The perfect eyebrow pencil grip

To make sure you get the most wow from your brow, he has 3 top tips to getting a shape that suits everyone. TOP TIP: "The ending tip of the eyebrow should never drop below the level of the beginning of the brow. Once you have the perfect shape, fill in any gaps with an eyebrow pencil ("sketching hairs in the direction of growth").
For generations, French women have passed down their beauty secrets from mother to daughter. As you have already got some ideas about your face shapes and the solutions, the next thing you should know is where your brows sit.
Eyebrow embroidery give the brows the perfect shape & give more volume on the brows’ natural contour.
Embroidery is a semi-permanent method, and can last up to 2 years with proper care and maintenance.* The color used are also close to natural hair colors. This one is most popular among women because it gives a regal touch to the face and is very attractive. A low arch is good for people with smaller foreheads since it gives an illusion of longevity to the face. Women with big round eyes can look like absolute show stoppers if they top them up with rounded eye brows.. The general rule is that the highest point of the arch should be just at the outer edge of the iris (B).

The outer brow should taper off to a point that intersects with an imaginary line drawn from the center of lips, past the outer nostril, to the outer edge of the eye (D). Use a shade that matches the colour of your own eyebrows, unless you're the exception to the rule.
Although this may sound rather shallow or as Savvy Sis and I call it, "deep as puddle", right makeup can sure make a lot of difference.
These are the general rule but every gal's face will differ so adjust these rules to fit your need and have fun! Thanks for stopping by my blog & your lovely comment - hope to see you again soon!Great how to!
You should find the precise positions where you brows begin and end and where the arch or top is.
It is applied around the contours of the upper eyelid to make eyebrows look permanently fuller in a natural way and gives you a natural yet vivid look. The brows are given a define shape and structure without going beyond their natural aesthetic features. Take a ruler and place one end on the outside of your nostril and the other on the eye's inner corner.
Once you have a shape that you goes with your face, all you have to do is maintain it by plucking unwanted hair and keeping the original shape. However, a more sophisticated eye is achieved when the highest point occurs at the outer corner of the eyeball (C) – depending on the face shape anywhere between B & C is optimal.

If a face is compared to a painting, then properly styled eyebrow is the frame that complements the canvas. At the beginning, you may not be so familiar and the lines of your brows may be strange and unnatural. But, you will find a best brow shape for yourself as you try different kinds of brow shapes.
Shaping up your eye brows in the right way is an art in itself and demands proper techniques and measurements because every face is different. Do this for the outer side of your eye and use the intersection to determine the end point. For women who don’t have bangs and with all-back hairstyles, it’s quite important to have great brows.
However, it is often difficult just the first time because once you get a perfect eyebrow outline, all you need is to clear it whenever stray hair develop. Appropriate brows make women charming and spirited while wrong or ugly brows make women a frown crown all day.

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