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Secret Campus is a school-centered drama depicting the lives and conflicts surrounding six very different main characters, who are all high school students. A represenative from EBS explained that following the massive successes of both Speed Scandal and Boys Before Flowers, the website for Secret Campus has been attracting many visitors and requests for rebroadcasts.
Now one of his old projects is drawing particular notice: Secret Campus, which he acted in back when he was 19. Because of all the heightened attention being given to Lee Min-Ho 's prior work, EBS, the station that originally aired the 2006 youth drama, has announced that they will be rebroadcasting the series. Watch The With English Putlocker via download, Watch The With English Putlocker full Where Can I Watch The With English Originally Posted by WizGizmo.

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Dont be rude (permban), use only, dont go off topic and spam another website ads the lost season 3 blu-ray.

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