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They started the morning with a screaming as they just realized they were in the wrong place. Jong Soo and also Yoon Seul, whoA  saw the scene from a far, were confused by their attitude.
Back to the kiss, they kissed for a long time until they forgot their main purpose of doing the kissing.
Secretary Kim reported that the TV crew had arrived to cover the romantic holiday together with Oska, and Oska decided Ra Im as a stuntman in his clip. Oska greeted them and then embraced Kim Ra Im.A  Kim Ra Im freaked out and abruptly released the hug. They decided not to shower that day (because they hoped the next day the situation would be back to normal), so they just washed up their faces. Gil Joo Won entered Oska’s room, and just at the right moment when that man was out of the bathroom with only a towel. Kdramachoa is a blog owned by childhood best friends Rizz and Blossom, about liking Korean drama, music, and movie. Ra Im was still in shock gettingA  praised by his idol and she laughed when Osca said he would blow the wound in her hand for a get-well soon. Because he suffered from his own imagination, Joo Won decided to ask for Ra Ima€™s contact at Osca, but his cousin didna€™t know anything, then he asked Chae Rin (Joo Won was such a good negotiator), and finally got what he wanted. He called Ra Im without introducing his name, he just said he was the man who brought her to the hotel and hospital.
Joo Won really proud of himself as an moneymaker, he even said that his hobby was spending money. He said his presence there was because Ra Im that he was just curious about her and her wound. Joo Won said that starting today he would join the school training as a payment of hospital fees which he had paid for Ra Im. Meetings were still on going, but Joo Won’s attention was only on his phone, hoping Ra Im was going to call him again. When Ra Im made a service pointing towards him, lucky Joo Won was rescued by his ringing cell phone and made the ball hitA  one of the juniors. As a nobleman, Joo Won paid other students to get away from the gym so he could practice alone with Ra Im.
Ra Im managed to pushed Joo Won down to the floor twice, but when she was about to try for the third time, Joo Won successfully blew it and put her down. Ah Yeong was fired from his job at the VVIP Lounge was a result of Yoon Seula€™s complaint. This time, Joo Won appeared as a prince charming with a white horse to save the princess (Ra Im) from the warlock and the (b)witch (PD and Chae Rin).
I’m watching my 11-year-old recently feeling so overwhelmed that she doesn’t know what to do first, or what to do next, or what she even needs to do! One of the strategies that I have learnt has worked for me in coping with life and it’s demands is to ensure that I have time out to do things I enjoy. The illustrations are gorgeous, the detail incredible after years of only looking at children’s colouring in pages. But mostly I’m trying to spend my colouring time thinking, reflecting on my day and things that have happened. Don't stress if your comment doesn't appear immediately - sometimes I have to moderate comments thanks to spam visitors, but the comments from real readers will always get published.
At this stage they are just a lovely book but perhaps if some turn out especially beautiful I will frame them. Kim Ra Im got angry and forced secretary Kim to cancel it all, but it’s too late that Oska and the crew were already there behind them. But eventually he realized that he was Gil Ra Im, so he changed his attitude and it didn’t make anything look normal. She served the crew well and that just made them wondered why and how could the CEO LOEL do that. We would like to share information, opinions and many things about Kdrama with people out there. This episode is more interesting and funny than the previous one, and i’m getting more enjoy watching it. The scene was really ridiculous, Joo Won was very creative in fantasy … he started imagining sexy Ra Im, brainy Ra Im, cutie Ra Im, and also classy Ra Im.

