The five laws of gestalt perception simplicity

Describes our tendency to perceive objects that seem to have a relationship to each other as being continuous. Keeping the law of continuity in mind means that making sure that you guide the learner's eye.
The Kano model is a theory created by Noriako Kano in the 1980s for designers to have a simple way of prioritising features when developing products.
Must have features – capabilities that a user expects from the product and often take for granted. One dimensional features – are received differently depending on how well they are implemented.
The model works by asking users a question to which they can reply with one of five answers. These answers can be put into a graph to make it simple for designers to see how individual features will be received. The visual weight of an image can be adjusted in value by colour, contrast, size, position, density , saturation, depth of field and complexity. Closure – when images are arranged to form an incomplete shape but are still perceived to resemble the full shape. A cyclical process of developing interactive prototypes for users and stakeholders to test.
AP Psych Exam Review Walenga Research Methods: Important Terms Hypothesis Operational definitions Variables Theory Population Representative sample. Normal Curve The mean, median, and mode of a normal distribution are identical and fall exactly in the center of the curve. Statistical Significance statistically significant Results are “statistically significant” when the probability that the findings are due to chance is very low.

Neuron Structure Neurons do NOT touch each other - the space in between is called the synapse. Behavioral PerspectiveCognitive Perspective Passive process - dominant influence during first few years of life Starting around age 2 ?, child accurately labels self as boy or girl, labels genders consistently, assigns occupations, toys, activities to stereotypical gender. Now known as UX Index, the concept is still the same and we’ve provided five fresh new phrases to learn.
This theory allows designers to analyse their customer’s needs and desires by classifying features of products into 5 sections, resulting in products that meet basic needs but are still innovative. Prioritising features usually works in the order of the five sections from must have to reverse. By distributing the weight of each element of a design it creates a visual hierarchy that provides users with a clear idea of what order to view them in. Named after 14th-century logician and theologian William of Ockham this theory has been around a while and used in many different industries.
Rapid prototyping is a quick way to produce functional web applications and products, improving communication, decreasing development time and minimising engineering due to mistakes being spotted early in the design process.
This means that any score below the mean falls in the lower 50% of the distribution of scores and any score above the mean falls in the upper 50%.
EX: If the difference between two group means is statistically significant, a researcher would conclude that the difference most likely exists in the population of interest. By age 8, schema for gender is well developed As cognitive complexity develops, gender schema theory takes over. Each month we will continue to add five words to our existing collection of Usability and UX definitions which we hope you’ll find both interesting and useful. Therefore users would be frustrated if these features were non existent yet when they work well users are neutral e.g.

Key sections of a composition usually need to be visually heavier than the other images so that users are guided to the areas of primary importance. In design,? Occam’s? Razor ?encourages ?us ?to ?eliminate ?unnecessary ?elements ?that? would ?decrease ?a? design’s? efficiency. Once the first mistakes are spotted, they are improved and tested again until the developers are confident it is ready.
If the difference is not statistically significant, a researcher would conclude that the difference occurred by chance – possibly because of an unrepresentative sample or the presence of confounding variables.
Law of Similarity - Gestalt Laws of Perceptual Organization Similarity (geometry) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Similarity of shape creating one group.
Each decision you make about the appearance of a word or image has an impact on the overall flow of the page, including even minor details such as the space between letters (kerning). So when two products or designs have the same function, Ockham recommends the simplest should be selected. For instance, we know that 68% of the population fall between one and two standard deviations (See Measures of Variability Below) from the mean and that 95% of the population fall between two standard deviations from the mean. Therefore when evaluating your designs, analyse each element and remove as many as possible without compromising the overall function.

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