TPA can be a good way of adding that extra dimension. Instruction manuals are 'task recipes' with each page detailing an individual step in accomplishing a specific task. Talking table top menus can be simple (as in the illustration) or more complex; offering choices of items for each course.
A Communication Passport is a guide to assist people communicate with a non-verbal individual.
A Personal Information book is not the same thing as a Communication Passport (see above on this page).
Using commercial software such as Wavepad it is possible to cut any song up into sections and save them as individual files.
There are things that occur only once a year but nevertheless are extremely motivating.
Most chilldren love performing and most educational establishments put on regular performances.
Where an individual is living in a dual language environment, maybe speaking English at school and Polish at home then, it is possible to set up an album to do any of the ideas suggested here in dual languages. A fun thing to do, especially if there is treasure in the form of some motivating reward at the end, is to use the TPA as a talking treasure hunt. Being able to talk on the telephone was one of the most popular answers to a survey of augmented communicators, in which I was involved, conducted by Liberator Ltd in the 1990s.
Many 'problem behaviours' are caused by the frustration felt by individuals because of an inability to communicate specific needs. By providing a choices of answers, the TPA can be used as a form of mathematical puzzle book. Where the recognition of money is problematic, a TPA can be produced that deatils the coins and the notes such that a Learner can use it for both practice and in real life to pay the correct amount for goods for example.
A talking price list, perhaps for display in the school shop, can be a very inclusive project. These could be scanned pages from a real story book or a story that you have create yourself or, better still, one that the Learner has created him or herself.
Typically staff have to manipulate many resources to make the story accessible for every Learner.
A useful addition to the process is the talking Record of Achievement which may make the system more inclusive for some Learners.
The Learner, by accessing the menu can not only discover what is available but  (if only oe item per page) also make a choice of items (tea or coffee).
One idea is to use the albums to provided a visual and auditory record of the mathematical tables as in the image left. A personal information book simply contains information about the Learner that can be used in conversation or to respond in oficial situations (like a visit to a hospital).
It might be a fairly simple process such as making a cheese sandwich (as illustrated) or something more complex like making a gateaux. If the individual collects things that could be displayed in the album itself, a suitable message could be recorded tro speak some information about it. If they have a photographic menu that can be obtained, it could be scanned and the resulting digital images sound enabled in either Voice Symbol or Voice Ink. The sign could occupy one page and the symbol the adjacent page or both could be on the same page. Such a system can be created within Voice Ink such that phone numbers and addresses can be read out loud when accessed. Creating a TPA to address the specific needs of an individual Learner can result in a reduction in those behaviours that staff may find challenging and, as such, is well worth the the time and effort invested. As the TPA will issue the same command completely consistently over and over again, it is an ideal way of communicating with such toys.
Images of the POLEs (Person, Object, Locations, Events) which are represented by the objects can be placed together on a page with its symbol.
It could be used by those working behind the counter to look up and announce prices to customers or it could be available to customers themselves to check prices. One method is to use a photograph album to provide simple single message pages like the one depicted. For example: the left hand page could detail the morning's activities and the right hand, the afternoon's.
Parents are instructed NOT to prompt the Learner for (at least) the first hour at home to allow time for the Learner to perform the alloted task independently.