Joo Won convinced himself that the woman he saw today was different from the woman who had plagued his mind during the past few days. From their body language and the way they speak with each other I was so sure that there was an unfinished business between them. Ra Im started to think about Joo Won that it made her lousy during practice and got scolded by Jong Soo. He was not sure whether it’s reality or a mere imagination that Gil Ra Im called him! She told him to come to the school for training as soon as possible or she would make his fifth vertebrae becomes sixth. He let manager Choi to let LOEL became a sponsor for dramas or action movies, especially a genre that often used a stuntman.
He was babbling about his imagination (which Ra Im had no idea at all about) and asked a lot of strange things to her. After A satisfied insulting Yoon Seul and LOEL CEO (Kim Joo Won, who is actually there in front of her now), she determined to avenge her humilitaion. Then A Ah Yeong canceled her idea to spread the gossip and always said good things about the LOEL owner to Ra Im.
We need styles that are quick and easy to maintain without having to wake up at the break of dawn every morning to get it right. There is so much that we are expected to do by society, and then there are expectations we put on ourselves. We have deliberately not taken on too many activities this year as she finishes her last year at primary school and has a school leadership role. I know this seems like a kids’ craft activity but there are more colouring books appearing for adults with beautiful detailed drawings. The pages are beautifully thick so I’ve been colouring with Faber-Castell Connector Pens without any seepage to the next page. It is a great opportunity to sit with the kids while they do homework, or on the couch while they are practising their clarinets. Yesterday I worked through my feelings about an email that was not so nice from a reader, and that was really valuable time. This just means that if you click through and purchase anything, I may get a small commission from the company, but there is no additional cost to you. She dabbles in lots of different crafts – patchwork, quilting, cross-stitch, scrapbooking, knitting, crochet and sewing.
This means that I may get a commission if you choose to purchase after browsing via these links - at absolutely no extra cost to you, of course.
Before starting this summary, to make it easier for all of us, I want to explain the rules. Before she said goodbye, she forced (pushing the head) Kim Ra Im to make a bow to Jong Soo.
Joo Won refused but Ra Im threatened that she would meet Yoon Seul, acting as Kim Joo Won and seduced her.
Joo Won had to wear a bra while he must closed his eyes, because Ra Im forbade him to see her body. Jong Soo presumed that Ra Im acted weirdly because she was disappointed to Jong Soo who had interdicted her joining the shooting. In order to explain to Oska how he should act, Yoon Seul pour out how miserable she was when they broke up (I was confused…who’s actually got dumped by whom?
Gil Joo Won said that he was a man who had joined the military, so he couldn’t be weak (Joo Won had once told Ra Im that he finished military service).
Joo Won got angry because it meant his plans all failed (holiday prize, tv event , and mv shooting). To eliminate Ra Im out of his mind, he started chanting something, but Ra Ima€™s reflection wasna€™t going anywhere. She had to be confused with all that happened, but also flattered and annoyed in the same time. To prove his words, he asked for Ra Im’s phone and started looking for names in the phonebook (but no one was interesting, because Ra Ima€™s life was really not interesting). He then picked the phoneA  up (after his assistent assured him that phone was really rang). She would be spreading rumors that the LEOL CEO was a gay and women hater.Joo Won was anxious to hear it.

The house reminded him of those he’d seen in National Geographic (Slum area in third world countries), thoughA  Ra Ima€™s house actually was not that bad.
Ra Im required to jump, but she always failed (probably because her arm was still in pain).
He just decided to come down becauseA  he couldn’t stand seeing Ra Im over-scolded by the PD. She has only one sport and one musical instrument in a society where many kids have 5 or 6 activities beyond school work. Hence I write a blog about sewing and crochet and quilting – some of the things I enjoy doing and help me slow down each day.
I had seen them around and I know they have been associated with the mindfulness movement, so when I was in the book store recently with my kids I picked up this beauty: Secret Garden by Johanna Basford. We have a huge 100 tub of these so I grabbed them to get myself going, but I also want to colour with pencils at some point. I only recommend products which I use and love, or that I think will be quality products that will be useful to my readers. I will call Gil Ra Im in Kim Joo Wona€™s body as Gil Joo Won and I will still regard her as a woman (she). Joo Won said probably because it was too short, he then pulled Ra Im and kissed her…passionately.
She jokingly asked Joo Won for pin numbers because she would pull out Joo wona€™s money from the bank. When the sauna’s owner told him to change clothes in the locker room, he was very excited.
So it was Jong Soo who did a hard work, while Oska was just sitting in the car watching Yoon Seul from a far. He held her face, Gil Joo Won actually smiled happily and acted like Gil Ra Im (she forgot she was there in Kim Joo Wona€™s body). Joo Won told Ra Im that Jong Soo liked her, Ra Im didna€™t believe it because she thought Jong Soo was nice and kind to all action school members. He then told some jokes and began to tickle Gil Joo Won (I was amazed by Hyun Bina€™s screaming, he screamed like a real woman) , but Kim Ra Im came to disturb them. He should immediately settled this problem, but first had to take a shower and have a breaksfast. In addition to the increasing dislikes from his employees, he began to imagine Ra Im standing beside him.
Everyone there was surprised, especially Ra Im, because finally they found out that the man who then wore a neat sui was the same person as the obnoxious weirdo who always bothered her.
But I can see her struggling to study and practice, so we are proactively starting to teach her coping strategies.
I will call Kim Joo Won in Gil Ra Ima€™s body as Kim Ra Im and I would still regard him as a man (he). She said she would buy cars for school action members, make an action movie, buy apartments for Ah Yeong and would marry the woman who made Joo Won shocked. Ra Im said that Joo Won had to be an expert in taking off womena€™s bra (once he admitted hea€™s a player). We really want to teach her how to deal with her worry and overwhelming feelings now before she hits the even higher pressure environment of high school. Oska went into the bathroom and asked her what happened, but Gil Joo Won just ran out with a towel.
Ra Im helped him, and she put her hand into shirt, but they forgot that they were in public place. Joo Won answered that it was easy to take it off, but to use it was another a difficult case (thata€™s right!
He didna€™t want Ra Im to be alone with Oska, not only when Ra Im in her own body but also when Ra Im in his body. Immediately Ra Im forced Joo Won to put down his shirt, and they grappled together…when suddenly came Yoon Seul.

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