The secret life of water movie

Una commedia drammatica che in Italia uscirA  il 19 dicembre e che noi siamo ansiosi di poterci gustare. Marc Formanek, Standard Time, 2007, In collaboration with Datenstrudel, Video from performance, Berlin August 2007, Photo: Bernd Schuller.
Time is the dominant imperative of contemporary society resulting in expectations of increasing growth in productivity and longer working hours. Arcangelo Sassolino (Italy, 1967) interprets the tension of modern acceleration through the creation of Dilatazione pneumatica di una forza viva [Pneumatic Dilation of a Living Force], a closed, transparent environment that creates a self-contained reality in which a glass container gradually fills up with gas until it is suddenly overtaken by an unpredictable explosion.

Marnix de Nijs (The Netherlands, 1970) will present an interactive installation Accelerator where each visitor will pit themselves against the accelerated vision of images of a big contemporary city.
Yet for some decades now we have been approaching what is virtually the ceiling of this accelerated growth, as evinced by the gradual collapse of nature's ecosystems which no longer have time to regenerate, and by widespread anxiety and depression which are frequent indicators of the malaise of people living on the edge of their own potential in a high-speed world. Tamy Ben-Tor (Israel, 1975) has created a video entitled Normal, in which she plays a woman in the clutches of the neuroses and anxieties of modern life, who acquaints us with her e-mail correspondence, the responsibilities of her job and with her very full schedule of activities, in the course of a frenzied monologue.
The works of Michael Sailstorfer (Germany, 1979) focus on the intrinsic rationale of materials and objects in their activity in real space and time.

On the other hand, Reynold Reynolds' (USA, 1966) video-installation Secret Life depicts the condition of a woman trapped in her own apartment, where the passage of time becomes a physical and psychological experience in which natural and human time diverge enormously, creating a world caught midway between reality and imagination. Sculptor Jens Risch (Germany, 1973) manages to impart a physical feel to time, producing sculptures consisting of countless knots on silk thread up to a kilometre long and meticulously recording the progress of his work over the years.

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