As menus tend to repeated by most establishments over a few weeks, so the menus so produced can be re-used over and over. The books serve equally well both with and without the TPA but are very inclusive for those without literacy skills.
The best way to produce such an album is to get the children to compile their own over the course of the year.
The opening part of the joke is spoken then, the page is turned and the punch line revealed! If a photographic menu is not available, pictures from the web will do instead or you could use symbols for each food or drink item. In the classroom the book could be already out on a table top but, equally,  the Learner may have to ask a member of staff.
Being excluded from using such a common everyday system then is one thing that marks a person out as disabled.
After this time has elapsed with no sign of the Learner using the diary, then the parents can prompt, "Anything special happen at school today?
Then each section of the cartoon strip can form a page in the album (perhaps two to a page?). Those TPAs with ear phone sockets are much better suited to this approach as they can be linked to an amplifier and played to the entire class. Scans of certificates can be imported into the sofware and sound files added to bring them to life.
A Memory Book can utilise an existing (sturdy) diary or can be created from a ring binder with blank pages divided into time periods. The menus for a particular meal can be readied in advanced and then stored for the time when that particular menu is available once again. Numeracy is pacticed in weighing out or selecting certain quantities of materials for the recipe.Rather than using symbols, as in the illustration, it might be better practice to use digital photgraphs of an actual Learner making an actual sandwich! They can sing along with their peers, lead a sing-song, perform at a school function, or just sing when the feeling motivates them. Build a library of talking texts!Please Note: As there is greater use of text, such books will probably have to be produced withbetter quality TPAs than the ten second standard recording variety.
The benefit is that the performer can never forget their lines!The children themselves can produce the album as a part of their preparation for the performance. Although Makaton sign is depicted alongside Makaton symbols, it could equally well be used with any available symbol set. The situation can be made more complex if the staff member feigns ignorance and asks 'big or small?', 'red or white?' etc depending on the original instruction to the Learner.
It simply illustrates just a selection of possible messages that may address specific needs of some Learners. Ideally, the Learner will be assisted to use the TPA to touch the appropriate page and say the name of the POLE before travelling to the destination or changing topics within the classroom.
Another use, is to ask the Learner to remind Mum or Dad what needs to be purchased using the album during the trip to the shops.
Do you need anything special for tomorrow?" If the prompts do not motivate the Learner, then and only then, should the parents consult the diary directly.
When Items have been attached to pages, the Memory Book tends to thicken and so fixed books (such as diaries) are not necessarily as useful as loose leaf books (such as ring binders) which allow for pages to grow in stature! Singing parts of a song is more typical human beaviour than singing a whole song all the way through. Being actively involved in the preparation is a great way of learning and ensuring that you know what to do on the night!  Those TPAs with earphone sockets that can be attached to amplifiers are better suited to this purpose. Even if the hobby involves things that cannot be put into an album, digital images could be taken and these displayed instead. Such albums can be very handy for use in fast food restaurants (for example) to order favouite foods or to let another know what you want.
Perhaps, the Learner was tasked to return with a small red book but the staff member provides a large white book!
One message would appear on each page.When put into use, such systems require a specific school 'Policy and Procedure' such that all staff are in no doubt as to the correct procedure to follow when the album is accessed. Thus the Learner is assisted to associate both Object and symbol with the POLE through separate modalities.
When this is pressed, the TPA plays back a pre-recorded message that has been associated with the image. The image details a more complex set up using more than one symbol to illustrate a single item of shopiing on some pages. On the next page the teacher reads the text and then can produce the sound of owls hooting. However, it is possible to use existing diaries.Memory Books are suitable for children, young people, adults and the elderly.
Eventually, a complete range of menu item symbols would be produced which could be re-used over and over.
The passport should belong to the individual as it contains information that is personal to them.
Accessing the speech button on the page will cause the section of the nursery rhyme to be spoken.Remember, it is NOT necessary to have a picture of Mary and the lamb for 'Mary had a little lamb'.

If you have a hundred locations encoded, then each treasure hunt may use any twenty of them, for example. Failing to follow procedure or simply ignoring a request may lead to further behaviours that staff find challenging. The parents may even have a second diary which deatils home events although this may be too complex and confusing  a system for some Learners.
Setting up the recorded sounds is a simple matter although doing it for twenty or more menus would take some time.
Involving the Learners in the process is not only good practice but also eases the burden on staff in creating resources. Having only a subset of vocabulary means that there is are fewer items to have to search and some items can be grouped into small phrases which will speed communication. There needs to be careful consideration given to the number of times that an individual is permitted to request 'time-out' (for example). Pictures might include digital camera images of specific stafff members, room views (if the same room is always used) and the Learner engaged in an activity within the subject area as well as timetable symbols and parts of the day.
When a diary come from home to school, the process should be reversed, with the staff allowing time for the Learner to  pass messages independently within class. For example, in the illustration, the symbol for snow has been used to illustrate the second line of Mary had a little lamb. The Learner should be told that it is not appropriate to sing in class and that it must not happen again. Simly choose pages at random and work backwards, in reverse order from the treasure location.For a more advanced treasure hunt, cryptic clues can be used.
If they return with the wrong book, they should be shown a book of the correct colour and size and asked to go back to the classroom and return with the right volume. Providing common responses and questions for talking on the telephone is an example of a TRV.
Is the Learner going to be allowed to leave the room at any and every opportunity or is there a set limit?
Typically, TPAs allow for one photograph per page but it is possible to find them with wallets to allow for two or more photographs to be displayed on a page. The TPA could also be used as a limited form of a standard diary with each page representing one day of the week, for example. If the items on the menu require payment then, each could be accompanied, on the facing page, by a symbol or a photograph of the coins required to purchase that particular item.
As you can see, the environment can be engineered to provide particular problems geared to the cognitive level of the Learner. Each page or pair of pages in the V-Album could address a specific part of the telephone conversation.
Matching the label to a product in a supermarket is a good way of assessing such skills and teaching the conceots of  'same' and 'different'. For example, the first page(s) would address the 'greeting' stage; the next finding out who is on the line.
This means that the output can be fed to an amplifier for the whole class to hear or, alternatively, to a set of headphones for only a single individual to hear. It is important that passports present a positive image of an individual and not a list of problems and how best to deal with them! Removing a means of alternative communication for a person with a communication impairment is NOT good practice!
Although, I used to moan about it, it was a way of teaching me greater independence and language skills. A later page(s) might address a response to a caller seeking a person in the house who is not available (as illustrated).
These sort of scenarios need careful consideration and detailing in the Policy and Procedure document.
Such TPAs tend to be a little more expensive than the standard variety but the extra facilities they offer are worth the additional small expense. One technique is to have two TPAs available by the phone: one for making calls and another for receiving calls.
Altenatively the two can be combined in one album; perhaps turning the album over and starting from the opposite end. Of course, the staff member in the adjacent classroom should be aware that you are sending a Learner on an errand. It may be that they know what item is required but, then again, it may bemore interesting if they don't! Tell them to ensure that the Learner only returns with ONE item whether it is right or wrong and not an armful of all the available books!

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