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Yes, it’s a telephone directory and we use it to look up the telephone numbers of local businesses but it also has other vital uses.
The combination of a few less advertisers and a management decision to reduce the print size to infinitesimally small… has kept printing costs down but at the same time hugely reduced the size of the edition. Other RamblingsBabyccino's Are Dangerous WHMCS Support Help Desk Staffed By Robots Australia Post is Killing Online Business Team Orders Win Formula 1 Malaysian Grand Prix 2013 Restaurants - The Great Australian Food Swindle! State agencies and other entities who utilize ITS Integrated Telecommunications Systems are included in the NYS online telephone directory.

Public users may choose from the menu on the left.Government users may log in using their New York State Directory Services (LDAP) account to allow access to customized information. Other entities who are not currently included in the online directory and wish to participate should contact ITS Customer Service.
Making the print so very small will alienate the very demographic that still relies heavily on the directory – the aged or non technophile generation. Terry Fabrics in the UK (hello old home) recently invited me to be a part of their popular ‘designer insights’ series.

As an anger management tool, ripping up the pages does not leave you with any lasting consequences and it along with others, makes for a remarkably comfortable and fully adjustable seat down in the stock room.

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