The best eyebrow shape for round face

If you have a round face, your aim should be to make your face look less round when styling your eye brows, as a round face lacks sharp angles.
This shape has a blend of curve and angle which is very much required for round shaped face.
This kind of eyebrows add femininity and softness to the face and frame the face beautifully. Soft angled shape is slightly thicker in the inner corner of the eye and thinner towards its end. Play Brow Bar specialise in the unique art of eyebrow threading and are dedicated to creating the best looking brows on the block for all clients.
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Women's eyebrows appear to sit in a higher position then men's but this is largely an illusion. I don't know how much of the difference in thickness is natural, and how much is down to plucking.
Eyebrow plucking is actually one of the most powerfully feminising procedures and by far the least traumatic! Personally, when it comes to plucking, I recommend that you go for a classic eyebrow shape rather than a fashion eyebrow shape.
If you are not confident about plucking them yourself, you can get a professional beautician to do it for you. But there is a big problem with this diagram and that is that the 3 lines all start at the edge of the nostril. Another problem would be if your nostrils are average but the distance between your eyes is not, for example, if your eyes are closer together or wider apart than average, the measurements are thrown out again.
These problems are caused by trying to anchor the eyebrow shape and position to the nose, so I have devised a new diagram that anchors the eyebrow to the eye and is therefore largely independent of things like your nose width or the distance between the eyes. If you imagine a vertical line (line A) rising from the inner corner of your eye, this tells you roughly where the inner end of the eyebrow should be. Then imagine another vertical line (line C) rising from the outer corner of your eye just at the edge of the white part, and this gives you roughly the peak of the arch. Many diagrams suggest that the arch should be aligned with the outer edge of the iris rather than the outer corner of the eye but when you look at averaged pictures of women like the one I have used above, you can see that the arch is normally a little further out than that, and aligns with the outer corner.
You can mark points along the eyebrow with an eyeliner when you are measuring, then you can use a close mirror for plucking. For thickness I would say that the thickest part of the eyebrow should not be more than the thickness of a pencil but don't go too thin a€“ it is a common mistake to pluck the eyebrows too thin a€“ it's not masculinising if you do, but in my opinion, it is not as attractive. Now, it just so happens that eyebrows are lifted a little by forehead feminisation surgery.
This kind of subtle brow lift of a few millimeters is fine and has a gently feminising effect.
The problem is that many surgeons still believe that women's eyebrows are much higher than men's and they lift the eyebrows of pretty much all their trans patients as much as possible.
That doesn't mean that no one should have a strong brow lift - there are some who can really benefit from one. These are the same incisions that are used for forehead surgery so brow lifting and forehead surgery can be done at the same time. Small plastic devices with backwards-pointing spines (endotines) can be used to anchor the eyebrows and soft tissues in place while everything heals. The advantage of a forehead lift is that it lifts the whole eyebrow rather than just pulling up parts of it and that helps retain a natural shape.

