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As it was our pilot year, we did not produce a complete set of articles but hope that you will find inspiration to stop violence against women among the 9 articles that we did publish. We would like to take this opportunity to salute some of the bravest and most formidable women activists working to end violence against women around the world. Many of these wonderful women have shown that it is possible to transform personal pain that came out of facing gender-based violence, into positive action to stop violence against women, empower themselves and to show other survivors that it is possible to move forward with dignity and happiness. One of the most effective ways of bringing about change when it comes to stopping violence against women, is to speak up and speak out. To speak up to prevent violence means acknowledging that people you know and the culture you live in may be the ones committing the violence against women.
In the fight to end violence against women, we need to use every single tool at our disposal to push for change. As a nonprofit that is completely staffed by a dedicated team of volunteers, The Pixel Project is profoundly grateful for the outpouring of support, skills and pro bono services that our people put to work for the cause to end violence against women (VAW).While we wrote about 16 ways to take that first step to help the cause, 16 ways to speak out against VAW and 16 ideas for online campaigning, today’s blog post is in honour of the fantastic volunteers who have toiled tirelessly with us on the long road to the end of VAW. Even if people do face up to gender-based violence as an issue, they might not realise the scale of the violence because, more often than not, they conflate violence against women with the particular type of gender-based violence that they are familiar with. Twenty-one years ago today, a lone gunman who blamed feminists for ruining his life walked into Ecole Polytechnique in Montreal and killed fourteen women. Categories: 14th Birthday Balloons, 14th Birthday Party Supplies, 16 Inch Number Balloons, 40th Birthday Balloons, 4th Birthday Balloons, 4th Birthday Party Supplies, Elegant Wedding Theme, Hot Pink Balloons, Hot Pink Party Supplies, Pink Balloons, Pink Glitz 40th Birthday. Free printable math worksheets - tlsbooks., Free printable math worksheets for preschool-sixth grade.
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Take your pick from today’s ties — Arsenal vs West Brom, Swansea vs Norwich, Southampton vs Reading, Sunderland vs Chelsea, Aston Villa vs Stoke and Wigan vs QPR. Before, during or after today’s matches, post your rants, raves, questions or observations in the comments section below. Harris, who was born and raised in Wales, has lived in Florida since 1984, and supported Swansea City since 1979. Well, no early kick-offs today for a change, but at least there’s more time at night to do other things. Ray Parlour just talking about Harry Redknapp banning QPR players from having a Christmas party. Says at Arsenal they used to have one every Tuesday and when it got to Christmas it’d last 3 days. It’s like they read the headline of the article but struggle with the small print in the article itself.
Living in Denmark during World War II, Annemarie Johansen has plenty of worries already about the soldiers and fear for her Jewish friend, Ellen, being taken away, as well as many others that she doesn’t even understand yet. All of the images that I chose to include on the movie poster all have a link to the text and conflict.

Many decisions were made while I designed my movie poster such as the text, images, and layout. This entry was posted in Grade 8 Humanities and tagged 8-5, climax, conflict, historical fiction, lois lowry, movie poster, multimedia, number the stars, world war 2 by Emma. To clarify, Annemarie is not a Danish-Jew, her friend Ellen, is a Danish-Jew while Annemarie herself is just a normal Danish girl. They have refused to let bitterness and pain get the better of them, opting to stand up for themselves and for other women instead. Your order will be sent with our courier and delivered within 3 days.Next day deliveryPlace your order before 4pm and choose a 24hour service to recieve your parcel Next Day! This is going to be a short Saturday of Premier League matches unless you plan on taping games and watching them one after the other, to prolong the enjoyment.
He has been interviewed by The New York Times, The Guardian and several other publications. They’re getting exposed with high crosses into the box (which is always the way Stoke beats Swansea). In the book Number the Stars by Lois Lowry, I chose to create a movie poster that depicted Annemarie’s conflict with German soldiers arresting Jews and taking them away. Annemarie is shown in the lower right corner because she is the protagonist and she faces the night sky as a conflict she must face. Annemarie goes through an internal conflict throughout the story where she must be brave during the harsh times that she lives in. I used the font, Apple Chancery, for the text on the poster because I thought that it looked very delicate and a bit old-fashioned, which matched the time period in the book. If I were Annemarie, I would try to help my friend Ellen and her family members get to safety in Sweden, but I probably wouldn’t be brave enough to join the Resistance. Where can I start?” And all too often, the feeling of helplessness takes root and the potential activist or volunteer ends up not taking any action as this fatalistic thought reverberates around his or her mind: “What’s the point of helping anyway? It will cost the lives of women and girls in so many ways ranging from chronic lifelong psychological and health problems, to even death. Amongst other advantages, it allows us to reach and engage with Generation Y and the younger ‘uns who are now growing up as natives of the virtual space. To effectively combat violence against women wherever it happens , we believe that people need to be aware of the full range of these human rights violations in its many forms so they can prevent, stop and end it in whatever guise it appears. Plus he has made appearances on NPR, BBC World, CBC, BBC Five Live, talkSPORT and beIN SPORT. Ever since she found out about what the German soldiers were doing, she has been afraid for Ellen and knew that she must protect her family. The quote I chose is where “number the stars” is first mentioned and it caused thinking to stir within Annemarie about how cruel their world was.

What would you do if you were Annemarie, would you run away and possibly get killed or would you live in German camps to live in terror?
I think that joining the Resistance would be risking my life, but I would still help other Jews secretly.
A few days later she discovered that Peter, a family friend who was part of the Resistance, would help Ellen’s family along with other Jews escape to Sweden where it was still safe for Jews to live.
The necklace with the Star of David was an idea that I got from the original book cover and it is quite important because Ellen used to wear in all the time, until Annemarie had to break it off for her so that the German soldiers would not see it.
In the sky there is a picture with the fisherman helping Jews onto his boat, representing the scene where Ellen and other Jews hid on Uncle Henrik’s boat.
What will the German do about this, will they kill them or will they just do nothing about it.
As for whether the German soldiers do discover how Annemarie’s family is helping the Jews, it is most likely that they will execute them in the public square because they certainly would not stand around doing nothing. The reason why I thought a movie poster would be a strong way to show how Annemarie faces this challenge of bravery was because I could put many of the ideas that make up the conflict together.
Faintly in the sky there is also a fisherman helping Jews to hide on his boat for the journey to Sweden.
When Ellen left with Annemarie’s mother to hide in the boat, Annemarie was extremely sad that she and her friend had to part. I also made this picture a bit opaque so that the starry background was still visible underneath, as if those were the thoughts in Annemarie’s mind. In my movie poster I had a picture of a sky lit up with stars, a fisherman helping some people onto the boat they would escape in, a necklace with the star of David, and a girl (Annemarie) facing the big open night sky as if preparing for the challenge. These two images show how Annemarie is thinking of these things while she stares into the star-lit sky.
In her heart she kept repeating to herself about how she knew Ellen would come back one day to Denmark again. I thought the Star of David should also be included due to its importance to Ellen and to Annemarie.
As for the quote, “It is he who numbers them one by one”, I paraphrased it from the book on page 87, when Peter read a psalm from the Bible to the people attending the mourning for Great-aunt Birte. Finally I chose to use mostly the colors yellow and blue in the movie poster because they stand out against each other and blue represents the deep blue sky, while yellow represents the twinkling stars.

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