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As a final step before posting your comment, enter the letters and numbers you see in the image below. OK, so sometimes the approach I advocate may use more time not less time for you to prepare, but the time you are saving for your audience can be huge.
While the book is not perfect — the acronyms (SHE, SLIP, etc.) complicated things for me a bit — it is still better than most other books on simplicity aimed at business people. There is greater risk in an open approach -- whether we're talking about presentations or business in general -- but there is the possibility for greater reward as well.
But coincidentally the uplifting smile of a nearby child can sometimes help us to tune out any messes at hand. An interior convulsion, producing a distortion of the features and accompanied by inarticulate noises.

Being attuned to what surrounds us in the ambient environment can sometimes help us manage what's immediately in front of us. But when I save time for others by not only not wasting their time but instead by sharing something important to them, I feel inspired, energized, and rewarded. As Maeda points out, "I Love You" for example is perhaps the risky phrase of all, yet the rewards are immeasurable, are they not? Customers hire my company to achieve a specific goal, and I go in to meet stakeholders, gather requirements and start building toward that goal. For example, if I give a completely worthless one-hour long death-by-PPT presentation 10 times to groups averaging 20 people, that equals 200 hours of wasted time.
But if I instead put in the time, say, 25 hours or more of planning and designing the message, slides, etc.

When I am in the audience, I appreciate it so much when I am in the presence of a speaker who is dynamic, has done his homework, has prepared compelling visuals which add rather than bore, and generally makes me happy I have attended. What I hate more than anything — and I know you do too — is the feeling I get when I realize I am at the beginning of a wasted hour ahead of me.
I'm buying several copies of The Laws of Simplicity and giving them to friends for Christmas. Maeda's book is not meant to be the last word of simplicity or even to provide many etched-in-stone answers.

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