If you have a coronal brow lift with the incision is behind the hairline then the hairline itself will also be raised when the gap is closed. If you wanted to avoid the hairline being raised, you would have to have the incision along the hairline rather than behind it.
Most FFS patients have forehead surgery, so they would be getting a subtle lift anyway because that's one of the effects of forehead surgery as I explained above. Also called a temporal brow lift this lifts the outer third of the eyebrow both upwards and outwards. In the mid-forehead brow lift, horizontal incisions are made in the middle of the forehead.
This is the simplest technique and involves cutting out a strip of skin along the top edge of the eyebrow and sewing the resulting gap closed to lift the eyebrow. To sum up: once you remove the male bossing along the orbital rim and pluck the underside of the eyebrow, you find that the eyebrow was not sitting lower after all - it just seemed that way because it was thick and was sitting on a large ridge. A higher arch on the round face will open up the eye area and make your face look longer, and hence, less wider.
This shape has an angle with soft curves and also a rounded peak which gives the oval face a softer and delicate look. This shape is arched at the highest point of the brow and then, it’s angled slightly downwards making it suitable according to the proportion of the face.
Groupies lie back, relax and let an experienced brow beautifier swiftly thread and remove brow hairs and create a perfect shape for individual face structure and features.
In fact, the top edge of the eyebrows is in almost exactly the same place for men and women.
Basically, if you remove the bottom half of a male eyebrow, it turns into a female eyebrow. I suspect that at least some of it is natural but I have not seen any studies to support that yet. This is because eyebrows often do not fully grow back after they have been plucked a few times. This is fine if you have average nostrils but if your nostrils are wider or narrower than average, all the other measurements are thrown out. It is based on the average female eyebrow which also happens to have the classic eyebrow shape. This line doesn't point to a particular part of the eyebrow, it's just there to show you how far away the fourth line (D) should be (B to C is the same distance as C to D) and as you can see, D then tells you where the end of the eyebrow should come.
As I described above, even though the top edge of male and female eyebrows is in the same place, there is a bigger gap between the eye and eyebrows on women because women's eyebrows are thinner. This is because when you remove bone from underneath the soft tissues, you need to take up the slack. Technically it can raise your eyebrows a little higher than their natural position, but it does gain you a little extra apparent feminisation.
These patients might have unusually low eyebrows to start with, or small eyes, or might be older patients with a lot of slack forehead soft tissue that has left the eyebrows sitting very low.
This could be a problem if your hairline is already high but as I point out on the hairline page a€“ women do actually tend to have higher hairlines than men so in most cases raising the hairline a little is not be a problem and is often beneficial. The problem with this approach is that it leaves a visible scar along the hairline like the one you can see on the Hair and Hairline page of this site. The surgeon then uses instruments inserted through the incisions to lift the soft tissues away from the bone.
The surgeon makes 2 incisions at the temples but behind the hairline where the scars won't show.

This is performed at the same time as an upper blepharoplasty which is a procedure to remove excess skin from the upper eyelid. The effects would be subtle as it is effectively a type of endoscopic brow lift (see above). This is likely to make the scars very noticeable and would usually only be performed when the patient has very strong horizontal frown lines that the surgeon can hide the scars in.
It is often said that female eyebrows sit just above the orbital rim while male eyebrows sit on, or just below it.
Given the same eyebrow position for men and women, the male eyebrow can still reach lower relative to the orbital rim because male eyebrows are twice the size of female eyebrows and all that extra eyebrow is along the underside of the male eyebrow. On females, the orbital rim is typically just the point at which the forehead meets the eye socket, but men often have a large ridge of bone along the rim. If you don't believe me, stand 3 feet away from the mirror, hold a pencil vertically against your face as if you were measuring line A, then gradually move closer to the mirror and see how the pencil moves out of alignment with the inner corner of your eye! This is because people's natural eyebrow shape varies a lot - some have very straight eyebrows, some are very arched and the arch can naturally be in different positions.
But higher eyebrows also increase the distance between the eye and eyebrows, so I think we perceive higher eyebrows as feminine because they mimic the effect of thin eyebrows. But raising your eyebrows also opens your expression, and this means that a mild brow lift can mimic the effect on the expression of larger eyes. A section of skin is removed from in front of the incision and the forehead is pulled up to close the gap. The eyebrow is accessed through the eyelid incision and is loosened from the underlying tissues. I strongly recommend against this technique and have seen some very poor results with clear scarring.
I would suggest that this is not really to do with eyebrow position but with the size of the orbital rims and the thinness of female eyebrows. This ridge can extend above the eyebrows and can therefore give the impression that the eyebrow is sitting low relative to the rim.
For example, you can see it in the pictures on this page which were created by averaging several faces together.
This brow shape is far from the nose, so it gives the appearance of a thinner and long face.
In the beginning of the brow, the line is not straight, but a little curved making it resemble an S shape. This shape can be either thicker in the inner corners of the eye or gradually thinning toward the outside.
All Groupies go home with a $30 voucher to use towards glamorous lash extensions on their next visit. You should always adapt to suit your own face and don't try to force your eyebrows too far outside their natural shape. I don't know whether this is a new observation but I have not seen it mentioned in any studies.

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