The meaning of house numbers in numerology

Are these glasses the perfect way to keep track of guests’ glasses at a dinner party or is there a deeper meaning behind which number your guest chooses? Click on The Mystery of the Hebrew Language to learn more on how it can help us to understand prophecy and interpret the historical cycles of humankind. Ancient civilizations have long relied on the practice of Numerology, or artihmancy, to reveal personality traits, predict future events and even make business decisions. Numbers are even said to emit different energies that are in turn associated with specific colors.

But numbers in Scripture do not just convey mathematical entities; they also disclose deeper meanings and impart hidden concepts.
In fact, the western version of this theory (the Pythogorean method for those who weren’t paying attention in math class) believes that everything in the universe can be reduced down to numbers. The Hebrew system of letters and numbers complements the written historical testimony of the Bible if the two are laid side by side. Alas, in spite of all this deep-rooted history, the word numerology was not even recorded into the English language until 1907!

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