The lies we tell secrets we keep full movie

Babel is a fascinating drama that is entirely based on the life and relationship of a married loving happy couple who are maintaining their married life from a long time are out for a vacation and their journey is accompanied by the spicy taste of four another interlocking stories of different families that meet them on their journey.
Milon embarked on her career in modeling and writing in 2005 at the age of 26, when she was approached by Journey Creative Design Studio to model in the Hard Candy Stud Calendar for charity.
In July 2008 Milon was the focus of a three part diversified marketing campaign for  Ultr E!go Magazine, which included a full-length themed photo shoot and interview. It is a combination of different emotional and mental feelings that when combined provide and absolutely different taste of life and humanity that is growing wild and manner less around the globe and shows that humans will be the cause of end of humanity and will kill humanity brutally.

Milon's enthusiasm, professionalism and passion, propelled the calendar to a huge success.
She was in her first play called Bois don’t cry in Atlanta written by Laurinda D Brown. Milon is also a passionate writer, poet and artist dedicated to not only delivering enticing material, but also conveying a message of validity and purpose. Milon then progressed to producer, co-screenwriter and lead actress of the movie based on the book.

The buzz created from this new movie is outstanding and has propelled DVD sales of the first movie all over the country.

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