The secret life of bees our lady in chains

I'd traded in a pack of lies for a pack of truth, and I didn't know which one was heavier.
One day when she went into town with Rosaleen, Rosaleen was harassed by some white men and then arrested when she stood up for herself.Lily could not understand why people were so mean to her. After Rosaleen was let out of jail she was taken to the hospital because she was beaten so severely. It was a ridiculous question, though, because once you know the truth, you can't ever go back and pick up your suitcase of lies. There Lily's  father told her that Rosaleen would most likely be killed by the men she stood up too.

She and Rosaleen hitchhiked until they ended up in a town that Lily's mother had talked about.
The main woman of the house was August Boatwright who took them in and gave them a place to stay.
Later in the novel she realizes her attraction to Zach, a black boy who helps out on the Boatwright farm. As the story continues Lily learns how to be a beekeeper and falls in love with a young boy named Zach.
Once her father finds out where she is he comes and Lily finally has the courage to stand up to him.

After she confronts him and asks if she really had anything to do with her mothers murder and his response only makes Lily aware that people are very complex human beings.

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